Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/28/2014 its getting better

welcome my friends, I know, I am trying to give the best information to you without being unusually boring or redundant so thank you for your participation and patience .below are the latest on Fukashima. 


Below is the Most totally conclusive report I have read to date on the Fukashima incident.

New Mexico  Carlsbad situation is getting worse

              This is a quote I found 8 years ago and never forgot it

With the politicians connectiveness to Masons , Jesuits, and the Vatican which are some of the constituents of the New World Order, one could safely say with wisdom that it would be most every major thing in the world.

This next video will be the longest and most inspiring to the truth you will ever read and see. Just remember these are not ordinary people but National Presents and society`s important people because of Money. This is the doorway to the rabbit hole.

               Thirty Quotes: Conspiracy Facts, Not Theories.

Welcome to freedom my friends this is what happens when you eat the red pill, this from the matrix movie,watch

You must understand all movie theaters are own by the Elites and much symbolism is in almost every movie. In this one clip it tells me they have made this indicating the red and blue. The colors represent the two orders of Freemasonry , blue being lowest and basic and then you have The Scottish rite Freemasons  Red were their members are told in the 17 degree initiation ceremony to put down the cross and raise the Pentagram. also the two colors also signify the ownership of the Rothschild Family. Take a look at some food products to see the two colors

Notice Obama`s campaign slogan sign is just the Pepsi upside down

Look at how many labels have the Red and Blue

this is just 25 flags out of over 100 that have just red and blue, some countries have them mixed in to other colors.for example:
Have they been controlling the world? You better bet you Betty Crocker Biscuits.
Here is some more proof of things here. 

There is a little bit in me that wants to say I`m sorry for this, but sorry for what, bringing you out of the Vale that covers all mankind with its evil. There is much to ponder indeed my Blessed friends. There is a good reason You were brought here to know these things.

M't:24:24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Ok this ends the Rabbit hole phase folks Be good tell the next Journey. God Bless

Now the news;

-Crimea could explode  into war that is. Its getting pretty hot over there. Pray for the innocent folks they don`t know they are pawns.

the music corner

a long report 2 songs today

                 The Beatles- It's Getting Better All The Time

Be safe people, no fear with God  .................Thomas
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