Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/11/2014 more rabbit + stuff ;

Good day Folks Much blessing in Christ to you all, are you all beginning to get desensitized to your everyday world of Lies by our Governments, businesses and ones that lust for this world more than their own moral values.  I Hope so and this is what Jesus meant when he said to "come out of her my people" in other words anything that damages your soul and prevents the Spirit coming forth, leave behind.  Let me explain "to leave behind" an ex; Your child gets angry and swears at you. Now you don`t leave your child behind, you leave his dark words behind and try to replace them with light or words with strength and love. Words the emanate your true feelings that would plant a seed to grow on. But Most of you all knew that already. 
I got to tell you folks, yes this stuff gets to me sometimes too  especially like researching Mind control of the Illuminati, or the truth involving Hitler and the Vatican.  I take a break and listen to music, or play video games but mostly the words of Jesus Christ which always restores my inner sanctum with Him. Remember you can not give which you do not have. 
Here is a song that keeps me there; hope you like it

                                            Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You
Latest on Sun and things.......:-)

S0 News February 11, 2014: Storms, Sun, C(lie)mate #4

I figure you might like to here the Radiation report for a change here;


something different

                         Telling People Corny Jokes

We will end this Smiling I hope Folks
God Bless

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