Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event Horizon and news

The news and More  :-))      is that Professional enough?

  After seeing these pictures , do you believe they are still saying they don`t know whats doing it, from main steam point of view.


   UN Plans to Migrate Americans from CA due to Drought

A very good message to help fill the soul all the more Now....

                WORD of Encouragement: 1 Peter 5:8-11


CERN: Scientists' Warnings, Demonic Spirits & Mysterious Deaths.

Approaching The Event Horizon’ – Mysterious Deaths Linked To CERN    


The two attachments above are very real indeed as to were there has been Two world renown Scientist /physicists are saying Stop this thing Now, (LHC) at CERN before a possible destruction of everything happens. Below is a movie I think which is very well made and will definitely blow your mind and enlighten one self, especially after hearing that the subject mater is taken from sound Hypothesis and research.   For for anyone truly wishing to see what they are trying to accomplish here for now and for the future should really watch this movie  

Event Horizon

                             Event Horizon - Trailer [HD]

People I have done my own research, reading many scientific reports on dark matter and the like. There has been professors stating that through a worm hole/time portal/ Black hole which ever you call it ,it is the same thing, that a connection to any other time zones could only be in the past and not in the future, because free wills possibilities allows for creation with a born again Spirit to create anything the mind can vision. Satan cannot create only manipulate what has already been created by God in man. As the Lamp oil or Love of God within a man, that adheres to the dark ways ,gets used up without replacement, Satan then cast them aside as useless garbage only to need more weak souls to carry out His plan of ultimate global control. Remember the Spirit of God is the only creative force on this planet, but here is the problem the dark one has, He needs the spirit of the true God to continue his masquerade of a false God at the same time is Keeping the Majority of Men away from the true God. Wow Hes F**Ked up   LOL.  huh?
ok-  Dark Matter = Anti matter = anti Christ vs Light of God= matter
scientists were asked if There was a possibility of any Black holes forming at Cern they are all roughly the same saying " They should be small and dissipate quickly "  so Breaking that down for the laymen terms they are saying " yes there are black holes and we don`t know or have control over their size"   Gee weez Sink Holes come to mind ayy?  LOL  Now here is some cutting edge theory to ponder  Fact is in all Scriptures Jesus Christ tells of Heaven and Earth passing away. So does that video above huh?  People I have come to realize here that all of the tribulations that are stated in the Bible that they are called the wrath of God is from the spirit of the earthly Satanic God in Men who have choose just that, Not from Gods Children or the Power of his pure Light.
This is our world, mans world. Everything that happens here is due to the over all spirit within ourselves along with the physical actions of our bodies, some Good some bad, some divine , some evil.

"And people have asked me, why do I need to spread the word"     .... daaaa     :-)

well My brothers and Sisters there is roughly 3 weeks to go till this thing states, please be with God the best you can, gather his word when the times for it are good, the days in the mortal plain will be darkened. I am going to stay on as long as they let me , I will be with all of you truly, Peace in God to you my friends. :-)

                Dave Mason - All Along The Watchtower

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

30 days till fun time.......

Many greetings my dear friends that have been following my message here and also new readers too, welcome indeed. I had some other stuff I was going to do but , this information has been coming quickly due to that Jade Helm 15 is starting in roughly 30 days from today, and I should bring this out in regards of being a benefit to anyone. Basically I am getting enough food and water, toiletries and medications for approximately 3-6 months. that would be without electricity, water pressure, sewers and phone eventually, maybe not at first. I`m going to have fun having  COPD  :-)) but I have all my limits understood at this point in time with God My father. I placed these two video`s here to explain the newest information available in the beast system trying to over power mankind or rather the Spirit of God within mankind, that it has left at this point. You can agree that it has been dragged thru the mud allot. Stay the course we still have a space to go yet, By the spirit within , I am not saying that this situation is not going to be rough at all, but rather this situation or everyones personal transformation during this time ahead, will make it very aware to those truly enduring till the finish the amount of Light they have and if they need more to make it to the completion. 
Da:12:12: Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
My brother and Sisters during these times now while you seek to gain spiritual strength of your soul and help also, I hope the others you love and even meet as passers by, try to form connections with others to be with during these dark times ahead, for each can help the other not falling in the dark ways that will  soon be abundant even more so. So please prepare even physically folks anyone wondering in the street for water or food will be snatched up for sure. Try telling others if you can. 


