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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, December 2015, Paris, France

Welcome to the makings of the actual New world Order my friends. We Knew it was coming cause we been talking about it for God knows how long ayy? Well after all the initial introductions like the False profit in washington and all the beasts puppets signing on to the grand design at the UN away we go Huh? Notice above their using the sustainable word again which clues one in to the agenda signed. This will be the first one under the NWO rule. The very first was in Febuary 1979 to my surprise also. Essentially these are the meetings of the Global slum lords.  Fun fun... :-)) 
Below is their video presentation which my I add says nothing about any citizens or regular folks talking there. Listen below;

Nik Gowing presenting the Sustainable Innovation Forum at UNFCCC COP21

Coool huh?  This what I call a veiled Truth, which is a combination of two perceptions. One; they are taking about actual climate, planet, resources etc. which is the veil. The other Climate is the political climate control , or they like to saying mastering of.
So definitely keep that in mind while you listen to our leaders now talking out both sides of the mouth. They really think by doing this they feel that it will make themselves blameless.
Also again may I say to watch what you hear on the alternative and even everything else is being manipulated and using it to instill fear, confusion in a big degree, lies and sinful acts etc; It seems that the Next news Network (N3)  is the big manipulator and said it was the spokeman news station for the NWO and WW3.  


Now here folks is a very intricate agenda that is unfolding right now. I first wish to show you this video on the CDC my friends which will be very surprising to most.

                                 CDC Whistleblower

That is a truly heart breaking report of the people in our own country over many years ayy? This also applies to flu shots of today also friends.
Now here is the twist, as you watch the video below, which is a good video indeed and rather truth all around, but did you you here the in the video dahboo states that NONE of the major medias covered this story at all. So people are still thinking the CDC is a great protective institution of the american people right, because very few have heard this truth at all. So, Trump (Mr big business) is aligning himself with a CDC scientist so inadvertently  and  subliminally connecting himself with this still great organization that most people still hold at high regards but also connecting to a whistleblower for those who have read it. He comes out of this 100% backed, and 100% fooled the public again.

CDC Scientist Confirms Trump, Others Are Right About Vaccines and Autism

For those that at least don`t hold a cautious stance on this issue , may I present some facts; one , do you think after centuries of organization , laws and preparations the Illuminati and powers that be are going to let a jokester such as trump come walk in and steal their show? REmember the Mark of the beast(Money) has made him ,what he is today. He  had a TV show which fired people who did not show him they were money making cut throats. He Personifies Big business in every way. He needs no ones help at all, so no one can tell him what to do, He has plenty of Money. 
M't:7:16: Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Choose well my friends......the moment happens but ounce in each time.

It is becoming quite chaotic out there between the lies and stories and rumors of World war 3 they want to get started, together with the Atmospheric Manipulations they have been doing from Hurricanes, Earthquakes to Volcanoes. Even with the Cern LHC they are transforming the Sun into a very unstable item indeed, and now we here China is going to build one 10X the size of Cern,   , Great that will pretty much be it for this planet, to be honest.
Gather the light and good times as much as you can that is of God and to your salvation my friends, for the time is not yet, but getting closer.   Be happy in this that we are.

We May Never Pass This Way (Again) by Seals and Crofts

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