Friday, May 8, 2015

update news......5/2/15

News; with Wisdom and a bit of foresight.

My friends, greetings and blessings to you all, and those that hold the hope alive, for the Revelation of Christ unto the Holy Spirit.

Apparently they have done as much as humanly possible at Fukashima to stop this insane incident from playing out totally, from their own admission of effectiveness toward their responsibility stated by their own words, which are not Mine indeed.  So moving on now I have come across these two new articles, some of you might have read already. New areas of the world now helping the total radiation being poured into our environment . The WIPP sight in NM is saying now that the levels of radiation are far greater than previously reported , wow who would have seen that one coming... daaa  :-). The next report is just simply .... "really!".....  the supposedly Guarded area contaminated by Chernobyl in Russia, primarily the forest around the  cites  have been some how  lit ablaze and thus re-invoking  the  dangerous radiation back into the air from falling there so long ago.  Note; No ,  rain cannot wash Radiation clean ,it still remains. So you can read for yourselves my friends.






I hope all you folks in your areas are watching for any Military movement if any now, if not will be soon most like if your state has not decided to withdraw from any training along these lines. If you go onto youtube you surely will be flooded with news about it from alot of sites. Be careful , remember everything is not true in there as you probably know but the thing to know is they want us to be mad, scared, depressed, paranoid  and why me type feelings. The Devil needs you in a subjective frame of being to manipulate you and do as he feels you should be.  A little heavy but you know its true folks.


This article is pretty out there also, they should link this with Osimo, that Japanese robot.

April 2015 Breaking News The Rise of Artificial Intelligence End Times news Update

How close were we in the Last days My friends? Is there a need to become one in the Lord yet?  read below all indications this is
 credible news. It first was seen in the Military`s Stars and Strips  magazine, then surround by other versions and players also. My own feelings is 60-70 true  30-40% propoganda, You decide.

US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia?

                  Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes

        POPE Francis to Lead U.N. 1-World GOVT Official                  "SIGNING" & Launching (Sept 2015)

6000 US Retail Stores Close As The Bond Market Bubble Is Close To Popping

Hay people, I`m sorry its been so long since I`ve posted latly things have been changing rather quickly on all major areas of importance accept one  God  LOL  So you pivot with him as your anchor on eternity. the areas are Radiological,  Economical , governmental, terrestrial (natural earth) Sociological and then comes CERN. Which is a Major concern 

So in sumary at this time; Radiological;   The intire Northern half of the Globe is on an ever increase scale of Background Radiation and Particulate Radiation is slowly filtering in through tides, fish, and carring storms, with 0 means or efforts of slowing down.
Economical  Our Dollars is literally months away from collapsing, and I`m sure the world is close by either way by all indicators. I would get so food stacked away and take it($) out of the System (banks)
governmental  this area needs no coverage cause all they do is lie and they are the enemy of all this, to figure how far or deep it goes into  local governance would be to our own trusting them ayy?

terrestrial  Earth is doing things half natural and half by man made crap, ie HAARP, Weather Modification of many types, Vocanoes due to Sun spots due to cerns Magnetic power.

Sociological  which is the Status of our living, moral, jobs, well being, Happiness, losing the remote :-))  sorry couldn`t resist lol
any way it our own religious Spirituality and believe in God with the Holy not unHoly Spirit to keep us till the time is finished here.

CERN This one is where Man is attempting to release demons from the underworld to be abruptly blunt about it. Although it does sound abit like a Sci Fi convention ayy?  LOL  They are trying to break the veil to alow dark crap to come into this world. I realy didn`t think they can achieve it. Why and what is this vail?
Ge:3:15: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
This is what God did after Satans demons had their way with mortal women in this realm. No one accept the power of God the Father can cross that barrier.   They are liable to get themselves sucked into Hell.  LOL excuse me for laughing but that would be Hilarious. 

A nice tune to finish With

The Midnight Special More 1975 - 20 - Doobie Brothers - Jesus Is Just Alright

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