Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event Horizon and news

The news and More  :-))      is that Professional enough?

  After seeing these pictures , do you believe they are still saying they don`t know whats doing it, from main steam point of view.


   UN Plans to Migrate Americans from CA due to Drought

A very good message to help fill the soul all the more Now....

                WORD of Encouragement: 1 Peter 5:8-11


CERN: Scientists' Warnings, Demonic Spirits & Mysterious Deaths.

Approaching The Event Horizon’ – Mysterious Deaths Linked To CERN    


The two attachments above are very real indeed as to were there has been Two world renown Scientist /physicists are saying Stop this thing Now, (LHC) at CERN before a possible destruction of everything happens. Below is a movie I think which is very well made and will definitely blow your mind and enlighten one self, especially after hearing that the subject mater is taken from sound Hypothesis and research.   For for anyone truly wishing to see what they are trying to accomplish here for now and for the future should really watch this movie  

Event Horizon

                             Event Horizon - Trailer [HD]

People I have done my own research, reading many scientific reports on dark matter and the like. There has been professors stating that through a worm hole/time portal/ Black hole which ever you call it ,it is the same thing, that a connection to any other time zones could only be in the past and not in the future, because free wills possibilities allows for creation with a born again Spirit to create anything the mind can vision. Satan cannot create only manipulate what has already been created by God in man. As the Lamp oil or Love of God within a man, that adheres to the dark ways ,gets used up without replacement, Satan then cast them aside as useless garbage only to need more weak souls to carry out His plan of ultimate global control. Remember the Spirit of God is the only creative force on this planet, but here is the problem the dark one has, He needs the spirit of the true God to continue his masquerade of a false God at the same time is Keeping the Majority of Men away from the true God. Wow Hes F**Ked up   LOL.  huh?
ok-  Dark Matter = Anti matter = anti Christ vs Light of God= matter
scientists were asked if There was a possibility of any Black holes forming at Cern they are all roughly the same saying " They should be small and dissipate quickly "  so Breaking that down for the laymen terms they are saying " yes there are black holes and we don`t know or have control over their size"   Gee weez Sink Holes come to mind ayy?  LOL  Now here is some cutting edge theory to ponder  Fact is in all Scriptures Jesus Christ tells of Heaven and Earth passing away. So does that video above huh?  People I have come to realize here that all of the tribulations that are stated in the Bible that they are called the wrath of God is from the spirit of the earthly Satanic God in Men who have choose just that, Not from Gods Children or the Power of his pure Light.
This is our world, mans world. Everything that happens here is due to the over all spirit within ourselves along with the physical actions of our bodies, some Good some bad, some divine , some evil.

"And people have asked me, why do I need to spread the word"     .... daaaa     :-)

well My brothers and Sisters there is roughly 3 weeks to go till this thing states, please be with God the best you can, gather his word when the times for it are good, the days in the mortal plain will be darkened. I am going to stay on as long as they let me , I will be with all of you truly, Peace in God to you my friends. :-)

                Dave Mason - All Along The Watchtower

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