Thursday, January 9, 2014

Radiation 1/9/14......1/10/14 More added 10:09 pm Buying Rad meters

Latest on Radiation hitting Cal. The reason the levels are higher just off the beach and not the water when this was taken is the radiation in water is like a swirling effect from the source being Japan, But the collective Radiation stays where it has been deposited, and these colective levels will only increase from here as time goes on. watch this folks its very truthful                                                      
Sorry about that vedio, they! prevented from showing

A must see my friends , California is presently  at 352 cpm (counts per minute)Normal is 25 cpm, Alert is 90 com, cancer starts at 200 cpm, You can figure the rest People.


I can`t express this enough good people that everyone should should be considering to start taking the Potassium Iodide they have, California should have started months ago. Have not got any yet? Below are 2 sites which are the cheapest around,
and yes this is urgent. see PI prevents your thyroid gland from absorbing Radioactive Iodine which is in the air stream now and is the chiefest radiation from this accident in Japan. Your thyroid absorbs Iodine radioactive or not, lovely huh? Your thyroid controls virtually everything in your body. Its like the cpm . I also left a link to a video taking about the Government buying up 14 million doses of it also.


PI  purchasing

Hay folks, Guess what a major Media finally reports on Fukashima disaster although they down play that radiation has reached the west coast. Its ABC I`m inpressed    :-))

see you later...... Tom
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