Thursday, May 28, 2015

IMPORTANE update for global money

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Now the new group of Reserve Currency contenders.  As we know the world has been changing at breakneck speed, for weather, technology, Governmental Structure and last but not the least by no means, Financial. You all have been hearing about the dollar collapse or should I say a sharp decline of Value and world wide credibility and use of it, is really happening faster then the average person realizes truly. Like in the video below , most people on the planet have no idea of even jade helm 15, are the economic woes that are in store here in the immediate  future. Now the symbol above which in the lower left corner is that of the Chinese Yuan which has been increasing very fast to the degree , which has been pre announced and formally will be on October 20 2015 that the Yuan will be considered to be a viable reserve currency candidate so claimed by the IMF. which is like a high profile person giving an endorsement to running candidate. Not that the candidate is even actually in, but now looks better and people do notice these things.
In truth a reserve currency becomes that by being majorly used in all aspects of finances on the globe. The US dallor is on a serious decline all over the Globe, so yes its like it is a matter of when not if the collapse will happen here. Below is the History behind all this. But what the news doesn`t tell you is;
The IMF invented SDR`s (Special Drawing Rights)
or reserve currencies  for the elite clube kinda, now it makes sense.
all Members back the user of SDR`s  IMF is pretty well created for West, so why would they be giving China a foot in along with Russia?  ahhh yess  because all the leaders actually do all work for the Beast, NWO, Jesuits etc Remember its all a game to them for us to see.

         IMF News Christine Lagarde Chinese Yuan SDR              Inclusion

well My friends I just wanted to keep you informed and spread a little understanding of this crap shoot we are in, so one can keep the sight on the Love of God all the more.

M't:24:6: And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

He knew our emotional reactions long ago, as He does now.  Be strong my friends, our paths are still yet easy fill yourselves with the light of righteousness and good while it is still here, for there are darker seas ahead.   Peace and Joy always  :-))

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