Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Picture above is truly a recreational Panorama of Oneness. When you look at the picture do you see the tree first, or a number of trees? Do you see the ground which stabilizes and nurtures all that is in it? You may identify with the protection and comfort of the dark canopy of foliage in the thick of it. do you appreciate the depth of this world with all the shadows and shapes by which compiles it? and Finally do you see and try to understand the Sun and its position and importance to the entire lot of things mentioned?  Frankly Everyone should seek the answer of themselves truthfully, because at which ever point you connect with initially is the point at which one should start and then work towards understanding of the light. I myself connect with all these points, on a daily basis. Yes there has been times in my life I have been very afraid  of loosing my perspective of God much in the past, which is the worst fear there is, and know that if not for faith in Christ I would still be at that point or worse. we must conquer our fears before coming to salvation. 

  US Navy Issues Warnings on Russia, China's Submarine Fleets!


This is the latest in Rad measurements Folks please go onto 
http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ to keep your own check on this people. These readings are pretty much all 50-75% higher then 3 months ago seriously. 

Here You go folks He finally got into the Head of the UN as a speaker or should I say Lier .

 https:The Beast : The Lawless One Chairs as Head of the U.N. Security Council (Sept 24, 2014)
They will  not let me load this one

UNSC unanimously adopts resolution on foreign terrorist fighters

I Hope everyone understands what has happened here with this new resolution that was chaired by Obama/Beast making it a criminal act of traveling from any country to any country in regards of fighting in or supporting a terrorist type of activity. The person by which will point the figure at the people for these assumptions (Kind of like the  thought  police) was not mentioned accept it will probably be under each and every country by part or whole seeing that the vote was unanimous to say that any particular person should be abducted at any time. The NWO has just passed the first step in restricting all movement of all people  Globally. Now plus with all the cameras and surveillance already in place things are really moving Good people, don`t loose your faith by all means its all the things we hold dear. 

          Shocking! Evidence the 'Vatican' Is Behind Writing 'Quran'

Song time........cool song meaning

Monday, September 22, 2014

Endure till its over

Peace be with you all my brothers and sisters as the days and hours drift closer to two most critical view points of mankind Some see it as the last  days, the end, Doom LOLOL :-)) sorry got carried away  :-)) Others see it as the great wedding as being Christ and Sophia(the Holy spirit on earth now). some also know that this is just the end of level one in this great game of God and everything. Can`t wait for level two actually, for Jesus tells us "to endure till the contest is over" this is were we are told of the Expansion of the Universe and then experience it also, for it has never been as yet. But then there are those that pretty much believe in Nothing. God I feel sorry for them , although they themselves wouldn`t want me to :-) truly. Because I would be acting out some silly emotion that isn`t real they would say.  man, O well , the truth is these are the ones to be told anything , crap even getting them mad would be a step up from Atheinistic Euphoria huh?  
Well People I`m glad I see that now I need to include the true word in with the new news coming at all of us each day for a more understandable and complete vision of the direction for each of us.
This came on today about the mass persecution in China of Christian believers, but despite that the Numbers of them keep growing massively and soon they say will outnumber Communists ..Hay that`s a big alleluia in my book. read below...


                                   http:China threatens Christian church

             SHOCKWAVE 2013 | China - a story of revival

Here are some very interesting scriptures associated with the times now.

Apoc of Thomas; Then shall there be in the world sharings (participations) between king and king, and in all the earth shall be great famine great pestilences, and many distresses

Isa:30:25: And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Here is the latest radiation reports




Here is something cool

                               Sleeping in Two Segments

              The Hidden History - The Khazar Empire

Hay dig this crap.... more real now then ever was
Apollyon Rising : Satanic Black Mass will be held at the Oklahoma City Civic Center (Sept 21, 2014)

