Thursday, December 17, 2015

I applaud all of You.....

    For concentration and Thinking peacefully if you choose to.......

Blessed greetings to you all , brothers and sisters across the globe that come to this site and caress the Faith and acceptance of Christ within each of you.  I ask the Lord for the wisdom each time I right in this blog, because I do realize now how many souls out there seek the real truth of themselves and this existence along with myself.  As the  grateful dead said  " what a strange strange trip its been"  and indeed it has, for myself and everyone of your many different perspectives of life that we have, Yes, and it makes the great painting, as the multiple colors of our souls come together to form that tapestry we call life.  gota be a song in there some where huh? LOL. When I write , I do so for the Glory of Him and to help all souls achieve this same quest as I have seen before and even now at the age I am. I still feel I am at Woodstock  1  :-). The knowledge I bring forth here crosses all boundaries of ethnic and nationality with no  prejudices, because all this is Mortal makings of men, although I tell of mortal news events at times , everything stems from the celestial Knowing and the power of God. So this covers the souls of all men, yes even the evil ones, and I do know why Christ says He came for the sinners not the righteous. Yes the plans for those who do Sins of all kinds he has shown me also along with the the Gospel of Pistis Sophia. You also can read it, but put on Christ prior.  Trust me You will be moved in many degrees.

Consider yourself laying down at the edge of a vast ravine holding on to your true life, symbolized as a rope holding on with a load pulling you in. This load is sin and people in your life that do not believe whether it is from lack of knowledge, people hear it but don`t realy take it to heart. some that may even choose the dark ways (those are way heavier and average people would let them go).
Now if the word allowed one person to bring his soul to the truth, he would instantly recieve a place along side of you with his own rope (cross) being realized now, but he would be taking 1/2 the weight off of You which would make life a bit lighter , wow only one person half the load. Now if that`s not a win win scenario I would think huh?. That load released is to the Glory of God, the ineffable father of Entirety. 

Believe me my friends I am no better than you. I have to get up each morning and put on Christ each day and shake off the  doldrums  indeed. 
 So continuing , I do commend all who read this and have not turned away, I can truthfully tell you God is pleased indeed . Also I am pleased to see the number of readers on my last article which  transcended many nations my friends. I am not a  rating numbers fan at all, as many do, for Prides sake. But  my faith in men is truly lightened, into how many are interested in the things said here, which is not easy reading sometime either, I know.
  I read a gospel where Jesus told his disciples that for a man now to save one soul from iniquity in all his life, it is far more then the multiples of souls before (meaning old testament) who did not even save his own soul. For this is is the Glory you have been delivered .
Which also stands for us now People. But whole heartedly I thank you for your interest in the words I bring you.

I myself am retired now but have many things to occupy my time bringing about forward progression. The one thing many folks can`t see in themselves during the days are achievements they have made which gives us all the perception of purpose, rather than just existing, or as they say "Just killing time" which is exactly what they are doing for or rather against themselves. We all know the phrase "Use it or lose it"   lets think about a Candle inside a glass jar thats lit , now someone puts the cover on the Jar, how long do you think it will stay lit? not very long without additional oxygen.
This is indeed the same thing that happens to the light within your soul when nothing is added from many ways, truth, Love, caring and plain talking.  Jimi Hendrix had a phrase in which refered to folks being "Up in their word" meaning to be inlightened.  Now there is another fading that can take place also that most folks don`t think about or even know and that`s the inspiration of the Spirit within you, The one that feeds the soul when asked , or seeking the truth, God the light etc;. Christ tell us in scripture that if a man almost never draws on the His spirit to fulfill his life moments, do not expect it to be there in full strength or for some not at all when called on, if times get critical.  Use it or lose it indeed.
People I know this is real heavy truths but truths just the same. The disciples ask Christ " Lord why do you tell us of all the Glory that we will receive in heaven in all the joys, then tell us this dark type truths "?
Christ tells them that He did it for a reason that not only it is the truth, but it was to teach them to hold on to the Joy of God and things One wish to keep precious unto your own self and guard against anything bothering that Joy, even some truths which are not joyous but take them as information only. 
M't:24:43: But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

In summary it says here , If you know when sin or darkness was going to attack your soul you would have watch and prevented it.

Does anyone else feel like the whole world is racing ? Like people are racing to find peace, when in fact they have to stop to find peace.  See Jesus tells us the The Father is in complete silence, and this exactly were you can find him in earnest (showing depth and sincerity of feeling). But remember He is within us also when sought and found, then we may manifest this to our Daley actions also with a lot of practice. 
These are a few things that I have found within the realms of the Love of God in Man, You all may find alot more , never stop seeking my friends, it will always do you well.

Your Brother well
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