Friday, January 30, 2015

So have you held your faith firm??

 Faith in your every day decisions, with the ones you love, is what its all about People. 

My last article on cern and all the stuff that went with it which actually is ongoing also as we speak, is.... well..... Stuff , information , candy for the Mortal mind, period. If knowing any of it does not move oneself closer to the oneness of the ineffable Father or even the earth example He place here when he came as Jesus Christ to literally tell us we have a Root in Him, not earthly crap, then it was just another sci fi adventure for you. I am hoping it took on alittle more seed then that, but then again its all yours good people. Oh by the way that`s not me up top holding the child its just a deep picture i choose when breezing through many that caught my heart. I choose because with out words that is what life is all about, that Man is strong enough in himself to take care of a Baby. Also choose it because that`s most likely what Jesus Christ looked like, not that long haired white guy you see in all the pictures, the one I have always looked like and still do  :-)). well they will be putting Him up as the hologram in the blue beam project because that image of him has been advertised so much.
Well in my last few months or so I have been publishing all these things, I hoped many of you saw the division that was in there all the time.  I would talk some of the Mortal realm mechanisms and back some things up with Gods word if not all and then some. But I also cannot just sit for hours and listen to someone recite from the pages of book. That is how People have become disconnected with  the word from their daily lives and like societies payment like a credit card, put in one hour  a week to give the devil his due, so to speak huh?  I have done it to....To many that are  literally  dragged  into church , they must come away from that feeling like martyrs each week. No wonder so many young people and folks in general have lost there will towards God. 
Yes good people these are all quite involved formations of Character and belief systems in the world that gotten there out of deception, Lies and overall Sin thrust-ed upon the children of God and I am including us in that bunch also :-)) to arrive at a result before us now on this planet. So what can we do ? well its is a fact that the best teacher of things is by example, in fact that`s how bad things have gotten the same way (with bad example of course). So speaking in theory: if one good person counteracts every bad person persons deeds on the globe all we would be doing is just holding are own ,IF  the two powers were equal which they are notthis would be true. But its like a very good heart happy person enters the room and everyone notices, why? Below Jesus tell the answer without parables but rather directly so all can hear it.

Gos of Thomas
3) Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is i(n heaven, then the birds of the heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: It is in the sea,  then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is  within you, and it is outside of you. When you know  yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall  know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and  you are poverty.

That Light power of God within you will enlighten all that is around you with that same light and will keep many from going into sin or worst. this is how important it is indeed, and also quote by our lord below.

(23) Jesus said: I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a  single one.

So I guess technically the light power is at least 10,000 times greater than the dark's ability to do anything.  Amen..truthfully way more. But this is who we are my friends, think about , why would such major powers of the Universes Good and bad have interest of one kind or another of each one of our souls, here on earth.  The dark powers would go to the monetary extremes to cover something up and lie for literally 2000 years, so  we might think a certain way. Good God. And to think my Algebra teacher said I wouldn`t amount to anything lol  .... Just Kid.. And the good powers sends down Himself in the flesh to show how much He loves us and dies for us, so that we might escape the Dark`s overture. But one must purposely choose it to become manifest to us. ex; your son tells you "well dad I was hoping to love you, but never could find the time"
yes, so be happy friends , very happy , especially with yourself. Like yourself, and remember to give yourself a break ounce in awhile like you do for others right? I will be the first to admit it that when I`m seeking God sometimes I`m looking way to hard, he says start easy I`m with ya, you`ll get there :-)). Feeling guilty about things, one should get over it as fast as possible its a favorite of the dark side to knock us down in that way among others of course. 
Below I have placed a couple of video for you all to check up if you wish. They deal with a hard question everyone who does not realy know would think to ask and I understand it completely. So without having to ask, for those that need this most important understanding of your own perception to be answered , and for others who just need sort of a verification as I do each day that we indeed are on the path we started out on.

God's Will and Purpose for Your Life | HD | AMAZING NEW VIDEO

There is only one thing I would add to this first video, and that is when he says to pull in , because of the darkness in the world getting heavier and one needs to keep their house(soul) intact. I would say pull in a little, not totally by no means.  Let me say If you pull back totally the darkness fills that void around you indeed. My sugestion at this time is to start finding like minded and soully connected  individuals to group with that would come together to strengten the light around you all and as our lord says " endure till the contest is over"  we will be going through a tribulation of our own, trying to balance giving to others or protecting the souls love of God within.  Remember when you are truly in the light power (forward moving in the love of God) then Nothing can stop, Nothing. If one is meek in the world , truly you will be save although your Body will be killed in great probability. Also If you are over  zealous in preaching the word of God like many do, No you will become a martyr  as one thinks, but more than likely be spared the damnation  and reside in the kingdom.  My suggestion in this area is that of our Lord Jesus Christ which says   " Be ye wise as a serpent, but harmless as doves"   ya kinda like a secret agent.. LOL 

         How Can You Know the Will of God for Your Life?

