Monday, August 24, 2015

New brief.........

New Brief  8/24/2015 

To try and keep in time with whats being created out there. I felt it needful to send an update. what we should be watching out there right now is the Stocks of the world along with our own so one knows that this is an all inclusive event unfolding. I use this link below which will give you global market coverage.

If you checked right now you find them all into the red zone by mostly 3 digits for most and this is the third to forth day of this falling. dow lost 888 points in 2 days.  Now the reason why this is all occurring is because China the 2nd largest economy devalued their currancy by way of 30 + %.  which I remember the economist stating that an initial dollar collapse could see 30% drop instantly.
So many are saying around the globe that China knew they could crash the word and this is an act of war .  so within 1-2 day right after they did that they got a huge explosion the took out 6 square blocks of waterfront commerce property. 

The Tianjin Explosion Caused by Pentagon Space Weapons According to Natural News! Are we at war?

Then a second blast 

SECOND BLAST IN CHINA: Reports Suggest Second Chemical Plant Explosion in Shandong China

Now all all this folks is way more than a coincidence , because after that there was a explosion in Japan at an american military base.

       World War 3 : Muliple Explosions rocks a U.S.   Army  Depot in Sagamihara Japan (Aug 23, 2015)

so with this behind the curtains war going on keeping it majorly from the public, but we have the in our face stocks decline which they can`t hide only manipulate because sadly there is just not enough money to bail out the world. now on other issue there has been heating up on the Korean Peninsula with artilary exchange not just rifles. plus N Korean  50 unit sub fleet was seen out to God knows where.

If I get much more You will know. Till then .............keep God close


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