Saturday, August 29, 2015

A closer eye on the ball

This is a three month sector performance chat
You can see by all the values below that every sector to the Us is at major declines for months now , So, the Big positive numbers that are coming out of us markets now you can see very well that the market DOES NOT reflect anything to do with the actual health economics of this country that the people are working in. Stock markets are lieing to the public again conquering the Human domain  

Sector Performance - 3 month performance

0%Consumer Non-Durables-1.53%Retail Trade-1.81%Health Services-2.06%Consumer Durables-2.16%Technology Services-3.35%Finance-4.55%Commercial Services-4.76%Communications-5.16%Utilities-6.3%Transportation-11.01%Electronic Technology-16.44%Energy Minerals

These figures above rang from - 1.53  to -16,44

Now you can see that the stock market is lies and manipulated to impress a certain feeling onto the public when in truth its is so far from it.   The actual program detailing this is called MK Ultra... A devise brain washing program . although a lite one still very effective as billions across the Globe have believed for a long time.

the actual connection it does have is that when co start losing people to buy there stock to run the co. it would then fold. the investment is pretty moved by 95% speculation 5% co work productivity.

Now the way I have seen all the markets bounce back leads me to believe this was only a test and a cover for something else we are not suppose to be looking at. The test was to see if the Populous  would  panic and how much, and they covered up the process of collecting all guns. which they fear most. which something is telling me if they don`t achieve 100% collection they can`t Win, in the USA anyway  :-)).

UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step



Here is some latest on Fukashima and the Fallout from it. The amount of fish, seals, whales and birds dieing from this is beyond belief indeed. They are also saying from an engineering  standpoint  that the radiation  release now is far greater then it was 3.5 years ago. Lovely huh?

Note; 25 days till pope comes to UN and the end of that 500 days talked about by the French  FM. That climate chaos is the Climate of the Globes Human domain  control Total.

Latest from Fukashima

Hello My friends in Christ, I pray I have been helping you make  (and that's if you yourselves choose) The transition from being super connected to earthly wants and lusts over to your more learned side of your spiritual reality with the true Father. I state it as the learned side because even for me talking with the lord all the time He does not show me any more if I don`t ask Him too.
don`t get me wrong He floods me things all the time, like all the truth in this blog and more But what I`m talking about are things Christ has just mentioned in His Gnostic text ounce, or You can even ask Him about one of your past cycles you have been through here on earth, if You feel you have been present here before. For myself I have had many, but only recall bits and pieces through our Lord of One existence being in the days of the Renaissance period with Castles and the like. Being an Artist I drew a lot of Knights and castles etc. and always wondered why the desire for these thoughts and places. Christ makes everything clearer always folks. So really ounce we pass from this Contest of sorts to a much greater existence in the House of Righteousness or maybe a whole lot easier than here anyway.  Believe me its just as hard for me except I have something that helps me because I visit there a lot, and just like the mortal world ounce you do it , its a whole lot easier :-))  indeed.  To be very honest with you instead of taking a break from all the time in the mortal world to live with God awhile, its getting real close to Not even taking a break from God to remain in the mortal for the Love of my children and family, and also writing My blog to all of you who have interest I hope in all this folks. The lord says its important work indeed, as Important as People of Biblical times spreading his good message everywhere.
He wants me to let you know everyone has an open ticket for salvation, all you have to do is use, and learn the way to do that. then you all will become Major Duds  LOL  .... like the song :-))
till next time, shine on

             Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Solitary man.......