            Danger!!! Jade Helm Plans Gun Confiscation

It seams like they are going to hit us with allot of crap people huh?
Yesuree  but they are still shitting there pants, why? because there are 3 guns on average for every american totaling 1 billion guns with the majority in Texas along with all the veterans that know how to use them, they have been to Iraq and Afghanistan 2 and 3 times, ya I would be worried too.  LOL  sorry for laughing ,I`m just visualize the Elite thinking of that and cringing in the corner of their pee brain minds. in the mortal world this is going to be rather colorful if you follow me right.  Peace to yo all.

ok heres is some more colorfull News;


Home Raided by SWAT for Delinquent Student Loans

Its really getting rough people. Hang in there.



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Just the NEWS 6/5/15

The latest report from the Fukashima incident is a complete lie but also interesting insight maybe to the on goings of the Elites future plans next, which could be as soon as tomorrow or weeks. they are treating this incident like the worst has not happened yet and they are in the process of shutdown and complete decontamination of all things and mostly all water, fresh and salt. They even have this so called company with some magic powder as you will see in it, if you want to read it. But they are saying it is an on going processes headed toward complete fixing but could be an extinction level event if hit by a massive Hurricane at this crucial time. I posted two articles after this first one to show that their own engineers have admit it is a lost cause on all claims of cleaning this up. I am bringing this to lite folks for the reason of those who wish to know the truth and anyone feeling bad about judging these assholes because most will not see the proof to prejudge anyone which is what I am getting from alot of people in my circle of family and friends. May I add  here, like I tell them that I am judging  the wicked powers that are behind such deeds as this that have acquired souls to do there bidding unknowingly. The cleansing hand of Christ upon this world when level one hear is finished will separate and dissolve all that is not of the Father of Eternity.
The dark power will think it got away with murder with this cover up. You know what has happened and in the understanding of being one for God , thats all that is needed. On the mortal level all they will do with this Hurricane is to speed up the inevitable with the spreading of the radiation. 
M't:11:25: At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.
So the article below is the article in contention and the two under that, are the proofs to what I have uncovered .
/govt-contractor-fukushima-fragile-turn-globally-catastrophic-moment-concern-about-another-meltdown-affecting-west-coast-poses-substantial-risk-stability-asia-pacific-national-lab-fukushima-al      6/9/2015

Proofs   below

May 3, 2015
/nuclear-engineer-agree-fukushima-become-extinction-event-containment a myth-nuclear-expert-radioactive-material-contaminated-pacific-coast-north-america-negative-impacts-accident-spread-world-video   April 28, 2015
Here are some other news briefs that are recent ...


The summer of 2011 and they are tell us now......?



well Now, does it seem like the Government is viewing the intire west coast like a science project Here in this article? with proof of increased Thyroid Cancers (which I told of a year ago ,along with Potassium Iodide), and the proof of  intake of Iodine -131 plus other radio-nucleides in levels far above the safe limits, They are saying they should TEST?  How about get the frack out. I guess Par for the course folks. Its sad to think that most people know nothing of this because our trusting government is looking out for us right,? please.....  Folks if there are any west coasters closer than I please get the word out to your friends about this, so they are at least aware of the situation.

Deutsche Bank co-CEOs resigns  will leave June 30 2015     

This statement above is another indication of the movement we have noticed around the sept 23 date. 

Below is a video on more fish dying , but on the east coast which at these levels could not be caused by radiation in the water from Fukashima my dear friends. So without having any complete frequency disruption through NYC enough to Kill fish is a no gamer. truly, people would feel the effect in a large degree. I live next to long Island sound and feel no crazier then I did before :-))
All indicators point to Chem-trail fallout Barium,aluminum and Uranium-Oxides which are very heavy metals have been found in the waters inland and seeing that the winds would blow them over all coasts, bingo that is why everything is dying. Correct me please if I am wrong but no one has found schools of anything dying in open sea right?  Just along the coasts of the continents and inland being birds, antelope and amphibians etc.

  DEAD FISH "New York Tens Of Thousands" Hosea Prophecy

A lot of People ask me why I continue telling this tragic story of the world we live in with little hope of saving it. I tell them I`m not trying to save the mortal world . Im trying tell souls of that which they are from and know not and some can`t even imagine it. So, start with  what you got and well, this is the only game in town and I`m trying to be patient for those who are worthy. starting with step one is good, and many keep doing step one over and over with going further, out of Fear, out of rejection or out of complacency.
But let me say, it is everyone`s prerogative to relax and stay at the place wear they have found, for they will have it for a long long time, which ever it is.  May you always find peace in your choices

Hears a little change of pace for peace.....be good.

