Thursday, December 31, 2015

Transition of the mind

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Good day, to all you good day doers out there   :-)) 
  There has been so very much talk over many many generations of this so called Final earthly battle called  Armageddon.  It states it were?  In the Old testament of course right, being of Jewish law and all, also .... No it is not at all in any books. How about the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John to say the least? No .... 0 times except ounce in KJV book or I really should say Bible (Good news) because it tells us more of what the Adversary is doing and also touches on the values of Heaven of course to. 
  This book is such a mixture of truth and stories, isn`t it just as Jesus Christ told his disciples in the parable of the seed sower?
M't:13:30: Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
As we are now living the good and bad realm so to speak, it gives proof of that scripture ayy?? 
 This place is in Rev;  The only time written......
Re:16:16: And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
If you read what the Adversary himself states "He gathered" from the tracts previous says are the Demons from the mouth of Satan did the gathering and also with Wisdom one can see that Armageddon is a Hebrew word and is found nowhere in their texts at all. So written after the Old Testament writings, they needed adjustment by the demons ayy? to have and bring about a new so called Prophesy to be fulfilled ...... by the darkside. This is not following God at all, to believe this is his prophesy Brothers and Sisters is actually Blaspheme , except how many would have the time to believe you in telling them this or even trying to explain it :-).  You folks have a blessed ear to this knowledge at least, whether or not you believe it is true is up to you. But to be correct in saying, you would not hear this perception of such things, even from the highest of theologians, because they dispute the understandings of the texts, not the Source of them.  :-))
There is many ways to discern the truth my friends, remember  living word does not mean written only, so seek the Holy Spirit in all your workings indeed. It will lead you to the Pearl you are seeking.
To be honest People, We the children of God are living in the thing called the Mist or the Mixture of the Higher and lover Realms here on earth. So can really anyone ask me why the Bible is not pure like all the Propaganda they are spealing out to billions of souls and telling them to look at nothing else?, it is all heresy. Sounds like a religious dictatorship, does it not.
Many new readers here may not understand why I disclose such opinions on the Bible. Most people live in a light switch world is it of God or not, Hell or God  LOLOL  :-)  excuse me for laughing but all the things that can manipulate or  Start Salvation for man is in the gray area.  Just Heaven and Hell would be like two Nouns in a sentence structure, were alone makes no or little sense at all.
I have research the Bible extensively and by asking the lord the answer to this scripture; Re:2:2: I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: I found it to be 'Paul' or Saul to be that Apostle. He is the only self proclaimed apostle in the KJV anyway. Out of the multitudes of Blasphemies , lies, corruptive and Plageristic Statements written in his name. who really knows, but we think its the Sanhedrin council because they had the money to disperse such large amounts of  Calligraphy in those days. 
Now example ; Christ died on the cross for all mankind.  Now Paul says he was taught by Christ in all the Mysteries in a moment on the road to Damascus, ya me Too :-)) sorry     .... He states 
1Tm:1:20: Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.
Pauls teachings must have had a bad day, it seems He is working for the wrong God ayy??   there are thousands of these when you really start to look and not say well that was the way they wrote back then. Matthew and the others did not talk in this way.

OK what I am trying to bring forward in a very understanding way is that the real battle our Lord speaks of is the fight of Principalities which are Good and Bad within us, who we will let reign indeed.?
why do you think they are trying to brain wash everyone so as we will be swayed or not quite strong enough to keep our values of God within our lives till the contest ends, we all fight it every day my friends, spiritually within us, none of this CNN crap fake shit. 
So with that said, in its very understanding the Armageddon they will be creating on their own in ww3 to make it be a false  fulfillment of prophesy by God, but really by the lying God (Satan)

Summary to date;  Remember that Baptism is 5 in one house 3 against 2 and 2 agains 3.
Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
Two are; Soul and Spirit
Three are; counterfeit spirit, the body and Fate (Taking destiny out of our own hands by Mind manipulations and false beliefs) 
We now should be gloriously pleased to know we have always been in control of our own destiny, 
That brings hear the Saying ; All things can be accomplished threw He who believes in Christ. Amen indeed  :-))

