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1/17/2014 + Radiation knowledge of

Good day folks , I`m glad to see souls seek the truth of these times. Times are getting progressively worse but finding and telling the real truth progressively better :-) kinda of a trade off I guess, but the only one in town. First here are the new articles;

Allot don`t understand about what radiation actually is so I will give you the basics. 3 Basic types of Radiation Alpha,Beta and Gamma. A and B are particles, they have mass, Gamma is a photon or High energy light ray.

Alpha particle or(radiation) is the heaviest and travels only only short distance from its source like  
5 cm and the outer epidermis layer of the skin or a sheet of paper will stop them and are the least dangerous on the OUTSIDE of the body But; always a but :-) The MOST dangerous on the inside this is because there short span of travel with High energy do to there size they rip atoms apart.

Beta particle is only one electron that has been severed from it source and has a longer distance because of being lighter or has a greater range of penetration than the alpha.Again their greatest danger is when ingested.

Gamma rays or radiation is electromagnetic rays that are Higher in energy than x-rays by far and what makes them more dangerous is that they can penetrate large thicknesses of material at far greater distances from the source
That pretty  well sums up what kind of radiation there is and what exactly each is capable of.In expanding my explination of these and more you might want to visit the link below. Thank you;_ylu=X3oDMTBzdTNjcXU5BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTAEY29sbwNhYzIEdnRpZAM-/SIG=12im5je8s/EXP=1390018249/**http%3a//

Now I will put what you have learned above into the world we are seeing now. The winds that are coming across the pacific that carry the radiation talked about is from dust and airborne dirt that has been irradiated to form trillions of little sources which are emitting  the alpha and beta Radiation . The level of that radiation depends how long the dirt was exposed to the plum coming out of the reactor. Now this dust and dirt deposits itself along its journey from whence started until there's no more left and the air is left clean if possible. The dust falls on everything not just beaches. Water then goes to bottom of pacific,Fish chain  Little to big,  food being grown, water reservoirs, grass that cattle eat.
You can imagine for yourself as concentrations of radiation start to climb, what its going to effect.
Now gamma radiation, don`t even worry about it that's not an issue here, only for radiation workers. Below also I leave a link to understand Basic Background Radiation.

Background is what you watch even on  a clear plum day, and I put a link below for you all.

I almost forgot to tell you the first lesson in Limiting you exposure to Radiation;
Limit your time in exposed area
Increase your distance from the source 
Increase your shielding from the source
any one at least if not more will save you

God speed folks, don`t forget to tell others


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