Saturday, August 29, 2015

A closer eye on the ball

This is a three month sector performance chat
You can see by all the values below that every sector to the Us is at major declines for months now , So, the Big positive numbers that are coming out of us markets now you can see very well that the market DOES NOT reflect anything to do with the actual health economics of this country that the people are working in. Stock markets are lieing to the public again conquering the Human domain  

Sector Performance - 3 month performance

0%Consumer Non-Durables-1.53%Retail Trade-1.81%Health Services-2.06%Consumer Durables-2.16%Technology Services-3.35%Finance-4.55%Commercial Services-4.76%Communications-5.16%Utilities-6.3%Transportation-11.01%Electronic Technology-16.44%Energy Minerals

These figures above rang from - 1.53  to -16,44

Now you can see that the stock market is lies and manipulated to impress a certain feeling onto the public when in truth its is so far from it.   The actual program detailing this is called MK Ultra... A devise brain washing program . although a lite one still very effective as billions across the Globe have believed for a long time.

the actual connection it does have is that when co start losing people to buy there stock to run the co. it would then fold. the investment is pretty moved by 95% speculation 5% co work productivity.

Now the way I have seen all the markets bounce back leads me to believe this was only a test and a cover for something else we are not suppose to be looking at. The test was to see if the Populous  would  panic and how much, and they covered up the process of collecting all guns. which they fear most. which something is telling me if they don`t achieve 100% collection they can`t Win, in the USA anyway  :-)).

UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step



Here is some latest on Fukashima and the Fallout from it. The amount of fish, seals, whales and birds dieing from this is beyond belief indeed. They are also saying from an engineering  standpoint  that the radiation  release now is far greater then it was 3.5 years ago. Lovely huh?

Note; 25 days till pope comes to UN and the end of that 500 days talked about by the French  FM. That climate chaos is the Climate of the Globes Human domain  control Total.

Latest from Fukashima

Hello My friends in Christ, I pray I have been helping you make  (and that's if you yourselves choose) The transition from being super connected to earthly wants and lusts over to your more learned side of your spiritual reality with the true Father. I state it as the learned side because even for me talking with the lord all the time He does not show me any more if I don`t ask Him too.
don`t get me wrong He floods me things all the time, like all the truth in this blog and more But what I`m talking about are things Christ has just mentioned in His Gnostic text ounce, or You can even ask Him about one of your past cycles you have been through here on earth, if You feel you have been present here before. For myself I have had many, but only recall bits and pieces through our Lord of One existence being in the days of the Renaissance period with Castles and the like. Being an Artist I drew a lot of Knights and castles etc. and always wondered why the desire for these thoughts and places. Christ makes everything clearer always folks. So really ounce we pass from this Contest of sorts to a much greater existence in the House of Righteousness or maybe a whole lot easier than here anyway.  Believe me its just as hard for me except I have something that helps me because I visit there a lot, and just like the mortal world ounce you do it , its a whole lot easier :-))  indeed.  To be very honest with you instead of taking a break from all the time in the mortal world to live with God awhile, its getting real close to Not even taking a break from God to remain in the mortal for the Love of my children and family, and also writing My blog to all of you who have interest I hope in all this folks. The lord says its important work indeed, as Important as People of Biblical times spreading his good message everywhere.
He wants me to let you know everyone has an open ticket for salvation, all you have to do is use, and learn the way to do that. then you all will become Major Duds  LOL  .... like the song :-))
till next time, shine on

             Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You

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