Hay People. I say, out of all this stock market information something has been really bugging me as it has been unfolding here. Not saying that this is pretty bad for global economy and that we may not feel its effects, but do they want us to think that China made a grave miscalculation in their devaluing process to the point of themselves committing suicide more than the rest of the worlds economies? That`s kind of Ludicrous don`t you think. and did the Us space bomb them just to put on a good show so that we wouldn`t figure all this crap out.
well folks I will try to summarize this and say by US politics destroying import duty taxes and regulations through NAFTA by Clinton so the US could openly flood the country with super affordable produces(Walmart) while we spend money borrowed from China in huge sums in order to secure that economic connection when the house falls, everything falls.  Now just a few years before all this devaluation China was the leading spender in building up its military to a great size to match the US and insure a good show for Armageddon along with Russia.  Because it new they would not have the chance after the devaluation order by the Illuminati. Also they needed to start ww3 to take the economic blame off Obama who had the leading hand in this Globally, and they won`t need elections either.  This is all culminating now and will continue to set the stage for the popes visit in North america in sept. I think the next 30 days are going to be some pretty turbulent times indeed. then comes the signing of the one world everything crap :-)) at the UN on sept 24.  
Everyone can see at this point they are looking to start ww3 at any cost to cover up lies, by way of, Ukraine or N Korea or Syria with its USA ISIS  mercenaries or China now.
there are millions may be billions around the globe panicking now from this stupid Economic video game. No one has seen any dollars or gold or nothing but projected numbers on a PC screen. Man I guess Blue beam will be real convincing then huh?  I imagine some of this is accurate but not all I assure you, and getting Gods children in a Panic might as well be mission complete for them. You can`t see God if your in a panic.  True?  think about this, why is anybody panicking, what do they hope to find in there Material world they are seeking to own. There is three quotes of Christ pertaining to just this my friends.

M't:16:26: For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
M'r:8:36: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Lu:9:25: For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?

Many people in movies and music industry has sold out to Satan, one example is Bob Dylan interview comes right out and says he did.


       Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil

The shear fact that these people are getting what they want from doing such a thing proves that  Quotes of Christ are true and absolute. they`er getting what they want not what they need. I urge you all to consider these Trues in front of you, just maybe this is the moment of decision that confronts You, and may never be the same or as easy in this way again My friends for those that are still on the  fence.   Everyone says "well we all got to go sometimes right?" and now a lot of people are freaking out when all these propaganda folks are screaming end of the world and doom etc.  I thought You knew that before? LOL :-)  I don`t mean to be mean really , I`m just trying to shake up your soul cause I love you all and trying to pull you out of the Matrix of lies. Just like the movie.

                           Just offering the truth........

So here we are again on Tuesday after that tremendous stock shake up, or crash or total global failure yesterday which reminds me why I never did much reporting on the fake stock market which is subject to just a whim, nothing concrete. It might be a good chance to show how fake it actually is.
 For three days all stocks have been in the minus cat. Not a little but like betwee  2.4 - 5 ,6,7,8 % in the red, then today Miraculously ever single stock is like 5.0 in the black , stocks have gone from minus 600 to positive 500 over night , come on that`s 1100 point gain coming from dying economies. look below for today's  numbers as a joke. were did BAC get all this money to turn it plus 10%? in fact everyone as you can see got rich over night, were did all this major improvement come from in 12 hours in every sector my friends.
Now you can see the 100% manipulation and lies they want us to believe. that could have been a freak out test for us, so they can  gauge their chaos Factor in policing.  Nothing but Slime.

CompanyPriceChange% Change
BAC Bank of America Corp16.10+0.81+5.30%
AAPL Apple Inc108.87+5.75+5.58%
FB Facebook Inc86.66+4.57+5.57%
MSFT Microsoft Corp43.03+1.35+3.23%
T AT&T Inc32.71+0.34+1.05%
GE General Electric Co24.36+0.49+2.05%
NFLX Netflix Inc105.88+9.00+9.29%
INTC Intel Corp26.91+0.66+2.50%
F Ford Motor Co13.60+0.41+3.07%
MU Micron Technology Inc14.81+0.37+2.56%

take for instance Best Buy , one day change of +16.00%  :-)) LOMA
I`m wondering how much crap the people needed to buy to make that happen?  over night? Oh ya, stocks do work that why, ya they just make up what they want.  

look at face book +12.18% for year  +11.00% in last 12 hours God I really believe that. lol

BATS BZX Real-Time Price
As of 12:09pm ET
 +5.47 / +6.66%
Today’s Change
TODAY|||52-Week Range

