Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/2014 First big plume

Hay Folks Much blessings, no Fear
Things seem to be ramping up with reports the first big wave of Radiation is coming into California. people in Cal. should really be considering moving away from the coast line or my reasoning the biggest (hot spots or elevated radiation levels) Cause I do know that there will no place on the Globe the will be left untouched by this except well Under ground, and other places that will take work to achieve but possible. So Today folks with the information a few has been reading in my previous posts, for those with a little wisdom will exactly what and whys in the thing coming. For those reading that wonder why they should hear me. I dealt 8 years working Directly with Nuclear Power in many departments. Served on USS Nautilus submarine, and worked in Nuclear test organization at Groton Submarine industry (Electric boat Div.)  I personaly received 5.37 Rem of rad. exposure but over the course of four years so I kept within the weekly limits of 200mrem/ wk so I am fine. OK enough of me, lets start.
The most imortant thing we must all remember is the 3 rule with Radiation  TIME, DISTANCE and SHIELDING changing even one of these, will effect your overall exposure  If you are in  30mrem/hr area in 10 hours you will be 100mr over the limit for even a rad worker. If your outside, go indoors i
t will probably decrease the level 10 times = 3mr/hr
remember before i said even paper will block Alpha particles and a wall will also block Beta rad. If you level in the house is still up, try tapping all doors and windows, this is increasing the shielding better between you and the source outside . If level is still up you need a concrete  bunker like a fallout shelter or further distance away from the source.
ok lets say your house is good to stay in and you can spend all but 10 minutes a day outside for your limit
That will mean you should have alot of gear stocked away water purification and NO boiling only gets alpha`s not Beta radiation. the web site below explains better.


Any veggies need to be washed thoroughly and checked. Your probably getting the strong feeling of needing to buy a detector. You can find this sites at my 1/9/2014 report.
One should get some supplies as to not have to leave to go outside. this is going to be allot of work 
I know, but you needed to have proper knowledge and understanding to do this peaceful like, so that you hold it together you know. Can you feel for the millions that will never see it coming, literally and figuratively Rain is going to be   actually trying to clean the air of dust and dirt which is all Radioactive, so rain is greater amounts. 
 ok that enough for now my friends, here now the news;

Japan news








Pretty heavy stuff huh?
God bless folks.... no Fear

Brother Thomas...... I`m not a monk, LOL, just your brother in Christ

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