Monday, August 17, 2015

A possible unexpected truth and game changer

Hay there my friends, with my last video I was trying to wrap up mostly all the summaries of things in the mortal world that has been lied about and manipulated throughout the centuries, indeed.
But there is one other thing that I have been heavily involved in also that covers one of the two aspects of this subject,The first part is Rx generation of electrical power which is real because  I've   been there If you wish to chech the names of the crew of the USS Nautilus I`m on it   PO 6 Machinist mate nuclear Service number  D123796.. that is before the SS use.
Now weapons of mass destruction associated around Radio-logical 
Use Not so much any more. these two parts are completely  different .  So below I place a good selection over a wide rang of studies, places and authors and You may decide on your own people, good luck.

                       Nukes Don't Exist!


                       NUKES ARE A HOAX 2

           The Jesuits Fake Nukes on Hiroshima (Japan)

The Nuclear Bomb Hoax - TV Fakery and PSYOP     

well hello again people, quite a number of things to think about ayy?  I was talking with my Cuz and thought about the moon landing and the Van Allen Radiation belt and NASA saying they had just discovered on how to block the effects of the Radiation going threw that area with their new Satellite and its sensitive  instruments.
Also that proving by them that the moon landing for that reason, could have never been done without  total casualties. So like the  Alleged moon landing which was done ounce and fell from interested eyes quickly from doing anything else, so have we also the  Nuclear explosions in Japan. Where Vegetation and things were growing two years later and that would have been impossible for at least 300 or so years. This was also displayed to the world but ounce, and then only used for monetary and political purposes. They even stated we never intend to use it again but for only a deterrent. Thus safe guarding their lie. Their are many more lengthy and deeper in depth studies you could search through people if you care too help you satisfy your perception on this issue indeed.
But what I would really like to discuss is the game changer that this  imply`s. automatically puts world affairs into a whole new Light and the uncovering of lies. Basically all countries if not more that has anything to do with nuclear weapons are involved in the same club of deception to be played on mankind. For alot of reasons. think about it North Korea never had a Nuke and we play have been playing that game for centuries. Also Israel and Iran both have been playing a acting game for the world that of course be  appeasing the Illuminati. Alot to think about about in a positive light now, they don`t have as much as they say they have at all.
again the father of Lies. 
Stay the course folks and stay at peace with the Spirit you have know,  In Jesus Christ,..... Thomas  :-))

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