Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Urgent News Time sensitive


BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation... Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing

This news came quick and checks out according to varies venues. Please Folks even if you are a little curious in this, at least read the article along with the Video. The USA has always started evey War due to control of dollar in the world (every War)

A warning shot from the United States: Don't crash the dollar or sell our debt

I feel strongly that we are witnessing the first Salvo`s in The next conflicts People and even this could have been planned this way thinking that we only 37 days to this so call abyss of man. So read , listen get knowledged up, then sit back and have a beer, we will see huh? 

The Tianjin Explosion Caused by Pentagon Space Weapons According to Natural News! Are we at war?

World War 3 : Apocalyptic Explosion in Tianjin China / Global Markets in Crisis (Aug 16, 2015)

RAW: Post-apocalyptic scenes in core blast area at Tianjin, China

Tianjin aerial: New blasts, deadly sodium cyanide confirmed in the area

This area is way......... bigger than just a whoops, this looked planned indeed.

In politics, 
nothing happens by accident.

If it 
happens, you can bet it was planned

that way.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Have an enlightened Day my friends.....God bless  Thomas

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