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Just the NEWS 6/5/15

The latest report from the Fukashima incident is a complete lie but also interesting insight maybe to the on goings of the Elites future plans next, which could be as soon as tomorrow or weeks. they are treating this incident like the worst has not happened yet and they are in the process of shutdown and complete decontamination of all things and mostly all water, fresh and salt. They even have this so called company with some magic powder as you will see in it, if you want to read it. But they are saying it is an on going processes headed toward complete fixing but could be an extinction level event if hit by a massive Hurricane at this crucial time. I posted two articles after this first one to show that their own engineers have admit it is a lost cause on all claims of cleaning this up. I am bringing this to lite folks for the reason of those who wish to know the truth and anyone feeling bad about judging these assholes because most will not see the proof to prejudge anyone which is what I am getting from alot of people in my circle of family and friends. May I add  here, like I tell them that I am judging  the wicked powers that are behind such deeds as this that have acquired souls to do there bidding unknowingly. The cleansing hand of Christ upon this world when level one hear is finished will separate and dissolve all that is not of the Father of Eternity.
The dark power will think it got away with murder with this cover up. You know what has happened and in the understanding of being one for God , thats all that is needed. On the mortal level all they will do with this Hurricane is to speed up the inevitable with the spreading of the radiation. 
M't:11:25: At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.
So the article below is the article in contention and the two under that, are the proofs to what I have uncovered .
/govt-contractor-fukushima-fragile-turn-globally-catastrophic-moment-concern-about-another-meltdown-affecting-west-coast-poses-substantial-risk-stability-asia-pacific-national-lab-fukushima-al      6/9/2015

Proofs   below

May 3, 2015
/nuclear-engineer-agree-fukushima-become-extinction-event-containment a myth-nuclear-expert-radioactive-material-contaminated-pacific-coast-north-america-negative-impacts-accident-spread-world-video   April 28, 2015
Here are some other news briefs that are recent ...


The summer of 2011 and they are tell us now......?



well Now, does it seem like the Government is viewing the intire west coast like a science project Here in this article? with proof of increased Thyroid Cancers (which I told of a year ago ,along with Potassium Iodide), and the proof of  intake of Iodine -131 plus other radio-nucleides in levels far above the safe limits, They are saying they should TEST?  How about get the frack out. I guess Par for the course folks. Its sad to think that most people know nothing of this because our trusting government is looking out for us right,? please.....  Folks if there are any west coasters closer than I please get the word out to your friends about this, so they are at least aware of the situation.

Deutsche Bank co-CEOs resigns  will leave June 30 2015     

This statement above is another indication of the movement we have noticed around the sept 23 date. 

Below is a video on more fish dying , but on the east coast which at these levels could not be caused by radiation in the water from Fukashima my dear friends. So without having any complete frequency disruption through NYC enough to Kill fish is a no gamer. truly, people would feel the effect in a large degree. I live next to long Island sound and feel no crazier then I did before :-))
All indicators point to Chem-trail fallout Barium,aluminum and Uranium-Oxides which are very heavy metals have been found in the waters inland and seeing that the winds would blow them over all coasts, bingo that is why everything is dying. Correct me please if I am wrong but no one has found schools of anything dying in open sea right?  Just along the coasts of the continents and inland being birds, antelope and amphibians etc.

  DEAD FISH "New York Tens Of Thousands" Hosea Prophecy

A lot of People ask me why I continue telling this tragic story of the world we live in with little hope of saving it. I tell them I`m not trying to save the mortal world . Im trying tell souls of that which they are from and know not and some can`t even imagine it. So, start with  what you got and well, this is the only game in town and I`m trying to be patient for those who are worthy. starting with step one is good, and many keep doing step one over and over with going further, out of Fear, out of rejection or out of complacency.
But let me say, it is everyone`s prerogative to relax and stay at the place wear they have found, for they will have it for a long long time, which ever it is.  May you always find peace in your choices

Hears a little change of pace for good.

                            Neil Young - Harvest Moon

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