This one is a little like a televangelist , although his message is correct and he seems He doesn`t take more than he needs like most of them that Hope a round on stag.  As Jesus  puts it here exactly;
M't:6:2: Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
That which he does say to pray and talk with the Father is this;
M't:6:6: But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Basically He is saying let there be no outside influence effect your connection to the Father, one on one.

My last thing I wanted to talk about with you all is the level of connection one seeks to have and achieves with the Father.  In the Gnostic text of Christ he talk allot about not play acting of God, like many supposedly men of cloth do today. Or those that go down to this building every Sunday or Saturnday  LOL  to give God an hour of their time. Now yes I have done that too years ago and most of the time I was sincere . well ok for those souls that are happy, acquiring a connection with God for one hour a week in their lives that`s fine indeed for that is free will. But if some that has been diligently studying the word and sharing it with many people during the week , then they are being asked by the Hour people, How come you know that and I don`t ?
or God would have told me that if it was true right?  you try and show them why and they refuse for a number of reasons. main at that point they don`t wish to be proven lairs when all your trying to do is bring them in closer to the kingdom of God which benefits all.

So here you go I`ll give it to you straight my friends, all good deeds and workings in relation to Christ enhances the Light added to the soul in the respect of the degree it was made. and You/Soul feels that, good day/ bad day and basically your human experience in the Holy Spirit is also heightened by the same degree.
Now on the flip side, those things and workings you do that  degrades  oneself, or bad things in your life (list of Sins)  gets taken away from the soul thus cause the body ... well start getting don`t seem so rosey..... depression  etc I`m sure I can stop now, you guys get it.
Now has anyone herd of the Archons or seven angels for you rev readers.  these are the mortal rulers all the dark aspects of the Universe that Satan made initially, now with that said after a soul comes out of a body, the body is the score-sheet of all the sins it committed  or rather the mortal earthly effects that were used by Gods children that now must be paid for if they were not , forgiven by God in the remission of sins prior to coming out.
Now this wiping clean is very easy indeed, well as much as one applies themselves :-)
Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
or    The Mystery of the forgiveness of sins  or Baptism or born again
The house is your Soul
The  Five parts are that which we are made up of in this existance.
We are in the mixture of Good and bad  so the two are Soul and Spirit
The three are  Fate, counterfeit Spirit and the Body
When this mystery is performed the Holy Spirit and the power of this mystery will hold these two groups apart forever or until the body sins again.
Yes My good People the cards are really stacked in our favor , if one can see the stack, thats were his workers come in ,telling others of the stack indeed.   Thanks for being here my brothers and sisters.

                         Eric Clapton - Let It Grow.(lyrics)

Friday, January 23, 2015

The falling away

Cern Atomic Research Instalation
European Organization
for Nuclear Research

Hello and many blessings in Christ to you all indeed. I pray the ones reading this now have also read the report  "Hello folks- all new" which had allot of information concerning sink holes and why thy are occurring and also that they indicate a troublesome sign for the very near future indeed for mankind. and also The article "They did come back" which was the last one that has a lot to do from it last part with this article.
In its Summary one would say as Jesus Christ came by the generations of man, Satan is coming by the generations of machines. Yep  just like the terminator Movie/Documentary lol.

 To the elite that is running this catastrophic machine in Switzerland/France These black holes it is creating on the globe are only unwanted byproducts, in relation to the main event. By the way there is a 22 episode TV series call just that "The Event" which deals with worm holes from far off galaxies and transporting vertually anything with a worm hole that in some cases looks just like our own sink holes.

May I say that those of you who are giving all you can to try to see if you even buy this information, I applaud you. I am Praying that you all having a heightened sense about you, to go out and try to find credible assurance, parallels and proofs within yourself of all this information truly. Either way. Also if it does prove to be correct to you for all the facts are stating, please tell your friends and love ones and any one whom may listen with respect in Christ and Human existence.

