Monday, November 16, 2015

A possible theory of truth

Greetings my friends, and  Granted Everyone has heard about the shootings in Paris and I`m feeling sad on the lose of life in such a way as happened. I guess they didn't shoot this country up enough to bring about any Mandate on Guns in the USA but wait a minute, we are under the SDA sustain dev, agenda now so this has or should be mandated threw the UN as far as a global mandate which I think is one thing they are trying to do.
OK let me start off with asking everyone why do they wish the collection of Guns in the USA anyway, which that the Militias of this Nation Literally formed this country and won  independence  from the oppression of the British Empire. Militias were formed from everyday citizens to protect where we live from Foreign and domestic right?  So in theory why wouldn't a constitutional hired Governing body not wish the very best arms in the hands of our own militias to win such a conflict? well common sense would have it that maybe they fear that they are the domestic threat that it would be talking about, and fear for their lives. One would think this huh? But you must remember they covered this fact by building one of the most elaborate underground systems ever built globally if anyone did not know.

Above is clearly seen with an US air force insignia, one of the many tunnel digging units.



 So they are going to be the last people worried about us having Guns on the outside of these tunnels.  All this is for real now and Things seem to be really moving along in setting up a world government on the outside. But there is one more thing that must be set in place, which is getting the population reduced to 500 Million like it says on the georgia guide stones. 
Lets think this out, the german Holocaust was between 6 and 11 million people in the course of 4 years, so at that rate depleting  7.5 billion would take 682 years, even at 4 times faster would still be 170 years  so its pretty well an impossible feat in itself to achieve. They can`t Poison the air, food and water cause it would also kill the 500 million that are going to be working for them, right? So its going to be a well thought out plan . They can deplete the food and water, but electricity will be needed for that part of the blue beam project to send demons through our electrical devices (Poltergeist ?)  as it states in the document, where they will emanate from CERN and the beasts WWW system to every household.  Now we are still bying Guns, a lot of Guns even though the president says we need Gun control, and at this point through UN mandate from the signing of the SDA he could stop all sales but he isn`t, Why?
Between all the skirmishes, poverty, wars breaking out, discontented population from even their local issues, Refugees going everywhere in the world that Puts the world on edge even if they accept them or not, then put alot of guns in the hands of a country where its people are already pissed about something while the even the alternative sites are prepping every one for anything but Forgiveness ayy?  Then take away Food, water and possible rolling blackouts to really piss em off  LOL.   Have any of you watched " The Purge"  ?  In brief Americans made a Holiday where for 12 hours they can let out their anger and any other frustration out on anyone they want, including Murder and not be charge within the alarms 12 hour time frame. Pretty sic huh?  will there is #1 and #2 made of this.  Not to be a domer by no means but, Its the only way you drop 7.5 billion off the earth in a shortest time line. Set up for every one to do it them selves. That is what they have been setting this planet up for, self annihilation . The biggest evil scheme anyone has ever thought of my friends. 
Well its true that this is a much labored Theory of mine, and this is the best way I see it friends. Please email me if you have any thoughts of your own, ya I`ll even take I`m crazy, won`t be the first time. 

My Gods Graces be by our side continuously ...... brother Tom

Heres an oldie for all those woodstockers out there...................

                 Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe (Live At Monterey)

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