Lovely stuff we are living through ayy?  All those worshiping dark magic and stuff and I have to laugh when I see them trying so hard to explain their view point . See the Holy Parents (Holy Spirit)  gave to samual (Satan) the design of this world to be,  because  all  knowledge comes from God. The only thing Satan 
knows is how to destroy things and the only thing his so called children will  receive is destruction, seriously, thats what he does Lie and destroy. LOL why what does one think is going to happen. Its already written that he is very selfish God, and shares nothing with no one. Only God the father will give you all that is His in the receiving of our inheritances after doing what we came to do, which were his doing that His son should us to do.
My true friends , I do not know actually how long it is before our time comes with light of the Father. Dark side here on earth seems like there is no more Hiding anything  They are even talking openly about the Jesuits. The rull of thumb is if some one is willing to show there hand to you it for a few reasons like, Nothing else can be done to change the outcome which has been set in place, 2. That things are getting so close to the point of the major event so there going for broke :-)).
Well folks don`t be Play actors in Heaven, Believe it, its real.
Gods blessing to you all will write again if we can, Peace  Thomas

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well greetings Good People, welcome to another page of these times. It has been said for each soul that  enlightens ones self in the truth being closer to the Father all the Angels rejoice in Heaven.
I do wish to relate to everyone that truth is truth, whether  it is pleasing or not. It  is from the perception of the viewer alone not the rule for all. Take all this fun news we all have been enlightened too, each soul is at a different level of awareness , light and truths to the world or the celestial. I personally see all the truth in the world and the majority is not pretty but what I do see is immediate proof of the Lord and Father and this I praise. were others see all as dark and need a break from it. At first I did also friends. But as the time moves forward a wise soul will watch to ensure his migration from Material interest be elevating to our celestial Home, This will be your guide and Salvation as watchers also may I add, and If you have read Pistis Sophia You would understand what I say here.        Thank you.............God speed truly


Now for a very pertinent and interesting collection of truths  that help form a solution or answer if I may, Starts with understanding why they are allowing this publicity and individuals to speak all about this Massive amount of leaked Files and there content out in the public spotlight for so long without putting a stop to it long ago, and even before it went public at all? Why? because they wanted it to be this way. again Why? well along with all the other vast amounts of data and securities that have been violated in the past few mounts also, it is giving them a real good reason to take control of the internet for our own good. As Julian Assage says we are headed for a    Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society   . And how are we going to do that?  watch below and read along


     Edward Snowden NBC Interview: "I Was Trained As A Spy"

Julian Assange "We Are Headed Towards A Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society"

Snowden and others are just means for the reason why  Governments to take complete control of the enternet. Just like all these shootings to take the guns.

                           What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is one of the Major components of this Total surveillance Society with allot of smaller but effective companies that are building this Monster. Its going to be pretty much SKYNET, Like in the Movie.  Here`s some more reasoning on this subject of the Major Percent  owners in this is IBM . This company has not been in any spotlight at all, without any bail out at all , and has been a global player for many years for many People indeed. please read further

CIA Buys $600,000,000 Dollar Cloud From Amazon For Data Storage


You see IBM also was involved greatly in the Hollacost of  WW2 and there playing a major roll here also. Here is just some more small truths of WW2 and the American co. working for Germany. 

J.P. Morgan Bank, Guaranty Trust, Chase Manhattan Bank, at least three Wall Street houses (Dillon, Read; Harris, Forbes; and, National City Company for sure), Standard Oil (New Jersey), Du Pont, Dow Chemical, General Motors, Ford Motors, and General Electric (A.E.G.) of the United States helped or profited in some manner. G.E. (A.E.G) rounded out its support by technical cooperation with Krupp, which seems to have been aimed at restricting the U.S. development of tungsten carbide. I.T.T. held a 28 percent interest in Focke-Wolfe aircraft, American Ford owned French Ford and Ford Werke of Belgium and profited from supplying the German Wehrmacht with cars and trucks through out the war. Standard Oil's most egregious role (beyond profiteering), was with technical aid to Nazi development of synthetic rubber and synthetic gasoline through a U.S. research company under the management and control of Standard Oil. 
How many Americans died in WW2 and every war after that at the hands of our own bussinesses that we today think they are with us and not part of Satans Money machine?


Japan's former PM tells of Tokyo evacuation risk after Fukushima

Keep believing my Friends and God will Love you.....By for now... Tom