Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the delicacy of Music that transcends......

If you search within, for a place to rest and possibly love and cannot, due to these upcoming, ongoing and expanding times we are in, may I offer this artist to you, that lets you do the painting while He supplies the background and he has many my friends. Peace with the Holy Spirit strong within your hearts...Tom

welcome again my friends, typing a whole bunch better now with a little rest and proper meds indeed after having a kidney removed. Alot has seem to have changed in the last three weeks ay? This video below I found to be very correct in explaining the situation we are in presently so to speak with taking in all the areas of the globe.   Even the summaries of things seem right on the mark. I real do commend such a fact finding mission as he has squired indeed. So please read below and enjoy the truth as ye find it laid out to see from a collective Mortal paradigm .                                                                                                                                                             

Crashing Matrix, Last Ditch Trans Everything Agenda

After reading and hearing the above video I`m wondering like myself if you find it very truthful and pretty much correct in all its presentation? This would make a good outline of notes to look at when one wished to seek more answers to areas yet not found out to his or her liking as you are using this means of spreading a good reason to believe in Gods word of real truth rather then mortal lies of illusion and manipulation ayy?. 
It might be even more important the closer you look or even the farther away one looks, I guess what I`m saying is don`t get lost in the details of any particular subject when you initially have found what you needed to start placing the basic true facts to form the Picture you wish to present. Their is even a bigger warning here that warns of following people which have no destiny in what they say only a subsequent Fate. Like their will be videos that intend to do specific things that are not good at all. Like Propaganda to make the masses feel overwhelmed, tired , what the use, your only Human, the power the Government has over You, and also Hate with selfishness , this leads to riots and wars. they would much rather have us kill ourselves so they won`t have too and save money on bullets.  lets not forget Agenda 21  :-)  

I would like to say that this truth searching has taken on new pitfalls, for those not keeping watch as Jesus taught us to and through the Holy Spirits guidance and wisdom indeed. the Dark has infiltrated it and continues to manipulate it to its end of confusion , overwhelming nature of it. until they achieve souls saying "well I`m tired of all this let Fate take its course."  remember Fate? one of the bad three in, three against two. which the mystery of forgiveness  of sins separates upon our asking.
Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
Jesus also referes to it as the deep sleep Beware firends.
For those interested in understanding the Mstery of forgiveness of sins in its Intirity, go to the Gospel of Pistis Sophia.

before I get into the Righteous aspect of our journey here I found again one of the most collective lists of events and happenings which are predicted and some are factual going to be during sept-Oct 2015. My own list was much shorter. I am bring here to you the most comprehensive list available today with only 30 days away. So you all read and decide as always good People.



I also follow Bloomberg financial to get the surface state of affairs which would readily affect us Folks, and It has been pretty bad out there by their indicators and I`m sure they have been manipulated ayy? by non the less people will starve. Below is a realistic tally of all that economic stuff and why in some casses.  Enjoy these times freedom riders... :-))

         Economic Collapse Nigh? Death Cross Achieved

I would also like to say that in the past weeks all around this crazy Jade Helm thing they have been making situations of chaos all over the place in the regards of jade helm although you probably would not get the to admit that. Our own troops i think on the majority didn`t even know either in order to keep them together like sheep also. they are a fr**kin crafty bunch ayy?

Hay My friends check this Out...................a real Moby dick

Glad to still be with yall...Amen    Keep on Rocking in the free world

       Neil Young: Keep on Rocking in the free world

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