                            Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Dream...... 6/8/2015

I was found with my dearest brother (not necessarily of Flesh and blood) but a feeling of that type of closeness, searching for a Man that abducted My friends Son for some reason which was not known to me. we were searching quite awhile in many places and found ourselves catching the man in a scene resembling an Iron salvage yard, with huge pies of I beams, tanks wall sections of all sorts  etc. Now at this time the son was fine but secured to a section of wall up higher from wear we were, safe now , for we had the Evil individual that took him Hand cuffed to a large piece of Structural steel. The steels shape was like a hug cross welded 90 degrees to another cross so the the width, length and depth were all about 10-15 foot each. My friend and I stood a ways off looking up at his son and talking of ways to retrieve him and resting a bit from our searching. All of a sudden there was movement from our prisoner. He was sliding with his hand cuffs down the Ibeam rail in a fashion were it seamed he knew exactly what he was doing. As he moved continuously with his weight shifting, the huge piece of steel was rolling in a very rigid fashion and it seamed he was literally in the air 50% of the time. I was trying to figure out what he was trying to do while I watched and it continued . when finally the last roll of the structure lifted him up and directly to the feet of the very child we rescued. His intentions were clear and he was more pissed now.  My first impression I had was to shoot the Bastared fast, un-verbally of course but I found my anger increasing of this man. Being a Man of God my reaction surprised myself as too how earthly things can filter into ones soul to create such actions.  Before I was just helping out a good friend and solving a problem but it now seamed like things were starting to turn personal for me.
   well with no guns at our disposal we ran up to were he was at and got him detained him again away from the child. but now we were standing over him and very very pissed off, I took the lead automatically and pick up a piece of steel which looked like a tee and my friend picked one up also just from my Adrenalin boost. I said " well lets see how you like it with out a head" I was in a rage and found myself opposite of who I am while I was winding up to take my best shot along with my friend across from me. The Man cringed in fear of his life. So just at the point of no return I said "STOP" this is wrong. because just before I felt all sense of Goodness leave me and all I felt was emptiness. I felt how it was to lose God, there is not much left even to live with, not even  speaking of destiny, that couldn`t even be thought of. It was no more.
with all this realized before the fateful swing stopping was the first step to undue this if at all possible.
Lu:9:25: For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?
So with My friend and child gone now and safe, I turned to the Man and let him go due to being over come with the feeling of forgiveness as God had given me. The man said to me why didn`t you kill me?
As I new he wanted me to, from all his life has been bad. I told him men needs salvation from our own actions we have done, with me more than most as I started to cry talking with him. He came right up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders , though he might do harm but didn`t. "here`s the strange Part" He started to cry also after bowing his head , then looked straight up, turned like a white yellow all over and lost all his hair.  "told ya" but not really cause we shook hands and departed as dear friends, so what that was, was being born again. Now feeling pretty good about everything there was this other man standing over to the side waiting for me. the strange part was, He had no arms. He said " don`t you remember Me  .. Bill "  He said " I was trying to talk with you last time just before you Left to go away" and I have been waiting here ever since. I started thinking that was about 15 years ago, but now the time I left meant the righteousness of God. I was completely  humbled by this man. how reverent a Human being or was he, to wait for another human being just to talk. I ask him as to what in particular He wanted to talk to me about seeing he waited so long I had to ask. He said "nothing in particular" 
This man had a wholesome glow about him that just talking with this man would be the High point of My life. So I sat down next to him and said "so you have been waiting?" He nodded yes ;-)  ......The end...

The meaning of this Dream Starts out with the doings of mankind in all their dealing evil, helping, searching etc. the evil in man is the workings of Machines with no fear as depicted by the rolling Ibeams  the rage I felt which could have been any man today in this times. by have the strength in one self to stop the evil and correct your path and even in hopes of saving another. These are all that can happen from one seed of God in us. The man at the end was Christ in the flesh he lost his arms for the time I spent on the darkside of life. For being Christ in us, actually it was I who lost my arms, for without God in you in you, you will lose your ability to reach others. I have been able to explain most of my dreams I have every night. this was only one three dreams I had last night.

