Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Special Post friends.........

Good Day my friends, as you know or have understood the dark-side comes out with indicators of what is about to happen, some subtly, some more direct, some with small indicators and some with very large or in this case coming close to totally. A lot of people say " why do they even warn us if they are trying to be secretive about everything?"
This is the very question I have been seeking for a long time.
    Some would say that Satan is telling God, "look I put it write in front of your childrens faces and they still would not see it"  Laughing at God Kinda thing. well maybe a little with that too. But the best thing everyone should remember is that anything that happens in this world, happens because because the caretakers of this world allowed it to happen because they hold the Spirit of all power in them and they "US" my friends. This understanding is noted throughout the bible and all other valid scriptures of Christ.
How many times have you heard the phrase "only Human", we all fall short of the glory of God"?, we are being bombarded with negatives everywhere we go ,so that we don`t see our own potential that they(Dark-side humans) don`t posses any more, because of their choice in beliefs.
  Now the main reason they have to show us these things, because Light of the Father and the trinity always holds the power to have anything happen here. And it must be believed by us. As Christ himself said in Pistis Sophia, the Power is fickled, it wants what it wants to have happen, and it must happen through our hearts and minds in any way to be carried out.  ie: If we have fear of much war, so shall much war be made manifest. Regardless if it is really true or not Just like Stock market crash,  1/3 of the fish of the seas dying
   They have told us what to believe and we did from way back lies started people. I have always said "its not what you believe but why do you believe it which is much more important.
The file below seems to have a problem pasting here so please click on the link or past the headline yourself folks ,its so much worth it. It lets you and myself know we have been on the correct tract with one more validation for everything we have talked about. So whats the chances of a movie studio reading my little blog here :-)). Hay we are few in number but large in the powers that be, indeed.



This video clip was that valid next step to see as things unfold here. Its telling us with releasing this much truth to the greater public they are planning something to come out either soon or wanting us to think that so they can bring it out in their black spiritual way. but as long as we all keep Christ unto God close in all this and ask him to vaporize  their plans he will according to our belief degree of it.
"ask and ye shall receive"  Fate sucks and is not real. Only in your mind if you let it M y friends, Keep the Love of God truly.
Here below is another move by them, this war is not easy
Christ told us this.


This station is alot of propaganda but has some facts in it. being one of few that do still report the truth.... somewhat lol :-)

Stay one in the father and He will help you decipher the lies from truth. It is not so cut and dry most of the time Friends.
Good speed to those who seek it.

Brother Tom.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The mortal game plan....

Good day My friends, The reason its been awhile for another article is that, I do not wish to have endless non meaning ramblings going on  like many sites do, repeating the same old thing over and over. I do admit I will bring up a thought the second time for explanation in a new context of Understanding. But You should be seeking new and meaning full understanding from me as I am respecting you to remember what was said, there is just to much time sensitive information sometimes that would be stupid to repeat days after the fact at times. 
Ok, fair enough said :-)  
Now that we understand this mortal context we all share in has many lies, and as Christ says this world is nothing but a shadow of celestial world of My Father which is real and the source of all things. Today will be more information of this lying they play with and we are the recipients of it.
There is a man Named Henry Kissinger. Many have heard of him some younger my not have, but  He was secretary of state for a couple of Presidents and work in Washington for many years. He is a Zionist, Illuminati, Freemason and much more. His name pulls alot of weight Globally, presently He is secretary for the Pope, so you can see what I mean.
The story line in this world they engineered to be followed by all peoples and insured that it will be a choice few to lay out the plan and advise leaders on what to do. Henry Kissinger is one of those few or really the leader of those few. Please watch the video below to understand how all this is going to play out according to their chief adviser , Henry :-)  I did learn that NWO will not be fully implemented until  WW3 is done so to clean up the mess and rescue mans bleeding bodies.

World War 3 is Coming - Shocking Predictions Coming True
          Mind manipulations  ie;   (following their own game plan)



Republican congressmen tell Obama to stop accepting Syrian refugees

The Title below, please type into You-tube it isn`t letting me move it here.

POPE Francis Single-Handedly Setting Up Mass Death & 'mark of beast' in EUROPE