Sunday, December 22, 2013

Were are we going

Were are we going?  If you don`t know were your going , that`s  alright really, if it truly is an honest answer. Many will ask me, going tomorrow or in my life? I would have to answer yes, because one would have to know where your going just for tomorrow which is the first step toward the rest. but lets take a step back and ask, do you now were you are? Thats an even more complex question actually.
one would say; physically? emotionaly? economically?or Spiritually?
an probably many more attributes. If you are pondering these things right now, thats a good thing, for has been said "I think therefore I am" 
ok we now exist  lol. Thats a good starting point. ok one more step back, or is it maybe ahead. Do you know who you are? I`m not talking geneology here, although that is intereting on the mortal level of understanding, but rather the inner self, the one you relax with at the end of the day to find peace with. without that peace the journey to where your going will be mighty rough my friends. 
Here  is a true fact , The journey one takes inwardly is far greater then the outer reaches of space to find every answer one needs.
Its kinda funny, the more we step back the Larger and more intence  it got. 
well these things I have lived and questioned too, sought and found and still seeking.
A greatman sums it up and said " For the inner-most inner is far greater than the outmost outer" These are words of Jesus Christ which stated 2000 years ago and still pertenant today in every way.

I understand the religious issue turns some off, so don`t let it bother you if you were understanding all the article beforehand and getting something from it , dats cool.
off to a good start ....I`ll post more in a couple

peace people no fear..............;-)
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