The knowledge of the Celestial is so vast. from my own view all that I have learned and received from God is only scratching the surface in all that really that exist in Him to be learned  yet. There are many scriptures in Pistis Sophia that Christ says; For those that drink from the Fountain of life (which is what we are doing here also) every question solved , reveals multiple others to be sought with earnest and the feeling for sharing it with others grows even stronger indeed. Can you imagine how close the Angels together are with the Father.  wow.  Oh ya Happy new Year my Friends.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

transition update


Interesting Song indeed from my past moments 

The transition of these Times we are Traveling in now are changing in, at different rates of chaotic nature. Some of these do not make sense at all. Like why are countries fighting themselves when they just previously agreed all to sign on to the the NWO.  We are at odds with China but they dock a destroyer in our port in Florida for a friendly visit. Turkey losses it all together and pisses off everybody. The US wont give isis intel to Russia for what was supposedly a mutual goal?

My biggest question is How come everybody else is not seeing these things? why, yes I know, because literally the people have been subjugated on to the Authorities without even Noticing.
The Old Frog in the pot with it coming to a boil, and yes we are about to boil and the masses still think everything is Fine..... Without the solitude of knowing Jesus Christ as Power through all this, Ones are hoping things are fine. But knowing that Truthfully , yes with Christ it is fine ayy? :-)
Hay look I don`t really blame the People at all, because this has been the agenda for 6000 years in the making, to be refine to the degree of the way it is now in the world.  Christ calls it the deep sleep. Sleeping spiritually, to not notice when the Thief (dark side) would come to the Good mans House (Your soul) and to destroy it.  Do you all see the need for Parables, because "soul " was not a word back then. Nor was the the Holy spirit in the world at all before Christ came , only John the Baptist taught all who would listen about the coming of Christ. For Christ upon his death after teaching, went into Hell and took 1/3 of the powers of the evil ones away and reduced their influence on Gods Children by 1/3 also.  why is this true?
M't:24:22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.(by 1/3)
He further explains this outright in the Gnostic texts, thus having two witnesses, and teaches by 1/3 indeed.

now think of the story of Revelation, were It states in Numerable place of the reduction of 1/3; Fish, Trees, Mankind, and they threw in don`t hurt the water or the wine in a   physical nature that men understand, but in truth it means water (spirit of God within us) and wine being the Holy and righteous word that is being spread), these two could not possibly be hurt anyway. Basically it is the evil side trying to be equal to God, and many may start to see that many of these stories in Constantine's New Testimony and more are just a play book for the Archons and Dark-People to follow. Then they claim they are Signs and things from God, don`t they?. How can this be when God said He would give No sign of Heaven accept Jona (Obedience to God) for a generation such as this.  Hmmm quite a Conundrum indeed for the masses that have no time in their bustling life to research such solutions.
Before you Ponder over all I have placed here to think of , this would solve one of the biggest questions of all time.

1. People say our future is allready written.(ya, by the darkside)
2. Christ says there will be those that do greater works than I.
(He is the seed of the Vine, we are the Fruit)
3. Each man creates his own destiny, be it of Mortal or Celestial nature indeed. Christ states;
M't:10:41: He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.
Isn`t this Golden City from Heaven nothing more than a Blasphemous image of God that should not be according to the Commandments?

