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news time 8/24/14O

News time again......
I was going to do more of a well, philosophical and deep thinking type of article but the speed that this NWO and all its amenities is moving forward I figured a little update is needed about now.
As for fukashima still pouring out harmful radiation onto the globe with reports getting ever more dire with health reports from all over
as you see below.

/newspaper-strontium-90-from-fukushima-detected-along-west-coast-of-n-america-months-ago-plutonium-might-be-in-the-plume-scientist-no-sign-releases-from-plant-are-going-to-stop-there  8/28/14

pro-nuclear-newspaper-seriousness-current-situation-fukushima-be-understated-report-unmitigated-radiation-pouring-pacific-video-dont-stop-radioactive-leaks-never-stop  8/23/14
As a rad worker This information was hid from me also, we were not allowed in reactor during refueling, though I was a machinist and primarily was associated with the Mechanics , not so much the electrical or Reactor operations.
/scientist-massive-spikes-radioactivity-being-hidden-public-radiation-doses-around-reactors-increase-exponentially-major-worry-very-very-important-video    8/23/14

This is the most compelling truthful, complete up to date summary of the Fukashima situation yet.

"if it’s not money that lies beneath these multi-faceted attempts at obscuring information about Fukushima, it’s the fear of mass hysteria."

report-one-bad-fukushima-be-gaining-traction-worst-case-nuclear-pollution-history-physician-global-contamination-wide-swaths-biosphere-video  7/21/14

/tokyo-press-conference-officials-committing-crimes-against-humanity-fukushima-children-living-war-zone-evacuate-childhood-cancer-developing-faster-chernobyl-rate-14-times-higher-parent-im-reveal  8/20/14



Usa/ Canada

guardian-children-navy-sailors-suffering-after-fukushima-exposure-couldnt-move-body-pain-doctor-leukemia-other-kids-diagnosed-thyroid-cancer-video  8/20/14

                   PROOF! FERGUSON WAS PLANNED.

Earthquakes, CME, Storms | S0 News August 24, 2014

         Magnetic Storm, Fire, STARWATER | S0 News August 28, 2014

       Shocking Before and After Photos of California Mega Drought!

ISIS expands: 6k new recruits, scores of captured jets, armored vehicles

US backed ISIS, "Terror" Fatigue - Benefit for Greater Israel?

Isis is really making kind of a ridiculous  history of accomplishments in a way that I can hardly imagine that the largest military in the world can not stop these few individuals by comparison to the German army of ww2 and all the rest since then were we are expanded greatly with all these Trillions put in to war .  This is truly a continuation of the alquieda False flag to start the next world war Which will coincide with the crash of all the monetary systems. Frankly I don`t think they can pull this off in its entirety, but fall short or way short of accomplishment. The Monetary reset is way more definite then the total war thing, I could be wrong, because They are trying their utmost to make it happen. Now to help in many ways for this stuff to be allot  less effective is by us doing the workings in God threw Jesus Christ as strongly as we can.   Remember that the Mortal realm is the shadow of the Celestial Realm so by us literally bring down Heaven in short and to the point,will greatly interfere with the darksides goings on. May I explain the exact way it does this in its true form my friends.
When Christ was crucified on the cross He then ascended in to Hades and Tartarous for 3 days, now under the Fathers orders He sped up the sphere of influence surrounding the ability for the Dark ones to Manifest their spells over ones that were open to or willing ones to receive them.
making it harder to perform and administer them , also giving a greater chance to The children of  God which are sincere (Elect) to wait and endure in this Realm of the midst. All this is in Parable ;
M't:24:22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
Again reminding you all the reason Our Lord stated for those that do not see and do not understand only given them in Parables. Which another explanation of scripture comes to mind:
M't:6:3: But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:  Back then they might burn you as a witch.  ;-)) jk

One of my Favorites..................tell next moment    :-))

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