Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/28/2014 its getting better

welcome my friends, I know, I am trying to give the best information to you without being unusually boring or redundant so thank you for your participation and patience .below are the latest on Fukashima. 


Below is the Most totally conclusive report I have read to date on the Fukashima incident.

New Mexico  Carlsbad situation is getting worse

              This is a quote I found 8 years ago and never forgot it

With the politicians connectiveness to Masons , Jesuits, and the Vatican which are some of the constituents of the New World Order, one could safely say with wisdom that it would be most every major thing in the world.

This next video will be the longest and most inspiring to the truth you will ever read and see. Just remember these are not ordinary people but National Presents and society`s important people because of Money. This is the doorway to the rabbit hole.

               Thirty Quotes: Conspiracy Facts, Not Theories.

Welcome to freedom my friends this is what happens when you eat the red pill, this from the matrix movie,watch

You must understand all movie theaters are own by the Elites and much symbolism is in almost every movie. In this one clip it tells me they have made this indicating the red and blue. The colors represent the two orders of Freemasonry , blue being lowest and basic and then you have The Scottish rite Freemasons  Red were their members are told in the 17 degree initiation ceremony to put down the cross and raise the Pentagram. also the two colors also signify the ownership of the Rothschild Family. Take a look at some food products to see the two colors

Notice Obama`s campaign slogan sign is just the Pepsi upside down

Look at how many labels have the Red and Blue

this is just 25 flags out of over 100 that have just red and blue, some countries have them mixed in to other colors.for example:
Have they been controlling the world? You better bet you Betty Crocker Biscuits.
Here is some more proof of things here. 

There is a little bit in me that wants to say I`m sorry for this, but sorry for what, bringing you out of the Vale that covers all mankind with its evil. There is much to ponder indeed my Blessed friends. There is a good reason You were brought here to know these things.

M't:24:24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Ok this ends the Rabbit hole phase folks Be good tell the next Journey. God Bless

Now the news;

-Crimea could explode  into war that is. Its getting pretty hot over there. Pray for the innocent folks they don`t know they are pawns.

the music corner

a long report 2 songs today

                 The Beatles- It's Getting Better All The Time

Be safe people, no fear with God  .................Thomas

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/20/2014 way more news

Howdy Good people, I hope everyone is keeping their eye on God through all these Times.
well now what we got brewing is a few sites to watch 
1. Fukashima
2. New Mexico facility
3. Handford Reactor 

Below I have placed a couple of videos to catch you all up on the Handford site in West Virginia, which is considered the hottest Radiological site in the country.

                 Whistleblower Fired after warning of Danger at Hanford

           New Evidence Leak At Nuclear Waste Storage Site Worse Than Previously thought 

Now below are all the latest reports on the WIPP site in New Mexico. Its really something to see what the real reason that site was operating for, not just a big storage facility, reasd the last report about the US Russian Nuclear deal, very enlightening



catastrophic-nuclear-event-prompts-new-mexico-evacuation-fears/ the real story


Here is something new I just found out

       75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinki


The Violence in the Ukraine now is important as the worlds 2 huge controlling sides (EU-US vs asia region) and this one little country it seems by a number of authorities in Geo-political structuring is saying this could be a  WW3 trigger. it sure doesn`t sem like a lazy afternoon ayyy? :-))

     February 19 2014 Breaking News President Viktor Yanukovich Pro 

News In Two Minutes Ukraine Erupts In Violence Bee Deaths Yellowstone Gasses CME

Solar and weather news

        S0 News February 20, 2014: Solar Storms, Severe Weather

The music cornor

                      Jesus is Just Alright - Doobie Brothers

God bless all, no fear..................Tom

Monday, February 17, 2014

Special report 2-17-14

Hi Folks I pray God finds you well. another escalation of crisis here with the new mexico site. I put the three reports below just showing that the major media did or is making an effort to report this. Its kinda right in our backyard and hard to hide anyway huh? but I`ll give credit where due.


This one is new on the scene, with a very serious situation being created. They have produced Fuel for all our nuc bombs (inc Japans favorites) for  decades collecting waste all that time. 
Hay is it me or does it seem that all these Radio-logical situations are popping up at the same time hmm? hanford

Cleanup operations at the Western hemisphere's most contaminated nuclear site  dated: March 21, 2011

radioactive-leak-tank-hanford-nuclear   feb 18, 2013

                         Hanford Wash. #Radiation Tanks Leaking 


This one I found and put here because it was so ridiculous I had to laugh. 

