Monday, June 27, 2016

The Raise of the Phoenix

Hello my friends, It have not been on quite a while sense I have posted, and as you can tell I don`t make a habit or a ritual out of when I must be on, my brothers and sisters, If living your life is living it for the father we all adore, then it would be as like a sense of Prayer to him that by his own words through Christ condemns vain repetitions.

Matthew 6:7 - But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

I didn`t want to make this about prayer , actually just wanted to express the enjoyment of the Lord, threw uniqueness in all we do. 
ex; What if you were God that created all this right?, and was watching all your people with the power really to do anything, do the same thing, day after day after day, You might say to your angels  " Good God here he goes again, I think I go back to watching grass grow  :-))  LOL   I`m not saying erratically different, But different  enough so that your interested, and I am positive God will be too.

It does seem all the news is the same thing, day after day.
Now here is something to think about !   If a news station was reporting on a false flag operation would they be telling the truth about the lie, No some would be knowing what the false flag is trying to accomplish, main stream would be acting with the lie, and some not even knowing they are doing it.,
God really wants us to see the big picture in everything as to gather enough information for yourself to at least tell  a little whats going on, The Holy Spirit would be a big help in that Gathering part indeed my friends.

So keeping with the big picture my friends that so many millions will never see, although they are feeling it now and in the future that are sadly ignorant of its meaning. There was a story on You-tube that talked about the Brexit (Britians exit from the EU) Many thought that with the world starting to crumble economically because of it , the righteous have won over the Illuminati. This is furture than the truth  anyone has ever been. They are looking for an earthly Savior instead of the only savior for the souls of men. Many People have heard the phrase but no not what it really means. The first one is  "The raising of the Phoenix"
the 2nd one is  " order out of Chaos"
Phoenix Mythology Quotes. QuotesGram... of the mythological creature known as a phoenix (a fire-bird
Here are some picture representing Greek mythology in the understanding of Birth raising from Death, which is being carried out today by virtually all the Elite in the world.
Below is a statement I wrote back to the article talking about the way it foiled the NWO plans when in fact it has accelerated it.

Do not be fooled with all these Theatrics, there is one 
plan the Dark is planning and is in full swing and that is " The raising of the phoenix out of the ashes of Chaos 
and destruction" We are in the final start of the act of 
total destruction. Were is the Phoenix that is going to 
rise ? In Large network of underground tunnels that has been built with all our money gone south throughout 
the decades, all over the globe. Look them up , they are well documented. The NBC peacock is actually the Phoenix , the Chrysler emblem.. the phoenix, even Planet X and Nibaru`s flaming wings is telling everyone the Phoenix is coming soon. Find the Spirit in yourself that tells you also the correctness of this knowledge and you will understand.. Stay strong all, you well need it..

Русская матрица или «Novus ordo seclorum».  Novus Ordo Seclorum...............
Means  (New Order of the Ages)   which is on every dollar denomination in the currency.  So also seeing the Pyramid with the eye there also you can imagine how in-bedded this country is in the NWO that is going to raise from all the Chaos we are starting to see now My Dear friends in Christ.

I truely will try to keep writing as long as the net stays up my friends, so God be with you all and keep the Good fight.

Brother Tom