I have titled this the Falling away because this is what needs to happen if you are looking at this crazy contest of Good and evil from the evil side, if they want to talk control of all this. The glories of God that are being held, lived and shared by mankind on an individual or collective Basis is the power that is holding Satan and His buckaroos back from making any  appearance here on earth , so knowing the strength of that power in God without Satan understanding any of it He has devised over the course of the last 2000 years a few ways to get men to drop that belief within them selves. thus with the defenses down He moves in to take charge.  Thus the falling away.
I know you all have seen the countries and communities giving up our religious freedoms and the presence of God in our daily lives.
like the Bible out of schools in the 80`s, plus no more prayer in just about everywhere now, its really bad , gay church ministers what the f88k is that.... sorry. Well I guess the world is that bad when they cringe at the word "Jesus Christ"  wow  its all true, just like He said it would be. 
well that is one way the falling away is Happening, the next way will be the great holograms in the sky (blue beam project) and the world will see that all earthly denominations of religions are all based in the worship of Saturn (Satan) when in fact, its true... except for the Lamb of the Eloheim(Christ of the Father) with His true teaching through the Gnostics of Jesus Christ ONLY  
Here is a suggestion to read it has alot more info in there also. the most important thing to remember is that Christ is not coming back in the flesh.
 apocalypse of Elijah;

I will tell you about his signs so that you will know him:  he is a 
small [...]  boy with thin legs, a spot of white hair on his forehead, [...],
 [...][47] his eyebrows coming to his ears, a [...] on his hands.[48] He will change before those who look after him.  He will 
become a small child, he will become an old man, he will change 
in all his signs, but the sign of his forehead is unchangeable. In 
this you will know him that he is the son of lawlessness.

plus He will not be able to raise the dead......only the divine and true God can do that.Well here it is folks the Hedron Collider The Largest, Most costly and most involved and complicated machine ever to be built by Man . Its is 330 feet below the surface and has a curcumfrence of 17 miles in diameter

VATICAN / CERN Connection: Blue Brain, Blue Beam, Blue Book

                                                            Lord Shiva - "God of Destruction" staute at CERN.
         Lord Shiva – “god of Destruction” statue at CERN

The statue of Lord Shiva, the “god of Destruction”, “the Destroyer” at CERN hints at the release of the fallen angel Abaddon/Apollyon which coincidentally also means “the Destroyer”! There are, of course, no coincidences! Why would anyone put this religious statue of a Hindu god at a place of science, the epitome of scientific enquiry?...... Right ? lol


 And they had a king over them, which is the 

angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the 

Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue 

hath his name Apollyon.

7921944_f1024.jpgThis is the God Cernunnos 


                                 The L.H.C is a Stargate

                 Saturn The Evil Twin Golden Age,B.C

Romes first name was Saturn = Satans cause = Santa clause
fest of saturnalia - Dec 25
if they don`t look like santa I`ll be horse wipped... :-))

If anyone needs to know the real truth behind John Paul 2nd see below , .....

Pope John Paul II sold poison gas to Nazi's for use in The Jewish Holocaust ! The Truth

This just keeps getting better too......:-))  In Jesus Christ not this world. Whats happening here is that Cernunnus or Bohemet or Satan is trying to claim this world totally and all that`s in it.

HUGE! Physicists Prepare to Construct New, 62 Mile-Wide Large Hadron Collider!

here is the articles link
-the-even-larger-hadron-collider 62 miles in diameter

There are numerous video`s out there on this People, so you all should do some search and come to further understanding with yourselves on this and what it means. I am doing my very best to summarize things that are all happening now from direct fact of mechanics along with Scriptural fact with Jesus Christ words that are found the most true that I can as a man seeking His Light.
Please if anyone has some ideas they would like to relate please  email me I would welcome your communications my friends indeed  :-)
welll I been setting on this report for to long to get it out, but I guess there is always going to be open issues huh?

Good song..... Peace to you Jim.

                    Jim Croce - Time in a bottle - 1973

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

They did come back

Hello folks, well this industry now is from cute to destructive . Of coarse the Military has the destructive end pretty wrapped up at this point in time, and the Japanese Have the other end on sale at local cafes for 1500 bucks. They also have working medical equipment with them too.  I just want to inform you all on the latest advances in Robotic and A i System advancement. enjoy the change of pace Friends I always do being mechanically minded.

               '100 Robi': Dwarf Japanese break-dancing robot army

                   'Transformer' robots a reality in Japan

                       Robot suit HALالبدلة الآلية تمكنك من رفع الاوزان الثقيلة جدا

Well Her you go people $1500.

                Robot themed Pop up Cafe Opens in Tokyo

Military of the Beast : DARPA to build drones that have artificial intelligence (Jan 01, 2015)

I only placed one video here about war machines there are many many more you can imagine with are Government having sorta a free money range in this. They have produced everything from Mosquitoes to remote controlled Destroyers and AI coming to all of them very soon if not already in some. If you perfect the multiple dancing Japanese robots and put them together with the large destroying robots of Darpa You have makings of the first AI Army. Thats what I`m watching and it getting real close people.