OK to summarize this, for me is a finish in findig out what I ask God to begin with, Many years ago. which was to show me what would fool even the elect. People indeed, this showing you how intricate the dark-side has been for 6000 years since Adam.  We are truly many many generations after him is it not a wonder that the manipulations of Satanic means has almost completely yielded the entire race of mankind dumbfounded as to the truth that ounce was from the first 2 people which in  actuality were many Pairs according to scripture, not found in the Bible of course, They put in the Bible exactly what they wish Man to believe. Now what is important here as He or she who can discern  Truth From Lies (Or should I say Evil truths) thats one to think on right?  If the Bible has made up stories to be carried out, and then they are carried out, Have they not become True or should I say Even Righteous for those that look upon these with Manipulated directions to make them be of God Himself but actually the opposite,some being of Man?. The Gold that is actually realized here is knowing the difference, so one can attain the working knowledge of both sides indeed. How can a game be won more easily ? By knowing what your adversary is doing. You now know the Key. Is the bible any less important now? No actually more important Now. God wishes me to say, " Now that you can decipher good from bad were the Bible has the most diversity of any scriptures gathered together, you can read many other scriptures without the fear of becoming lost in them and know your way home indeed ,  if one chooses to :-))"
I do praise God for the wisdom He initiates always and for being the close Friend and Father ever. He helps us to think in a stepping stone fashion of progressiveness were no soul is unimportant indeed.
Interesting Thinking hear Ayy?. Thank you for reading My brothers and Sisters. These thoughts , visions and understandings I bring before you,for your own desertion of what is true. Most likely No one on this Planet has thoughts of this, that I have heard, even remotely that could bring  everything in this Chaotic world of unknowns together to be made for reasonable  solution of things. I myself am very content with this understanding of the creation of events and things . It is now in your court for those that have heard and have their own  thoughts of these Truths or not.  Remember in ones quest for the truth is truly for the benefit of the seeker and no other, although the story can be told, it is unimportant actually for it to be believed or not by those who listen from the perspective of  Seeker. Those that hear it must also take in information and facts to be pondered and come to their own Truth, such as I. This Vine of Gnosis is what is important from our lords view of truly the Living word, which is Christ himself.
I am now finished with now knowing myself , that it goes out in all directions the next question is were do you draw some lines in the sand of Good and evil,  whether it be from 6000 years ago or the latest news report we listen to. The Key as allways been Good and Evil knowledge of.
Well Christ has said, "when one comes to an answer of the sought out question, they will find in most cases more questions"  indeed huh?
I leave you all with this at this point and Give you below one of 
this worlds little motal transitions that will coming soon.
Thank you and bless you all.....

World Bank & UN Plan To Use False Flag Terror To Phase Out Passports & Implement Global Biometric ID

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I applaud all of You.....

    For concentration and Thinking peacefully if you choose to.......

Blessed greetings to you all , brothers and sisters across the globe that come to this site and caress the Faith and acceptance of Christ within each of you.  I ask the Lord for the wisdom each time I right in this blog, because I do realize now how many souls out there seek the real truth of themselves and this existence along with myself.  As the  grateful dead said  " what a strange strange trip its been"  and indeed it has, for myself and everyone of your many different perspectives of life that we have, Yes, and it makes the great painting, as the multiple colors of our souls come together to form that tapestry we call life.  gota be a song in there some where huh? LOL. When I write , I do so for the Glory of Him and to help all souls achieve this same quest as I have seen before and even now at the age I am. I still feel I am at Woodstock  1  :-). The knowledge I bring forth here crosses all boundaries of ethnic and nationality with no  prejudices, because all this is Mortal makings of men, although I tell of mortal news events at times , everything stems from the celestial Knowing and the power of God. So this covers the souls of all men, yes even the evil ones, and I do know why Christ says He came for the sinners not the righteous. Yes the plans for those who do Sins of all kinds he has shown me also along with the the Gospel of Pistis Sophia. You also can read it, but put on Christ prior.  Trust me You will be moved in many degrees.

Consider yourself laying down at the edge of a vast ravine holding on to your true life, symbolized as a rope holding on with a load pulling you in. This load is sin and people in your life that do not believe whether it is from lack of knowledge, people hear it but don`t realy take it to heart. some that may even choose the dark ways (those are way heavier and average people would let them go).
Now if the word allowed one person to bring his soul to the truth, he would instantly recieve a place along side of you with his own rope (cross) being realized now, but he would be taking 1/2 the weight off of You which would make life a bit lighter , wow only one person half the load. Now if that`s not a win win scenario I would think huh?. That load released is to the Glory of God, the ineffable father of Entirety. 

