Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Solitary man.......

Hay People. I say, out of all this stock market information something has been really bugging me as it has been unfolding here. Not saying that this is pretty bad for global economy and that we may not feel its effects, but do they want us to think that China made a grave miscalculation in their devaluing process to the point of themselves committing suicide more than the rest of the worlds economies? That`s kind of Ludicrous don`t you think. and did the Us space bomb them just to put on a good show so that we wouldn`t figure all this crap out.
well folks I will try to summarize this and say by US politics destroying import duty taxes and regulations through NAFTA by Clinton so the US could openly flood the country with super affordable produces(Walmart) while we spend money borrowed from China in huge sums in order to secure that economic connection when the house falls, everything falls.  Now just a few years before all this devaluation China was the leading spender in building up its military to a great size to match the US and insure a good show for Armageddon along with Russia.  Because it new they would not have the chance after the devaluation order by the Illuminati. Also they needed to start ww3 to take the economic blame off Obama who had the leading hand in this Globally, and they won`t need elections either.  This is all culminating now and will continue to set the stage for the popes visit in North america in sept. I think the next 30 days are going to be some pretty turbulent times indeed. then comes the signing of the one world everything crap :-)) at the UN on sept 24.  
Everyone can see at this point they are looking to start ww3 at any cost to cover up lies, by way of, Ukraine or N Korea or Syria with its USA ISIS  mercenaries or China now.
there are millions may be billions around the globe panicking now from this stupid Economic video game. No one has seen any dollars or gold or nothing but projected numbers on a PC screen. Man I guess Blue beam will be real convincing then huh?  I imagine some of this is accurate but not all I assure you, and getting Gods children in a Panic might as well be mission complete for them. You can`t see God if your in a panic.  True?  think about this, why is anybody panicking, what do they hope to find in there Material world they are seeking to own. There is three quotes of Christ pertaining to just this my friends.

M't:16:26: For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
M'r:8:36: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Lu:9:25: For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?

Many people in movies and music industry has sold out to Satan, one example is Bob Dylan interview comes right out and says he did.


       Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil

The shear fact that these people are getting what they want from doing such a thing proves that  Quotes of Christ are true and absolute. they`er getting what they want not what they need. I urge you all to consider these Trues in front of you, just maybe this is the moment of decision that confronts You, and may never be the same or as easy in this way again My friends for those that are still on the  fence.   Everyone says "well we all got to go sometimes right?" and now a lot of people are freaking out when all these propaganda folks are screaming end of the world and doom etc.  I thought You knew that before? LOL :-)  I don`t mean to be mean really , I`m just trying to shake up your soul cause I love you all and trying to pull you out of the Matrix of lies. Just like the movie.

                           Just offering the truth........

So here we are again on Tuesday after that tremendous stock shake up, or crash or total global failure yesterday which reminds me why I never did much reporting on the fake stock market which is subject to just a whim, nothing concrete. It might be a good chance to show how fake it actually is.
 For three days all stocks have been in the minus cat. Not a little but like betwee  2.4 - 5 ,6,7,8 % in the red, then today Miraculously ever single stock is like 5.0 in the black , stocks have gone from minus 600 to positive 500 over night , come on that`s 1100 point gain coming from dying economies. look below for today's  numbers as a joke. were did BAC get all this money to turn it plus 10%? in fact everyone as you can see got rich over night, were did all this major improvement come from in 12 hours in every sector my friends.
Now you can see the 100% manipulation and lies they want us to believe. that could have been a freak out test for us, so they can  gauge their chaos Factor in policing.  Nothing but Slime.

CompanyPriceChange% Change
BAC Bank of America Corp16.10+0.81+5.30%
AAPL Apple Inc108.87+5.75+5.58%
FB Facebook Inc86.66+4.57+5.57%
MSFT Microsoft Corp43.03+1.35+3.23%
T AT&T Inc32.71+0.34+1.05%
GE General Electric Co24.36+0.49+2.05%
NFLX Netflix Inc105.88+9.00+9.29%
INTC Intel Corp26.91+0.66+2.50%
F Ford Motor Co13.60+0.41+3.07%
MU Micron Technology Inc14.81+0.37+2.56%

take for instance Best Buy , one day change of +16.00%  :-)) LOMA
I`m wondering how much crap the people needed to buy to make that happen?  over night? Oh ya, stocks do work that why, ya they just make up what they want.  

look at face book +12.18% for year  +11.00% in last 12 hours God I really believe that. lol

BATS BZX Real-Time Price
As of 12:09pm ET
 +5.47 / +6.66%
Today’s Change
TODAY|||52-Week Range

It goes on and on folks we are living in a Matrix of Manipulation and lies so they can do what they said they were going to "Master the Human domain" and apparently they did for all that believe this garbage, and I pray I am referring to know one here. my friends.
this is more in your face proof of there lies and illusions.
I do understand how alone it feels to stand firm with such knowledge at your finger tips now.  But from a solitary man point of view ,even the Mortal knowledge you now know is  tremendously powerful in this world, and Christ is with you also because you now hold the truth within you. welcome to the club my friends it may also have another name with further seeking and that is "His Elect"  
A very important Note I can tell you all now is that One; This is not the End, but the Beginning of things , the contest as our Lord refers to it, just like filling out a Job application for the Lords Kingdom :-))
Second note; Is that Fulfillment of all these fake prophesies they want you to think need also to be done before Christ return to Gather His People that Love Him and have followed what he brought to this earth 2000 years ago is not the case. For He will gather us when we are at the required number that was scribe in time, which the Bible states 144,000 but be not concerned with numbers my friends, like the stock market they may lie, but when You become full in the Father you will know and all else will not matter.   Amen indeed.  God be with you all. :-)

                           Neil Diamond - Solitary Man 

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