Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fukashima continued + 1/8/2014

Have you ever herd about the Frog and the pot of boiling water. Toss him in and He jumps directly out, but turn up the heat slowly and the frog never sees it coming.
Well guess what we are the frogs and fukashima is the fire, radiation is the heat that we cannot see and is being turn up and up with no end in sight except our own, with proper knowlged. This video below talks about the radiation  hitting California Beaches, really a must see My friends


See you again soon....... no fear, have peace

+ 1/8/2014


But the officials are saying:

NPR and California Department of Public Health appear on document with nuclear-related U.S. entities ‘working together’ with Tepco to ‘disseminate’ Fukushima-related information — CDHP Yesterday: West Coast will get NO radioactive contamination from Fukushima (PHOTO)


Thats it for today folks, but your probably saying that plenty "-)

No fear  Tom
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