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Below I have attach an article I did on Radiation as it would pertain to the average person to understand, and also the importance of Potassium Iodide to be taken prior to the onset of the radiation  itself in the area, and to be taken until /if the levels return to normal.
if this is not done you will see exactly what you see happening to these 104 children due to complacency and cover up and lies.

Please tell everyone about Potassium Iodide my friends and educate them in this. As time goes on everyone well need this or be in a fortified Bunker with years of provisions and sheltering that`s adequate.

       ALERT NEWS FLASH Pentagon Agency Admits It Has Begun                           Stockpiling Potassium Iodide Fukushima

               What you need to know about potassium iodide

This were to buy it Folks.... Now its your turn

Latest at fuckashima- newbees brace yourself

 Big or small each of us must take the necessary steps to complete our journey whatever journey we choose.

As human beings we come into this world as anthrapos(animal) with super clean souls, with no marks from the world nor teachings of Heaven yet, on both accounts. Filled with the Holy Spirit and in need of everything. Basically the child`s needs are from the earth in the form of food and also Love if it makes itself available from the Parents and Souls around it. The food and things the mother gives the child is beginning to attach the Child to the world until it receives enough and it reaches out to the spirit side in  various ways which is a needed thing so it may grow and start to learn and absorb knowledge from anywhere it can receive it. This is were outside influence denotes the way a child is growing.  
I have mentioned this before in previous articles which are the Cycles of the soul or for some, the word reincarnation is used. Now here is what Christ states for his disciples, He says all living things have souls but of different types (therefor Humans cannot come back but only to another Human form). Christ states that each soul is prescribed a certain number of Cycles to attain the Mysteries of God within it, after which the soul does not need to go around again and has fulfilled its reason for being. Also in Pistis Sophia it states the reasons why people are born blind, cripple, dumb, Paralyzed etc; all these things are understandable as you acquire the truth in Christ words(Mysteries). Jesus States that those that know and perform the Mysteries of the Father will be able to discern all scriptures and their roots they are from.   I do wish you folks would write in as I may be able to help you  in a  
more  personable way with this knowledge if I can.
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There has been allot of articles relating to the goings on of the Yellowstone Volcano activity. The Government is Dismissing everything as ordinary signs which is usually the first clue to take notice,  Because unless Humans see something out of the ordinary and even then need some additional reassurances as to not wasting their time, they would go else wear and you would not hear mention of it. No what is fact is that is that the Government has closed off the Park they say which is due to the roads surface being so melted they wish not to have folks drive on it. OH.... why the Heck is the road melting Einstein ?
They say its normal.  ya I`m 61 and never herd of it. 
Another fact is the live Cameras have been anything but operational but short duration's, and even those one camera has been found to be in a loop statis, like the  christmas log burning on TV!  Also the two Russian Bombers caught 50 miles of the coast were following up on their satellite findings and  taking Magnetic readings as close as possible to the Yellowstone area. Now to complicate things all the more, Solar activity directly effects the the plate tectonics of Earth and causes Quakes as well as volcanoes if you all have been following "Suspicious Observers" you tube presentations on these reports. 
Now again with all the indicators in a natural way,  being in place as it looks like a very possible eruption coming very  soon. I heard a few authors talking about this which I quote said Very very soon, to emphasize it or pass a message to any right person listening like it was in the making, Man Making which brings the third and final scenario into view which is Man, and His illustrious HAARP  System which I think I covered more then ounce but what the heck I love this stuff ....
 lol :-)
Here`s  is a basic understanding..............


The Military's Mystery Machine - Haarp Weather Modification Technology in Alaska and other countries

So you see Yellowstone could be primed and ready for action from a small outside source/trigger like HAARP. But their are some other cautions in the US like the New Madrid fault which runs from Louisiana up to the Great lakes which might be triggered at the same time. But the Yellowstone thing is getting serious and escalating all by itself right.

            Yellowstone Evacuations--Eruptions In Weeks!?

https:/The Hidden Agenda Behind Global Warming Deception
That report plays into the rest.
If their are any readers out there that have not got the feeling that something is desperately wrong in the world, or rather a culmination of  events playing out and to regather to a point of one ie; of a Biblical Nature, then My friend You have not opened your Eyes, mind and heart to all that`s going on without fixating on any one thing to long. This finding the truth is like making a puzzle, you look close at the piece to see if and were it might fit into the big picture. But when you do place it you move on to the next till you start to see that which you are seeking. rest when you can , move when you must Because this puzzle has been cut up  a bit and always remember the Spirit will guide you always. And like the question many ask why now is everything happening so bad in the world
Radiation, wars, Famine, sink holes, Bio- diversity in food, reproduction, Religious persecution, collapsing economies, Murder and death on a rampaged scale.
M't:24:10: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
M't:24:21: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
This is why it so Big and everything is scaled to the Maximum.
The question Jesus Christ has for us is "can you comprehend  all the evil truths of the world and of others even those that you know which include yourselves, and Forgive them of all their trespasses/Sins and stand with the Love of God in your souls for your shield and some, with Staff. If so Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord.  Forget the phrase we all come short of his glory. unless that`s your choice.
M't:5:48: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

             Brown Dwarf Water, Sun-Triggered Earthquakes

    He had a good soul indeed..........................:-))  see ya

                      John Denver - Country Roads (1995)

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