It goes on and on folks we are living in a Matrix of Manipulation and lies so they can do what they said they were going to "Master the Human domain" and apparently they did for all that believe this garbage, and I pray I am referring to know one here. my friends.
this is more in your face proof of there lies and illusions.
I do understand how alone it feels to stand firm with such knowledge at your finger tips now.  But from a solitary man point of view ,even the Mortal knowledge you now know is  tremendously powerful in this world, and Christ is with you also because you now hold the truth within you. welcome to the club my friends it may also have another name with further seeking and that is "His Elect"  
A very important Note I can tell you all now is that One; This is not the End, but the Beginning of things , the contest as our Lord refers to it, just like filling out a Job application for the Lords Kingdom :-))
Second note; Is that Fulfillment of all these fake prophesies they want you to think need also to be done before Christ return to Gather His People that Love Him and have followed what he brought to this earth 2000 years ago is not the case. For He will gather us when we are at the required number that was scribe in time, which the Bible states 144,000 but be not concerned with numbers my friends, like the stock market they may lie, but when You become full in the Father you will know and all else will not matter.   Amen indeed.  God be with you all. :-)

                           Neil Diamond - Solitary Man 

Monday, August 24, 2015

New brief.........

New Brief  8/24/2015 

To try and keep in time with whats being created out there. I felt it needful to send an update. what we should be watching out there right now is the Stocks of the world along with our own so one knows that this is an all inclusive event unfolding. I use this link below which will give you global market coverage.

If you checked right now you find them all into the red zone by mostly 3 digits for most and this is the third to forth day of this falling. dow lost 888 points in 2 days.  Now the reason why this is all occurring is because China the 2nd largest economy devalued their currancy by way of 30 + %.  which I remember the economist stating that an initial dollar collapse could see 30% drop instantly.
So many are saying around the globe that China knew they could crash the word and this is an act of war .  so within 1-2 day right after they did that they got a huge explosion the took out 6 square blocks of waterfront commerce property. 

The Tianjin Explosion Caused by Pentagon Space Weapons According to Natural News! Are we at war?

Then a second blast 

SECOND BLAST IN CHINA: Reports Suggest Second Chemical Plant Explosion in Shandong China

Now all all this folks is way more than a coincidence , because after that there was a explosion in Japan at an american military base.

       World War 3 : Muliple Explosions rocks a U.S.   Army  Depot in Sagamihara Japan (Aug 23, 2015)

so with this behind the curtains war going on keeping it majorly from the public, but we have the in our face stocks decline which they can`t hide only manipulate because sadly there is just not enough money to bail out the world. now on other issue there has been heating up on the Korean Peninsula with artilary exchange not just rifles. plus N Korean  50 unit sub fleet was seen out to God knows where.

If I get much more You will know. Till then .............keep God close


Tears For Fears - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - ORIGINAL VIDEO

Friday, August 21, 2015

next in step against the slime

  This really is light duty compared to what we see they want to do along with Earthly changes. also. I used this picture because allot of what today is about Patterns after the over all structure of this mortal Satanic regime. Note the SS in Germany got there structure from the Jesuits.
Well My good friends, Here we are now, after we have expressed most all of the major situations in the mortal world  to watch as each one may increase or maybe even decrease in severity to Our living condition, but most probably increase as things from what we knew changes. Even now the amount of Lies by the world leaders, businesses and Political systems steadily stack up to form an extremely confusing mess, which is the very thing they wished to create for us so we would never figure it out, but wants us to keep trying, while they scoop us up for the slavery of the Human Domain.
There is such a tremendous amount of so called truth-ers out there sometimes it is hard to tell the truth from propaganda. As you all should have realized by now that sometime the two have but a fine line separating them. Most of You have probably figured out the numerous ways they project there message, to the positive or negative which seems more are going to the later. the most secure way with a 90% outcome in finding the truth that they are telling us because they care for you/us/mankind is when they speak very frequently of Jesus Christ and his Father. A real true fact my friends is that more and more are selling out on Christ indeed.
  So with all the increased confusion and numbers remember that it all pertains to the physical world, and this is the very thing Our Lord wishes us to fast from from the desires of the world and virtually all connections of the mortal world which hold you down from the righteousness of God coming unto your soul.  Fasting for many is just a word which means ; to not eat certain or all foods for a given time. most all earthly religions have it in there traditions to do so in this way. what we are trying to achieve is a connection to the Father. And the problem with just using food would leave anything else remaining of the world to lust for and complete the desire the Body allays searches for. As the words say below "come out of Her"  Her being, Mystery Babylon, the beast system of the world  He tells us to leave the evil world so that we can enter heaven. This is the Highest and most extreme Fasting of all.  So when we come out of our bodies the earth has no hold upon our souls  which will be whisked away to the Kingdom.

