Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Transition....

Hello Folks and good day.To you that are reading this here with me , we are still alive and kicking. There is alot it seems going on in the world now to all those who really don`t know the truth behind all this stuff huh? well and even those that do too.  Because more and more folks are giving up on believing and all that and giving up, and less are Holding the Holy Spirit of God here on Earth, with themselves so the darkness seems stronger to the folks that have been well , just going along for the ride so to speak. :-)
I didn`t really come to talk about all about that in this article, because that is the Celestial transition (Spiritual) on earth,which is one I myself feels daily. Thats the one in the lords prayer that say "On earth as it is in Heaven"    He also answers his disciples, when asked of the coming kingdom, and Christ replies " you ask me of the coming kingdom,but it is all ready here and you do not see it." 
This is something to keep in your thoughts as we move forward in our lives now. 
This time I wanted to discuss the transition we are presently going through by their Mortal manipulations. This could be of mortal mind as well as physical actions and material  First, Everyone is acting and talking like we still have rites in the USA under this Gov. No we don`t at all actually, but see, they don`t want us all freaked out about it at ounce, because the mindless a short memory span and most are gear to things the Government tells them and makes things manageable for them.  So that's why they still talk about elections and have debates and everything the way it was as they change things one by one, to the new Government system. 
I will cover the changes in a moment, but first, I will give you a short history how this came about without our never voting or hearing about anything.
Bill Clinton..... You remember old y2k and Monica's Blue dress, sure you do. But do you remember the addendum Billy signed at the UN agreeing to hand over the workings of our Government in case a tragedy here that would upset the worlds economic systems.
Of course not alone with 188 other countries agree to the same.
I don`t wonder why now he is crashing the dollar....
HW Bush.......Do you remember the TV oratory where he states that its is a time now for a real New World Order ? maybe so this was more true then people thought, going on in Buenos Aries was a meeting of all the heads of state again drafting up the Sustainable development Agenda   to be carried out in a couple short years.

George W......He comes on like, someone give him to much to drink and he fell over and hit his head,again, and again daily lol  sorry by that`s what they wanted us to believe , a President that was not taken to seriously at all, like playing jet fighter pilot  wooooo  lol like a childlike action you almost feel sorry for, but during his Presidency he put into operation with the signing of agenda 21 by the 188 nations and on TV stated that the Constitution was just a piece of paper at that very moment.  No one took him seriously they thought he was having another beer moment. We now now He wasn`t.

Obama.....The Ratification of, and the signing again of this agenda was stickily a formality, and you might say The NWO come out of the closet for good.

So you see My friends This information actually was not hidden that much, although to follow this Government Back stabbing affair to the American people it did take a bit of responsible research on everyone's part in their own country`s daily business. So we have made it to the ongoing transition to the NWO that`s pretty much a done deal. " For who will be able to stand against the beast'? as it states in scripture. Now for the people of the world watching all these wars going and coming, it is more like a put-on foot ball game for each cheer for their own side , right? and thats if we are not involved directly as we are at the moment.
But I assure you from all my intuition tells me things are going to get way real, and we all will start feeling more like Players, and that`s not a good night at the Club  YY  :-))
As this dreadful transition moves on, forward would not be my choice of words here, Things will change on every issue  
below I have put a few videos together to give more proof to that just incase anyone out hasn`t realized it yet. 

                         CHINA UNVEILS DEATHBOTS

                         A series of 'attack robots' designed to fight terrorism have been unveiled in China at this week's 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing

                                Army of Russian rebots




Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast

You tube would not allow reproduction of this Video title people, so just type it in yourself please, real good report of all the latest.   also the link below is good.


So what I am trying to summarize here that has basically just started, is the Transition of our earthly lives being run by a dark energy in the ones in power, globally. The result in this transition or ending scenario is what you all have heard for years. Some phrases are "Slave state, complete desolation etc. but the most truthful one I think is the Heaven(upper atmosphere) and Earth will pass away....... but not to forget," Christ words will never pass away".
Now as we watch this mortal change happening in the world , we should be making our own change happen in our souls. This does not occur over night my friends, that kind of strength of Spirit must be practice many times indeed. By riding a bike ounce, do you think you could now go out and win the decathlon? Therefore Your focus moves slowly from the wants of this world to the love of the spirituality within you of the Father through the Christ within. 
Christ has Stated  " I am closer to you than your skin" Thats pretty close huh? :-).  The Gospel of Thomas;

30 Jesus said, "Where there are three deities, they are 
divine. Where there are two or one, I am with that one"

what Christ means here is that when things get real bad for you ,He is always with you, He went to Hades itself what does He fear.
While many others rebuke you when you tell them and say things about Happenings in the world like never before. They will say "ohh this has happened many times"Most will say this, not because they are of the Illuminati or mason per se, but the one of the darkside s bigger weapons which is "Fear".  Fear of what is happening, Fear to be able to make such a transition, fear even to do the things Jesus tells me I can! do.
People any time there is fear of anything it limits us to that fear, and can go no further. Christ tells us there is nothing that man cannot know and can go and do, to the degree of knowledge one has and the faith and belief to perform it.  This is called for some "continual expansion" the highest position of Consciousness one can achieve. I`m not going cabal-la on you really. I have just picked up this definition as to what I was seeking in my days and Happen to talk with a soul that explained 14 levels of consciousness that she went by, while working in a Help group within a city she lived. Level one of the list was suicide , which was understandable makeup.  Most people are within 6-9. So you see level 14 must be worked to even achieve for a moment as one goes back to that level known to him, or acquired.
The transition is always moving in the centuries ,years, days and in every moments while we live with. Thus the Living, Word.  One who truly finds the living word in complete silence has come to know one self and is blessed.
.Seek to maintain soul Blessedness....... Love, in all that seek  :-))

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