Monday, June 8, 2015

A Dream...... 6/8/2015

I was found with my dearest brother (not necessarily of Flesh and blood) but a feeling of that type of closeness, searching for a Man that abducted My friends Son for some reason which was not known to me. we were searching quite awhile in many places and found ourselves catching the man in a scene resembling an Iron salvage yard, with huge pies of I beams, tanks wall sections of all sorts  etc. Now at this time the son was fine but secured to a section of wall up higher from wear we were, safe now , for we had the Evil individual that took him Hand cuffed to a large piece of Structural steel. The steels shape was like a hug cross welded 90 degrees to another cross so the the width, length and depth were all about 10-15 foot each. My friend and I stood a ways off looking up at his son and talking of ways to retrieve him and resting a bit from our searching. All of a sudden there was movement from our prisoner. He was sliding with his hand cuffs down the Ibeam rail in a fashion were it seamed he knew exactly what he was doing. As he moved continuously with his weight shifting, the huge piece of steel was rolling in a very rigid fashion and it seamed he was literally in the air 50% of the time. I was trying to figure out what he was trying to do while I watched and it continued . when finally the last roll of the structure lifted him up and directly to the feet of the very child we rescued. His intentions were clear and he was more pissed now.  My first impression I had was to shoot the Bastared fast, un-verbally of course but I found my anger increasing of this man. Being a Man of God my reaction surprised myself as too how earthly things can filter into ones soul to create such actions.  Before I was just helping out a good friend and solving a problem but it now seamed like things were starting to turn personal for me.
   well with no guns at our disposal we ran up to were he was at and got him detained him again away from the child. but now we were standing over him and very very pissed off, I took the lead automatically and pick up a piece of steel which looked like a tee and my friend picked one up also just from my Adrenalin boost. I said " well lets see how you like it with out a head" I was in a rage and found myself opposite of who I am while I was winding up to take my best shot along with my friend across from me. The Man cringed in fear of his life. So just at the point of no return I said "STOP" this is wrong. because just before I felt all sense of Goodness leave me and all I felt was emptiness. I felt how it was to lose God, there is not much left even to live with, not even  speaking of destiny, that couldn`t even be thought of. It was no more.
with all this realized before the fateful swing stopping was the first step to undue this if at all possible.
Lu:9:25: For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?
So with My friend and child gone now and safe, I turned to the Man and let him go due to being over come with the feeling of forgiveness as God had given me. The man said to me why didn`t you kill me?
As I new he wanted me to, from all his life has been bad. I told him men needs salvation from our own actions we have done, with me more than most as I started to cry talking with him. He came right up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders , though he might do harm but didn`t. "here`s the strange Part" He started to cry also after bowing his head , then looked straight up, turned like a white yellow all over and lost all his hair.  "told ya" but not really cause we shook hands and departed as dear friends, so what that was, was being born again. Now feeling pretty good about everything there was this other man standing over to the side waiting for me. the strange part was, He had no arms. He said " don`t you remember Me  .. Bill "  He said " I was trying to talk with you last time just before you Left to go away" and I have been waiting here ever since. I started thinking that was about 15 years ago, but now the time I left meant the righteousness of God. I was completely  humbled by this man. how reverent a Human being or was he, to wait for another human being just to talk. I ask him as to what in particular He wanted to talk to me about seeing he waited so long I had to ask. He said "nothing in particular" 
This man had a wholesome glow about him that just talking with this man would be the High point of My life. So I sat down next to him and said "so you have been waiting?" He nodded yes ;-)  ......The end...

The meaning of this Dream Starts out with the doings of mankind in all their dealing evil, helping, searching etc. the evil in man is the workings of Machines with no fear as depicted by the rolling Ibeams  the rage I felt which could have been any man today in this times. by have the strength in one self to stop the evil and correct your path and even in hopes of saving another. These are all that can happen from one seed of God in us. The man at the end was Christ in the flesh he lost his arms for the time I spent on the darkside of life. For being Christ in us, actually it was I who lost my arms, for without God in you in you, you will lose your ability to reach others. I have been able to explain most of my dreams I have every night. this was only one three dreams I had last night.

This dream was meant Personally for everyone as a one on one with your belief structure and strength, its telling us all that there will be things we are doing seeming good that will work thier way into our souls to change them. Just to beware of this strenth friends.

the second dream was like a short story ;
We just built a nice ranch home and the land was some what flat and the back yard had alot of grass and a few trees. there was alot of friends over looking out into the back yard saying how nice it was. then it started to rain, not hard but a constant lite rain. I started to notice all the grass back there far was gone and I could see a glimmering of water instead. The rain stopped and everyone was cooking and drinking etc and I noticed the water line I saw previoous is much closer now, but no one noticed. well the water got up to 50 feet away from the land now making it a virtual ocean out there. People were oblivious though , they said wow we are going to have beach front property, I`m like are you all serious, this getting higher and higher and we should start build some levees to stop the water or its going in. before ya knew it they all left and the water was right at the back door.  The end

can`t remember the 1st one sorry people ....  Be cool , stay strong

                                Aerosmith - Dream On

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