Sunday, August 31, 2014

Heads up people....... Here we go?

These came over the net right after posting my last one Folks, How Ironic it is on my last post I thought I was joking when I said;
" so I would say we have a few hours yet huh :-))."  I  had no idea it would be so close.
Jesus said to his Disciples " For those things You think of ,will come."  
I  am getting the feeling and by every indication from the continuous 
Gnous with the spirit threw all this on top of the mortal indicators together that Yes we are now about to get into it.

Please Hold your Faith close indeed for Christ  will never drop you when things get hairy, and remember Gods power reigns Supreme.

,Check these out.... only hours old.... time now 11;37 8/31/14

        Ukraine War • Tanks with Russian flag near Donetsk

World War 3 : Russian Aircraft enter Ukraine's Airspace as High Level Talks end (Apr 26, 2014)

         Russian warplanes attack Ukraine military 10;20 pm


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