Friday, September 5, 2014

In a follow up of the last post I sent You all were there was a report by Brian Adams of NBC news that Russian Aircraft repeatedly Bomb with cluster bombs into Ukrainian territory, I figured I would absolutely see at least 3 or 4  associated articles talking about it. But to my surprise not one article. Least again I trust Brian Adams at his word huh? 
There is another video here that describes an entire division of the Russian Army March on the Border of Ukraine, But this Video is in Russian or another close Celtic language, No proof it is where it says it is, plus its by "Press TV News" with  absolutely  no  acknowledgements for credibility with also another video please watch below. But keep in Mind These are Russian Invaders.... :-)) Its a good laugh anyway, they almost blue their foot,,LOLOL

Ukraine War • An Entire Russian Army Battalion was seen near Krasnodon, Luhansk

Ukraine War - Russian invaders firing mortars in Luhansk oblast 01.09.14





Here is something that is pretty interesting  "The third temple" and the rebuilding of it. In the clip below it sure seems like they performed the desires of their Hearts with this structure in Brazil.  Its pretty awesome looking. But may I say this Cockamamie idea of having to build a temple before Christ returns is from far reaching assumptions concerning the meanings of Old testament writings in a self fulfilling fashion. Nothing is ever said outright or even implied of doing that. In the NT Jesus Christ only words concerning any structure of worship is this:
M't:24:1: And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
They assumed Jesus would be glad of what was made for the worship of God.  But instead.......
M't:24:2: And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
Christ was not in favor of this temple.............Any temple.
M'r:14:58: We heard him say, I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.  In fact He despised any temple built with hands ie: A material building for  the worship of the Father, but only that temple built with the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men. So therefore The need to erect a physical third temple of Solomon is nothing but a Zionist belief in ritual Sacrifice, and another self fulfilling prophesy. 
Here is a little Story; A pour man with not much money at all, wearing cloths a bit dirty and his hair at lengths that is uncustomary in certain circles but had a lot of faith in God and Jesus Christ, So one day He decides although his status he would go down to the church at the end of town for Saturday worship. After the service the pastor notice the gentleman standing there ,in the back with dirty tattered cloths and his hair in array. He approached Him and said My friend it is pleasing you wish to partake in our service but if one worships God here they must present themselves in a more pleasing fashion as the others here do , do you understand what I am saying here? The man nodded and left quietly.
the next week came around and the pastor notice the same man coming in with the same cloths and look about him, and immediately went and ask him why he came here again in the same fashion? So the man told the pastor " this morning ask ask God when I rose as to what I must do to worship you in this church at the edge of town. And God said " I have never been there"
Those who seek the material wealth of things or vanity in themselves are destined for ruin indeed.  How can You see the true soul of another while worshiping a stone building ,statue or items of Gold, or flaunting oneself.

Solomon's Temple Completed!! Temple of the Coming Antichrist? Christian Video Channel

Even the temple in the book of Revelations with all that Gold and sapphires and such. Do you honestly think Christ would have all that crap around him when even here on earth it was considered be Vain and self Righteous? If there are souls that don`t see Christ for what he truly is and accept Him without all that brick-a-brack, then they will be far from him indeed.

Good people when we leave these mortal bodies we take on our Spiritual ones in all their fullness, for what would we need anything of the mortal realm their after. We will be advancing in his Logos not digressing.
In truth the material world without the Spirit is the High point of Satan`s creation from the powers he had stolen from Sophia, from there its down to tarterus.. ;-o  :-) but everyone has free will, even if they do not know any better to worship what they wish. God is like the Ocean, Christ is the teacher and the guide in that Ocean.

Here`s a little tidbit of information that I know allot of folks thinks it is so cool...... that again doesn`t know the true nature of it.

    From the Satanic Bible

                                SIGNS OF SATAN

Yes a little Heavy but there you have it folks that`s the truth in this messed up world of unloving souls.  Hay what about when people 
ask others why do you love me? what they are looking for most of the time is of the material mortal world, think about it;
I love you cause your beautiful..... other than soul that`s vanity
I love you cause your smart.....Material mind folks what happens if you get old and forget? I know I`m getting pretty critical here, but things are starting to get pretty critical.
Really anything other than unconditional love is of the dark powers.
The next time some ask you that, say why not! or is there a reason I shouldn`t be. By telling you allot of this Good People I`m trying to help you raise yourself as High in God, through Jesus Christ as possible by your own choice.  God Bless truly

 another neat Volcano look...... 

Aerial Iceland volcano footage: Lava fountains, huge smoke cloud

                          Joe Biden says I am a zionist

Here is a truth I found tonight folks, its so inclusive that they wouldn`t include the video in the group selected, so here is the link. like  wooooo

https:Zionist Propagandist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Zionist Propagandist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

America : Joe Biden vows The United States will follow ISIS "to the Gates of Hell" (Sept 03, 2014)  

really don`t believe he is using that as a cleesha .


Why is it that the media is all over this Ebola thing but not a word on Fukashima when both cases are equally on the path of Human extinction to be blunt?  why? because Fukashima is Big business and Government from start to finish, the public has no immediate power to change the situation there. Now Ebola they can blame the spread on any humans any where not doing enough or not adhering to the rules and also the crises can literally shape our very lives to the degree of Martial law if they so choose. Controling Zionist, same old story. :-))

                            Tears for Fears - Shout (live)

keep it strong in the light folks.......... Tom :-) 

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