Let me run a theory past you all, ok?  Now Satan is the God of this world of matter and things . His archons or angels taught men all about weapons and the making of them, and has been teaching man ever since. Now that Cern with their Large Hadron Collider has found the GOD particle "higgs Boson" and we all know the true Father is spirit not matterial particles of this realm, so when they say God particle you should know God they are speaking of,  Satan particle. I take it as now the dark spiritual forces can now enter our Material realm through the linking of the Higgs boson and Cern,  In  Fact; Cern invented the Internet is its source, ok! so Cern is connected world wide . robots and realy everything , and also having AI will be connect to everything also.
Now don`t forget about that statue of Abadon/Apolion out side of cern

Lord Shiva - "God of Destruction" staute at CERN.    Shiva The destroyer
I keep thinking about that movie "Terminator" You remember when all the Machine went from Blue to Red lights on them?  Satan wishes us to have  a love of material things, and he also wishes to be worshiped. Hmmm makes a soul think a little ayy? was that a sci fi movie  or documentary.

well people keep your eyes, ears and minds open for Gods sake within you, indeed.    stay happy Thomas  :-))

here is a fun video

                    a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video)

Monday, January 19, 2015

A mater of Time, Distance and Shielding

Beautiful Right....?
Pictures like this in the Pacific are virtually no more to be found . i haven`t been reporting lately on the Fukashima Issue due to that all it is , is just more of the same crap they tell us. 1. they can`t do any about  2. They have been lying about the exposure limits and release amounts into the environment 3. health cover ups 4. pretty much extinction of all wildlife in the Pacific and spreading on the Globe, be very sure of that good people. 
I have known a handful of people that have moved away from California and the west coast. As you will see by the latest articles below, the entire west coast of North America is inundated with the radiation waters of Fukashima, there is no mistake. 
  As someone who has been trained in Nuclear power I am going to tell you straight out with no beating out the bush.  this situation that is playing out just from Fukashima, that`s not saying were going to get hit from some other means like super volcanoes and asteroids or war. wow quite a few huh? but just from Fukashima and other source leaks of Radioactive contamination in the world now, is going to increase by way of Contamination globally with air and ocean currents, with having also an increase in over all background radiational  Contamination for living outside. Please observe the radiation map of the US I placed below. some of you have seen it here 4-5 months ago in one of my blogs which at that time Texas was 11 Mr/hr   today its in the 30-40 mr/hr . they have increased substantially all over the country. In Japan You can see the horror stories like Flesh eating bacteria. God Help us indeed. Basically I`m posting all this to 1. seek Christ in yourself more diligently if you donot feel his presence from your asking. 2. Fukashima is a Hell bound train people , thats as direct as I can get. try to move out of its way when it comes close to you. Remember Time, Distance and Shielding to limit exposure. In fact to be honest the southern  hemisphere looks pretty good.   

-flesh-eating-bacteria-record-levels-japan-spike-began-2011-400-previous-average-govt-radiation-exposure-after-nuclear-accidents-greatly-reduces-ability-fight-infection-video      Jan 6 2015

hawaii-coral-worst-scientists-professor-like-ghost-town-govt-map-maximum-alert-area-pacific-mirrors-fukushima-plume-model-2011-video        Jan 19 2015

column-sea-creatures-sick-dying-disappearing-alarming-rate-all-along-pacific-coast-radiation-fallout-fukushima-study-be-sitting-precipice-major-extinction-event-marine-wildlife    Jan 18 2015


Paste this in your browsers its a very good short video that many folks should see..

Below is a song I placed here, that to some my feel it is a bit dark, in actuality it is giving tribute to all those souls who have  fallen  needlessly in this world of unfairness. I like it in a strange way. You decide........  Thomas

                          Dave Matthews - Gravedigger

Friday, January 16, 2015

update now news,,,,,,,

Hay good folks, how are you all doing? weathering the storm sort of speak. This have reared up in proving out to be correct and  accurate . It seems like each move the elites make would be far reaching if 6 months ago , so you can see they are playing on our sense of change also which mankind does yearn for except many of us would take a more peace path to it. well you all make up your minds from these videos and decide for yourselves People. Keep smilling :-))  

BUILD UP TO WW3 - Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Europe & Dumps The U.S. Dollar

    The Final Solution 5/WORLD STOCKS IN TROUBLE