Believe me my friends I am no better than you. I have to get up each morning and put on Christ each day and shake off the  doldrums  indeed. 
 So continuing , I do commend all who read this and have not turned away, I can truthfully tell you God is pleased indeed . Also I am pleased to see the number of readers on my last article which  transcended many nations my friends. I am not a  rating numbers fan at all, as many do, for Prides sake. But  my faith in men is truly lightened, into how many are interested in the things said here, which is not easy reading sometime either, I know.
  I read a gospel where Jesus told his disciples that for a man now to save one soul from iniquity in all his life, it is far more then the multiples of souls before (meaning old testament) who did not even save his own soul. For this is is the Glory you have been delivered .
Which also stands for us now People. But whole heartedly I thank you for your interest in the words I bring you.

I myself am retired now but have many things to occupy my time bringing about forward progression. The one thing many folks can`t see in themselves during the days are achievements they have made which gives us all the perception of purpose, rather than just existing, or as they say "Just killing time" which is exactly what they are doing for or rather against themselves. We all know the phrase "Use it or lose it"   lets think about a Candle inside a glass jar thats lit , now someone puts the cover on the Jar, how long do you think it will stay lit? not very long without additional oxygen.
This is indeed the same thing that happens to the light within your soul when nothing is added from many ways, truth, Love, caring and plain talking.  Jimi Hendrix had a phrase in which refered to folks being "Up in their word" meaning to be inlightened.  Now there is another fading that can take place also that most folks don`t think about or even know and that`s the inspiration of the Spirit within you, The one that feeds the soul when asked , or seeking the truth, God the light etc;. Christ tell us in scripture that if a man almost never draws on the His spirit to fulfill his life moments, do not expect it to be there in full strength or for some not at all when called on, if times get critical.  Use it or lose it indeed.
People I know this is real heavy truths but truths just the same. The disciples ask Christ " Lord why do you tell us of all the Glory that we will receive in heaven in all the joys, then tell us this dark type truths "?
Christ tells them that He did it for a reason that not only it is the truth, but it was to teach them to hold on to the Joy of God and things One wish to keep precious unto your own self and guard against anything bothering that Joy, even some truths which are not joyous but take them as information only. 
M't:24:43: But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

In summary it says here , If you know when sin or darkness was going to attack your soul you would have watch and prevented it.

Does anyone else feel like the whole world is racing ? Like people are racing to find peace, when in fact they have to stop to find peace.  See Jesus tells us the The Father is in complete silence, and this exactly were you can find him in earnest (showing depth and sincerity of feeling). But remember He is within us also when sought and found, then we may manifest this to our Daley actions also with a lot of practice. 
These are a few things that I have found within the realms of the Love of God in Man, You all may find alot more , never stop seeking my friends, it will always do you well.

Your Brother well

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Transition....

Hello Folks and good day.To you that are reading this here with me , we are still alive and kicking. There is alot it seems going on in the world now to all those who really don`t know the truth behind all this stuff huh? well and even those that do too.  Because more and more folks are giving up on believing and all that and giving up, and less are Holding the Holy Spirit of God here on Earth, with themselves so the darkness seems stronger to the folks that have been well , just going along for the ride so to speak. :-)
I didn`t really come to talk about all about that in this article, because that is the Celestial transition (Spiritual) on earth,which is one I myself feels daily. Thats the one in the lords prayer that say "On earth as it is in Heaven"    He also answers his disciples, when asked of the coming kingdom, and Christ replies " you ask me of the coming kingdom,but it is all ready here and you do not see it." 
This is something to keep in your thoughts as we move forward in our lives now. 
This time I wanted to discuss the transition we are presently going through by their Mortal manipulations. This could be of mortal mind as well as physical actions and material  First, Everyone is acting and talking like we still have rites in the USA under this Gov. No we don`t at all actually, but see, they don`t want us all freaked out about it at ounce, because the mindless a short memory span and most are gear to things the Government tells them and makes things manageable for them.  So that's why they still talk about elections and have debates and everything the way it was as they change things one by one, to the new Government system. 
I will cover the changes in a moment, but first, I will give you a short history how this came about without our never voting or hearing about anything.
Bill Clinton..... You remember old y2k and Monica's Blue dress, sure you do. But do you remember the addendum Billy signed at the UN agreeing to hand over the workings of our Government in case a tragedy here that would upset the worlds economic systems.
Of course not alone with 188 other countries agree to the same.
I don`t wonder why now he is crashing the dollar....
HW Bush.......Do you remember the TV oratory where he states that its is a time now for a real New World Order ? maybe so this was more true then people thought, going on in Buenos Aries was a meeting of all the heads of state again drafting up the Sustainable development Agenda   to be carried out in a couple short years.

