Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blow your mind stuff ...... then its pretty cool lol

Jade Helm 2015′ 8-Week Summer Special Ops Exercises Prep For End ...Joint Assistance for Development and Execution   Homeland Eradication of Local Militants
Greetings Friends, how is everyone today.... I pray good, as I am also, except I`m trying to put all the stuff I found in the best light to understand it. I was going to say easily understand, but there is nothing easy about finding the truth among the large Pile of crap they have dealt us, indeed huh?.
So here goes; So as You see above "JADE " has nothing to do with China or Money and is a Globally based humongous AI  computer  program made mainly by Ratheon corp.  Below is an in depth article right off Ratheon`s web site.
Remember the movie Minority Report which was based on thought police arresting you prior to the crime. You also must remember the terminator with Skynet right?  Jade Helm is both of these wrapped  together. So we will have a super skynet, just like the book 1984. To say the truth friends all this crap is really making sense now in a strange way. or at least we are able to recognize it quicker. 

Huge News - Jade Helm 15. New Information, Must Watch

Here is an even more complete analysis of Jade helm folks

So that`s a pretty cool Find to help us fill in the blank for this portion of the games ayy?  For Christ Himself called this a contest we are in. so My I say I have herd in other videos that the fema camps are going to be for the masses of People wondering around needing food or water looking for the government to take care of them. they will be hearded into the camps and most likely stay there.That situation will probably go on for the longest event in all this, So....Having enough Food and water stored up would be a smart thing to do at this point start becoming  quicker to make that happen folks Jade helm starts in 54 days and completes in 116 when more woes will start indeed.
Anyone with some money see all paper will be useless , currancy or non- physical. I would recomend Silver which is low at this time 17.49/oz  at this site      http://www.jmbullion.com/     18.44/oz with free shipping is the best buy I have seen yet.  Thats all I got to talk on that. They might decide to criminalize owning precious metals or something, they have done it the past People. President Roosevelt   in1933 the last and final time. 

Price of Gold

Lowest its been in years but not for long as People come to grips with the economic reset going on.

Now the big question I have anyway is Jade helm a test run or is it going Live. One must remember its being done Globally now and at the end of JH the pope visits Congress and the united nations for implementing  after signing by all the worlds leaders the "Sustainable Development Agenda" = NWO   Officially inacted in. I would say live by a wild educated guess. :-))

POPE Francis to Lead U.N. 1-World GOVT Official "SIGNING" & Launching (Sept 2015)

You are probably asking yourselves how can this be with having our constitution over ridden like that, we are a Sovereign Nation.
well...... you should really see were we are at. the video below will help explain why they can get away with so much of what they do.

WASHINGTON DC's 3 stars= District of Columbia, London & Vatican City: 3 Ring CORPORATE EMPIRE

So now we know that the movies are historical documents as was said on the a comedy sci fi which escapes me at the moment. We do have a basic understanding of what is going on and what the future Mortal world is being pushed into, the second phase is going to be global Gun confiscation, God that should be a good episode also ayy?  Hay this is a good show called OUR LIVES  brought to you by the Illuminati and Walmart   :-)).  am at least glad that we are on tract and just ahead of the tsunami for this subject. We still got the cern thing to find out more. So tell then set back and enjoy this music which is a rarity indeed.   God bless and stay focus Brothers and Sisters.          Brother Thomas

Here is a song from the past era most people even from  that era have never heard before, and yes there were some people in the know back then too.

              Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime (Remaster 2012)

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