Saturday, October 8, 2016

The transition

 Friends before I start my Article on the positive aspect of the transitional soul in Mankind , I will show here a few headlines that most people on Earth have not even come to grips with yet or even believe, but we cover it a year or so ago and hope many still follow it to understand how close the thief is to us now. I knew of this escalation in calamity here as everyone can indeed, through the Holy Spirit within us.

This next one is important as proof why no one knows
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mportance… Our ideas of health implications should change… Do not discuss on social media

Think they still love us... or is it Jesus Christ who does?  pretty surprising escalation ayyyy?

Hello, My friends I pray everyone is well, indeed during these Times of so much Global change , subjugation , lies Politically and down the Chain, and every other darkside thought and action they can bring upon us. If it was not for the belief of and holding close to any essence of the Holy Spirit of God that most do without even aware of it, we would have fell to the ground, dried up and get blown away in no time.

True life is always a positive growing entity in any and all things. If it is standing still like a plant in a pot, you will Know that it is dead after awhile as it turns brown, I know you all have heard the phrase " Use it or lose it" . That has to be one of the wisest statements ever made.  An athlete that has been out for years can start again without training as he had before. Is all of our physical abilities which includes thinking, communicating, seeing etc and all things of this Mortal world we are apart of the only thing to which this happens to or does it also included our spiritual side also....This is the question we must come to terms on.

How many out there think that since they were dunked into water and claimed that they were born again to all that watched, think Now they don`t have to work at it so hard any more for the worship of God, or some maybe none at all ?  There are many that think this way. They are just getting a credit card for heaven kinda lol :-)  oh believe me it is preached also out there so I point my finger at no man who has been duped by this.

 There is a Scripture to were Christ states;  He says when a master gives his servant a higher position is it not now understandable that More is required of him?

So with this truth, being born again in the house of God and full knowing now, shouldn`t your practice of helping spread the word of God be performed all the more? In all Common sense, Yes it does. People, with so much evil in the world and you can see an feel it getting stronger all over the Globe now, sitting back with a Pena collada is not the thing to do in the middle of the battle.
Now Christ tells his disciples the truth about the process of mankind in the world. He tells them that when a Baby is born , it is born Anthropos (animal), because it needs everything of the world to begin it journey, as it eats this of the world for nourishment, and takes things to learn of the world until it becomes aware and starts learning and seeking things of the spirit, and if it continues in the right way (as truth grows positive always) it now will become Divine Anthropos as Jesus Christ attained for an example for all men. This process my friends does not complete its full course in all Men as you could imagine and see in the world now. Mankind has been doing this under the logos (divine laws) for two thousand years since Jesus Christ brought mankind the keys to do this, being the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

The world Now is fighting to keep mankind from finding this divine nature in Himself and the Dark forces are strongest they have ever been.  This divine nature found in yourselves is from the efforts and proof that you have already been in transition, and that transition is what I am speaking of my friends. . ,
It is like climbing a ladder from mortal to spiritual. Yes you do not to rest from time to time along the way.  but be wise people and observe each time you rest from your journey in Life, and notice when You stop resting in the mortal and start resting in Christ, for this would be a great indicator of proper Transition unto the Father. Those who go beyond  this step and know of the divinity of the ineffable Father of eternity, Blessed are those that come in the presents the Lord.
Please friends , for two thousand years man has been feed the information as to being unworthy to God the Father. I am here also during these times reminding all of the words Of  our Lord Jesus Christ:
M't:5:48: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

If it was not True, He never would have said it. So why do they constantly batter down Gods Children. Very simple reasons .
1.) If I can`t have neither can you, and i will make you as week as I, the heathen say
2.) Money, If you knew God by yourself which you can, who will need to go to the Big donation centers called Churches?
3) Just plain Scared of failing , which goes for us all my brothers and sisters, we help each other along to reinforce the belief we know inside is true.

I have told you before of the teachings of Paul(Saul) which goes:
Ro:3:23: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; 

It should have said; For all those that have sinned and not repented of them, will come short of the Glory of God

But they wrote it that way for a reason, the good news was not even mentioned.
 I could go on and on back and forth until it is foggy to see are understand so I won`t
Your Divinity , righteousness, oneness in the father is entirely Between you and Him at any time all the time. Let no man tell you are believe in any discussion that you are not, or can not be divine  by your own wishes. For there is nothing that we lack to find Him and our way home... Indeed  :-))

I have hoped you have found some comfort in today's article My beloved Friends, Its getting real funky around the world now, so try to not hold on to the world anymore but Change
with the transition of Your that your Soul and Spirit are one,,,,, which is the Good halve of the result from the Mystery of forgiveness of Sin,, The two remember
Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

Glory to He who comes within us.....Love