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 I really didn`t know what the appropriate picture should be, for the article below which very truthful but very sad indeed. so I guess this would be it.  I wanted to devote some time because It became very apparent today after lessening to a few articles from my many sources that was covering this area in some depth, to be taken  very seriously indeed. The California Drought has been going on Now for about 3 years, with an ongoing depletion of Snow pack on the whole Mountain Rang that feeds lower cities and industry. This snow pack now is almost virtually Gone, The level of Aquifers has almost disappeared from all the pumping for the irrigation of crops due to lack of rain and snow pack run off.

Aquifers are not refillable once they are gone. Some are Small and others are Huge. The ones were Cal is are almost gone. And the other closest is thousand miles away, and also the ones closest are being used up also like Les Vegas in the desert.
So now with the water crises in California, It produces nearly all of the tree fruits and Vegetables and nuts for the Country and exporting. The housing market is crashing and soon the house will be worth "0" so evacuation will be rough indeed for many, approximately 28- 38 Million people.. to go were? the videos will explain more. Economy will be even further hampered by the housing markets max almost 100% foreclosure rating. You ask why Now? Well the drought doubled from 7/22/14  till 7/29/14 in CA region. 3 years ago CA was fine none at all, But who wasn`t fine was Texas, remember Farmers having to sell their herds due to grain costs from area drought.
I did some research; after looking at all the drought maps from 2000 on I realize a very orchestrated effort to concentrate the drought in Large areas and then move it. From Jan 2011- Now drought started in Texas to destroy the Beef and their Farmers businesses then they went North to the plains states for all the grain Production and possible another dust Bowl crisis.ending later 2013 then off to California to complete the Tri-angle and this Drought Map Holds the record for an area in Criticality. The weather modification that produced this is explained below in Eco system collapse and beyond.


Stunning Before and After Photos of California's Mega Drought!

        Extreme Drought may lead to Mass CA Migration Exit

Latest very intellectual scientific Analysis, its worth the listen time 

California Drought: Ecosystem Collapse & Beyond


                        Water costs skyrocket 1,000%  8/4/14


This is a very Important Article Folks   a Radiation Global update

High Probability Of An Event In August While Congress Is On Vacation - Episode 432

 Please folks watch this Latest report on You Tube.... they stop me from loading it.      

Here is the latest on the progression of ISIS in the Middle East


                         IRAQ and SYRIA FALLING TO ISIS

I had no Idea of the words Said in this song  and this came out  over 40 years ago People. I think Marvin knew more than people thought

               Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (Lyrics)

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