Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So whats next?

The truth will stand through any storm indeed my friends, knowing which truth will stand, is the true light of the seekers quest. 

with that brings me to the discussion of the next and seemingly one of the most important points in time in all this, and possibly the greatest. So much more thought is needed with reflection in the Holy Spirit at all times. I do not want a major Mortal assumption to cloud the truth. 
story: A man is out walking and walks under a bridge, and while coming out the other side he is hit from above and is dazed for a minute. He looks up and there is nothing out of the ordinary, like someone throwing something off, or just debris from a passing truck. There would two situations possible here one deliberate and one accidental, But ether way he still got hit with the same out come. So why is knowing so important. In this case not to much if it was an isolated incident. But what if someone called this person on the phone, Knowing they always walked this way and told them that they predicted he was going to be hit in a week at that very bridge. He said He dreamed it. but in reality he followed him there and made it happen himself. After He claimed he Prophesied an event that was going to happen and did.
Cause and effect and solution all done by the same one. Kinda like the Illuminati  They create Chaos to achieve their own order or
"Order out of Chaos" as stated in Latin on the dollar bill. We all see now that almost all these Chaotic events on earth are and have been proclaimed in some manner prior to happening, so unenlightened people well be amazed at their puppet show.
But as we stated before this puppet show will still kill us.
My question is how far back does it actually go with a puppet based Prophesy System. Knowing this reasonably will help us to form the true beliefs we should be making strong within ourselves. with so little time left actually good people.
Take for instance the Statement by Paul saying Christ will be coming in the clouds. How many people on earth are going to be looking up in the sky for the Savior ie:( Cesare Borthia the man in the picture as the image of God.)
Even the scriptures tell us the Birds will beat us there...in other words He will be in the Hearts of those who Love him now.
So more truthful  facts are; Christ is returning in Spirit , not flesh to see with mortal eyes. He also is coming back to claim those that already of given themselves over to Him. 
Satan hear on earth will exploit this with the blue beam project all ready up and running Folks.

So after all this is now understood again it will be good to remember going into the Period of abrupt change on earth.
I leave this for all to make you own decisions indeed for the upcoming months ahead. They will be so jam pack ... well You read them People.

- September 15, 2015 eve of Yom Kipor 2015 and the start of    the 50th Jubilee 
- Sept23 end of the 500 day prediction of Climate Chaos

- Sept 15 Jade Helm ends
- sept 23 asteroid hit coming / Isaac Newton

- Jesus to Appear on 23 September 2015 – 10 Tishri 5776 of the jewish calamder                                         .

- sept 23 The fourth Day of atonement

-Sept 25-27 Pope in washiington and UN , with a special 

message for congress

- sept 25-27 signing of the (sustainable development 

Agenda) NWO by 150 leaders or so.

- also they are voting to seek a Palistinian State at the UN

- sept 28th fourth Blood moon according to those looking 

 (not in the Bible)

-  September 28, 2015  total lunar eclipse will take place

If I do find more I will add in an update Folks.
Jesus has said that when asked; For an evil and adulterous Generation I will give thee no sign accept for the sign of Jonas

The sign of Jonas dealt with repentance, so if this is true then all those things in the list above is all self fulfilling Prophesy , mind readers ,sooth Sayers, witches and cults etc. this world is full of it  indeed.  :-)) but still smiling though.
Joy to you all for reading this, for you have come along way indeed my friends and deserve the rest in Christ .....

                          John Denver - Annie´s Song

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