George W......He comes on like, someone give him to much to drink and he fell over and hit his head,again, and again daily lol  sorry by that`s what they wanted us to believe , a President that was not taken to seriously at all, like playing jet fighter pilot  wooooo  lol like a childlike action you almost feel sorry for, but during his Presidency he put into operation with the signing of agenda 21 by the 188 nations and on TV stated that the Constitution was just a piece of paper at that very moment.  No one took him seriously they thought he was having another beer moment. We now now He wasn`t.

Obama.....The Ratification of, and the signing again of this agenda was stickily a formality, and you might say The NWO come out of the closet for good.

So you see My friends This information actually was not hidden that much, although to follow this Government Back stabbing affair to the American people it did take a bit of responsible research on everyone's part in their own country`s daily business. So we have made it to the ongoing transition to the NWO that`s pretty much a done deal. " For who will be able to stand against the beast'? as it states in scripture. Now for the people of the world watching all these wars going and coming, it is more like a put-on foot ball game for each cheer for their own side , right? and thats if we are not involved directly as we are at the moment.
But I assure you from all my intuition tells me things are going to get way real, and we all will start feeling more like Players, and that`s not a good night at the Club  YY  :-))
As this dreadful transition moves on, forward would not be my choice of words here, Things will change on every issue  
below I have put a few videos together to give more proof to that just incase anyone out hasn`t realized it yet. 

                         CHINA UNVEILS DEATHBOTS

                         A series of 'attack robots' designed to fight terrorism have been unveiled in China at this week's 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing

                                Army of Russian rebots




Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast

You tube would not allow reproduction of this Video title people, so just type it in yourself please, real good report of all the latest.   also the link below is good.


So what I am trying to summarize here that has basically just started, is the Transition of our earthly lives being run by a dark energy in the ones in power, globally. The result in this transition or ending scenario is what you all have heard for years. Some phrases are "Slave state, complete desolation etc. but the most truthful one I think is the Heaven(upper atmosphere) and Earth will pass away....... but not to forget," Christ words will never pass away".
Now as we watch this mortal change happening in the world , we should be making our own change happen in our souls. This does not occur over night my friends, that kind of strength of Spirit must be practice many times indeed. By riding a bike ounce, do you think you could now go out and win the decathlon? Therefore Your focus moves slowly from the wants of this world to the love of the spirituality within you of the Father through the Christ within. 
Christ has Stated  " I am closer to you than your skin" Thats pretty close huh? :-).  The Gospel of Thomas;

30 Jesus said, "Where there are three deities, they are 
divine. Where there are two or one, I am with that one"

what Christ means here is that when things get real bad for you ,He is always with you, He went to Hades itself what does He fear.
While many others rebuke you when you tell them and say things about Happenings in the world like never before. They will say "ohh this has happened many times"Most will say this, not because they are of the Illuminati or mason per se, but the one of the darkside s bigger weapons which is "Fear".  Fear of what is happening, Fear to be able to make such a transition, fear even to do the things Jesus tells me I can! do.
People any time there is fear of anything it limits us to that fear, and can go no further. Christ tells us there is nothing that man cannot know and can go and do, to the degree of knowledge one has and the faith and belief to perform it.  This is called for some "continual expansion" the highest position of Consciousness one can achieve. I`m not going cabal-la on you really. I have just picked up this definition as to what I was seeking in my days and Happen to talk with a soul that explained 14 levels of consciousness that she went by, while working in a Help group within a city she lived. Level one of the list was suicide , which was understandable makeup.  Most people are within 6-9. So you see level 14 must be worked to even achieve for a moment as one goes back to that level known to him, or acquired.
The transition is always moving in the centuries ,years, days and in every moments while we live with. Thus the Living, Word.  One who truly finds the living word in complete silence has come to know one self and is blessed.
.Seek to maintain soul Blessedness....... Love, in all that seek  :-))