This dream was meant Personally for everyone as a one on one with your belief structure and strength, its telling us all that there will be things we are doing seeming good that will work thier way into our souls to change them. Just to beware of this strenth friends.

the second dream was like a short story ;
We just built a nice ranch home and the land was some what flat and the back yard had alot of grass and a few trees. there was alot of friends over looking out into the back yard saying how nice it was. then it started to rain, not hard but a constant lite rain. I started to notice all the grass back there far was gone and I could see a glimmering of water instead. The rain stopped and everyone was cooking and drinking etc and I noticed the water line I saw previoous is much closer now, but no one noticed. well the water got up to 50 feet away from the land now making it a virtual ocean out there. People were oblivious though , they said wow we are going to have beach front property, I`m like are you all serious, this getting higher and higher and we should start build some levees to stop the water or its going in. before ya knew it they all left and the water was right at the back door.  The end

can`t remember the 1st one sorry people ....  Be cool , stay strong

                                Aerosmith - Dream On

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So whats next?

The truth will stand through any storm indeed my friends, knowing which truth will stand, is the true light of the seekers quest. 

with that brings me to the discussion of the next and seemingly one of the most important points in time in all this, and possibly the greatest. So much more thought is needed with reflection in the Holy Spirit at all times. I do not want a major Mortal assumption to cloud the truth. 
story: A man is out walking and walks under a bridge, and while coming out the other side he is hit from above and is dazed for a minute. He looks up and there is nothing out of the ordinary, like someone throwing something off, or just debris from a passing truck. There would two situations possible here one deliberate and one accidental, But ether way he still got hit with the same out come. So why is knowing so important. In this case not to much if it was an isolated incident. But what if someone called this person on the phone, Knowing they always walked this way and told them that they predicted he was going to be hit in a week at that very bridge. He said He dreamed it. but in reality he followed him there and made it happen himself. After He claimed he Prophesied an event that was going to happen and did.
Cause and effect and solution all done by the same one. Kinda like the Illuminati  They create Chaos to achieve their own order or
"Order out of Chaos" as stated in Latin on the dollar bill. We all see now that almost all these Chaotic events on earth are and have been proclaimed in some manner prior to happening, so unenlightened people well be amazed at their puppet show.
But as we stated before this puppet show will still kill us.
My question is how far back does it actually go with a puppet based Prophesy System. Knowing this reasonably will help us to form the true beliefs we should be making strong within ourselves. with so little time left actually good people.
Take for instance the Statement by Paul saying Christ will be coming in the clouds. How many people on earth are going to be looking up in the sky for the Savior ie:( Cesare Borthia the man in the picture as the image of God.)
Even the scriptures tell us the Birds will beat us there...in other words He will be in the Hearts of those who Love him now.
So more truthful  facts are; Christ is returning in Spirit , not flesh to see with mortal eyes. He also is coming back to claim those that already of given themselves over to Him. 
Satan hear on earth will exploit this with the blue beam project all ready up and running Folks.

So after all this is now understood again it will be good to remember going into the Period of abrupt change on earth.
I leave this for all to make you own decisions indeed for the upcoming months ahead. They will be so jam pack ... well You read them People.

- September 15, 2015 eve of Yom Kipor 2015 and the start of    the 50th Jubilee 
- Sept23 end of the 500 day prediction of Climate Chaos

- Sept 15 Jade Helm ends
- sept 23 asteroid hit coming / Isaac Newton

- Jesus to Appear on 23 September 2015 – 10 Tishri 5776 of the jewish calamder                                         .

- sept 23 The fourth Day of atonement

-Sept 25-27 Pope in washiington and UN , with a special 

message for congress

- sept 25-27 signing of the (sustainable development 

Agenda) NWO by 150 leaders or so.

- also they are voting to seek a Palistinian State at the UN

- sept 28th fourth Blood moon according to those looking 

 (not in the Bible)

-  September 28, 2015  total lunar eclipse will take place

If I do find more I will add in an update Folks.
Jesus has said that when asked; For an evil and adulterous Generation I will give thee no sign accept for the sign of Jonas

The sign of Jonas dealt with repentance, so if this is true then all those things in the list above is all self fulfilling Prophesy , mind readers ,sooth Sayers, witches and cults etc. this world is full of it  indeed.  :-)) but still smiling though.
Joy to you all for reading this, for you have come along way indeed my friends and deserve the rest in Christ .....

                          John Denver - Annie´s Song