Re:18:4: And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
A small example of fasting;  A 100  yard dash athlete finishes his sprint in good form and time but when he stops and crouches his knees and while gasping for life's breaths say to himself God wow. At that moment he had no other use of this world and needed to rejuvenate from where he came from with those precious breaths.  So from the scripture below that breath would be  a movement and a rest.

(50) Jesus said:If they ask you: What is the sign of your Father in you?, tell them: It is a movement and a rest.

So as this crazy world moves more and more out of righteous, by the choosing dark over light, because of its easy Mortal rewards, hold Fast to the light within you, the goodness You have of the Father in you through the teachings of Jesus Christ

(70) Jesus said: When you bring forth that in yourselves, 
that(Love) which you have will save you. If you do not 
have that(Love) in yourselves,  that(Love) which  you 
do  not  have in you will  kill you.

The Lord is talking about the true light of God in you

           41 Jesus said, "Whoever has something(Light) in   
            hand will be given more , and  whoever has  
            nothing(No light) will  be deprived   of  even the  little   
             they  have."

My friends I know these are Hard yet Glorious things to contemplate, its all how you perceive yourself. And this is exactly the way Christ wishes you to start your fantastic Journey to Him and His Father in the Kingdom of Light now.
Let me say that there are many so called preachers and sayers of seemingly righteous things out there which are nothing but the Locust coming from the Pit to torment you with things not of God.
Like they are telling their parishioners " when Christ returns there will be Peace on earth"  I have say don`t these very people in churches read their own Bibles
M't:10:34: Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I  came not to send peace, but a sword.
 Lu:12:51: Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I  tell you, Nay; but rather division:
Did not Jesus tell his disciples to go forth and tell of my gospel to the world and know that I am with you always. So Christ has been with us now for 2000 years, didn`t anyone listen to him. There has been many that has found His great glory of the Father here with us Now. As the lord bestowed that vision onto me in the fashion of bringing the word to you, and to say you don`t have to be special like the church of Lies tell you my friends, For Christ accepts all who seek him and they are called his saints. Amen indeed

 Don`t worry at this point about anyone else`s Journeys, They are all different and tailored to each seeking soul that wishes it.  I`m not going to beet around the bush/Obama  :-)) LOL  anymore time is getting short and much self contemplation is needed and to be found yet. For me too ;-)

Has any heard of the phrase were Jesus tells his disciples that the Father has made many houses in heaven for all that are true to heart?

Or that you will go unto your own inheritance from which you came?    So from this with wisdom one should see that "We choose to be here" Remember God never makes Us do anything because the game is free will for Him. The father Loves us and like any Father hopes the children find their way Home because they choose to on there own unabated choosing. 
Gospel of Thomas; Seek ye the Father without being coaxed

For some here, that find this foreign to their knowledge all you must remember to get set straight into a Good path which leads to Grace I must say to live by your word you say. If one does that and finds your words good you will know this near right away. For those that are lost to the Path but try to keep true to their own word even if its wrong Christ will come to you briefly to let you know exactly what the game you must do now is.  So either way you win, you need at least your own word if not Joining it as the same as the Fathers from your wisdom in that knowledge. 

Another False teaching they are pushing is this Left behind stuff and a pretrib rapture. what part of these scriptures is so confusing to understand?  People don`t read, they watch TV.... 
M't:13:30: Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

M't:13:38: The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

M't:13:40: As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

I assume the ones taken will be apart of the Blue beam project and the fake alien crap.   Be the one thats left please.You all have come to far to be fooled at this stag brothers and sisters.

Please remember this My friends; I tell you all these things in fairness of teaching to cover the hardest to the glory of Glories.

If it was not so life struggling Hard at times You would never attain the energy to break free from the dark side my Friends,Feel free to spread this word with courage as our lord succeeded in doing.

Here is a bit of contrast truth, Frank knew quite abit back then ayy?

some have never heard this song, even from my generation

enjoy ......

                         Frank Zappa ... I'm the Slime