Friday, December 20, 2013

Fukashima Truth with add on 12/28/13

Peace with you all,
This is a Report on something I don`t take joy in divulging, But researched every Major news sights which were, CNN,NBC, ABC,CBS, FOX, BBC and tried to find one credible article on whats going on at Fukashima Japan recently( Like in the last month) and the closest I got was 3 articles on who to blame that were 2 years old. Why has there been a block on all news with this when in actuality it is quite serious my friends?. Presently This disaster is a level 7(Highest). I know allot about what the experts are saying, only because I also worked in the radiation industry for a number of years, being Navy and electric boat shipyard construction. dept of nuclear testing.I do know why they are not saying anything also. Please watch video

That`s pretty astonishing ayy?   This information is very accurate as too there intentions and other things as you heard to accomplish really found out the truth about Fukashima`s disaster. Now its in relatively an automatic situation because no one is fixing the problem, and it getting much worse, real fast. We already have radiation at unacceptable levels in Tuna-fish caught of Cal. coast.As the video below says 15 out 15 fish tested positive.please watch......

heres another good source.

The stories coming out of all this are immense, accept on major stations :-) now you can see why. Now I am presently in Connecticut and the snow that just fell is reading hot (as in radiation) so whats all the talk about even them saying years to get here, people its here now. rains in the ground grows grass for cows, vegetables and crops, water reservoirs.The other fact about radiation is that the older you are the better because there are less cells dividing compared to infants and young children. Now I`m telling you all this right now because you can guard yourselves and love ones against Iodine 131 isotope witch the primary killer. It attaches to your thyroid gland, in fact your thyroid soaks up iodine of any kind. There is a thyroid blocker for this in pill form call Potassium Iodide. Taken daily and should be prior to exposure for as long as the radiation  persist. Boy there`s going to be a run on this stuff ayy  I putting some web sites below were you can purchase some and other stuff also.

Faith in God would be a Great thing now also My friends
Keep the joy of life strong fear
God speeed    Thomas

really starting to get fun and games now huh?  ;-) good thoughts  no fear   thomas............

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