‘Historical Weirdness’: Expert says US gov’t has failed public by not testing Pacific for radiation — A ‘very obvious’ need since Fukushima is leaking into ocean — They told me “it’s salty” and that’s not our thing ......

God what a world.... :-))


The news  for weather and Sun

S0 News February 17, 2014: Weather, Spaceweather, Quake Rev

From the music cornor


The Firm - Radioactive (1985)

be safe, enjoy...............................Tom

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2/16/2014 all kind of news

Greeting folks I pray you all are finding peace in your lives during these times, Truly.
A new report came to my attention today with this article below.
indicating a release of a substance called Hydrozine into the Bay of Fundy in Canada. Although non-nuclear there is a trend I noticed that is happening of Things screwing up on a nuclear protocal 
Take the next article for instance, I reported this same site with a fire on Feb. 6, 2014
according to  this article it was a simple fire and was distinguished.  NO PROBLEM? I sensed this was going to surface again, and yes sir it did, sooner than I thought.
There is apparently  a very High level of radiation release at this same facility 
alarm-unusually-high-radiation-levels-found-at US nuclear-site
Coincidence ? I don`t think so, right in the report they are saying they don`t even know what levels there own alarms alarm at. As an ex-radiation worker I don`t buy that for a second. Its like who installs alarms for the sake of nothing. sounds like some more Healthy Government intelligence, NOT :-) Start watching all Nuc sights around the Globe now. Yaa cool, something more to do then watch one sight huh? LOL sorry. researchers Domesday Humor. 
Heres more on Fuk. below

govt-report-plutonium -releases-from-fukushima-a-top-concern-




Today's weather and solar news

Speeking of the Sun........Oldie but goodie

Have a safe one people.. God bless

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/11/2014 more rabbit + stuff ;

Good day Folks Much blessing in Christ to you all, are you all beginning to get desensitized to your everyday world of Lies by our Governments, businesses and ones that lust for this world more than their own moral values.  I Hope so and this is what Jesus meant when he said to "come out of her my people" in other words anything that damages your soul and prevents the Spirit coming forth, leave behind.  Let me explain "to leave behind" an ex; Your child gets angry and swears at you. Now you don`t leave your child behind, you leave his dark words behind and try to replace them with light or words with strength and love. Words the emanate your true feelings that would plant a seed to grow on. But Most of you all knew that already. 
I got to tell you folks, yes this stuff gets to me sometimes too  especially like researching Mind control of the Illuminati, or the truth involving Hitler and the Vatican.  I take a break and listen to music, or play video games but mostly the words of Jesus Christ which always restores my inner sanctum with Him. Remember you can not give which you do not have. 
Here is a song that keeps me there; hope you like it

                                            Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You
Latest on Sun and things.......:-)

S0 News February 11, 2014: Storms, Sun, C(lie)mate #4

I figure you might like to here the Radiation report for a change here;


something different

                         Telling People Corny Jokes

We will end this Smiling I hope Folks
God Bless

Saturday, February 8, 2014

2/8/2014 Latest news, with a little Rabbit hole :-)

Hay good people, sorry about the 4 day spread , I like to hold it at 3 at lot some new additions to my postings. I will try to give you more rounding news. 
Here is a daily sight I watch, this guy is good with the info.

          S0 News February 8, 2014: STARWATER Article

New news;



Rabbit hole;  here are some video`s you may find enlightening that are self explanatory .

            FBI Chief Says Chemtrails Are Death Dumps

       ~Chemtrails~I Was The Doctor Treating The Pilots~Dr. Deagle~


  Womens lib:     It answers how not working women got so much money to fund this movement coast to coast...

   Aaron Russo - Feminism Was Created by the Illuminati to Destroy

                Titanic "illuminati" Jekyll Island Conspiracy!

2 Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]" 

This information, very few in comparison to the world population or even the US will ever learn the truth of these things. I`ll be honest I knew of these things way back 2006 but no one would even listen
until recently more and more as we move through these coming times and present the Spirit has opened many ears and eyes to see these things. Many people have asked me including my earthly brother Peter as to how come I know all this. "I asked" sometimes 
God gives you the answer right away, sometimes takes years. there are so many people that havn`t  the patience or the time. 

I hope this report today has made a difference Like Capt. Kurk said at the end of a movie to Capt Picard  "Did we make a difference?"
Be well Folks no fearThomas