Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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CLOUD UFO SIGHTING: What Do You Think it is?

Below is a comment I made after watching this video. I am placing it here to be read by anyone wishing to. The Spirit moved me to put this information out in this order with some new things I was empowered to know and relate at this point in time. Thinking with that, that Jade Helm is a week away. This week as I watched pictures of the people of Greece walk among empty food store shelves I could only think of how soon will it be here. this will be a lead into the next subject of contemplation my friends.

Hologram man..........more.testing of blue beam . Aliens do not exist, there is much proof of that. simple example The Government lies and they say they are real along with the Vatican...... I don`t by it for a sec. along with the teacher that worked with Dr Von Braum. There is only man in this realm that can choose Good or bad to come threw by our own actions, the only possible manifestations of evil in this world is the plan at the LHC at cern to breach the event Horizon by controlling dark matter and opening up a gate to a lower Spiritual level - (for the words of Christ states no man can go to a level higher then that in which He have earn to go by the power of the Father in you.) Frankly I don`t think they can do it because traveling to a lower level is that level you have already earn to go or have concurred. Although we as children of God and the Body of Christ can do as he did, as he states by his own words, and that is going into hell for 3 days to concur death, It is true that I have not seen any follower in the fullness and supreme power of the father to again achieve such a Feat as Christ did, and the strength in Faith had to be extraordinary . They are believing in false teachings of ancient times long before Christ came were the Holy Spirit was not present within the world of men. Its an illusion of Satan to keep man separated in himself , thus Not on Gods oneness. God bless you all :-)
M't:10:41: He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.

The simple understanding to this is that you get what you earned, not in only things of this world but also in the Celestial world. All the things we do here for our families, ourselves and others it is rightly so in the Celestial world too. Too many people are wondering what its going to be like after we pass over. Does anyone think that Gods ways here that we learn in joyous and sometime painful ways are not the same in the other realm. Actually its where they started from.
WE are a unique creation my friends, we are the only beings in existence that can live in two worlds at the same time, the mortal and the celestial If the Spirit side (good or bad) wants to enter this realm they need to go threw us. Christ came as the Son of Man also remember. He even died for us opening the door for the forgiveness of sins upon our asking. Now you know why Satan wants our minds and wills so much cause we are the gate keepers here as the doorway to our Father. With so many of us sitting around not knowing what power is at our very wish with the required amount of power from our Father which is free for the asking.  please believe me I have used it to the degree I have achieved in them. My message is not for some, but for those whos spirit and soul is moved by just mentioning this, but I am not excluding anyone who wishes to and is possible to attain by the words of our lord. 
Read the Apocraphon of John, and Gospel of Pistis Sophia.
With much blessing and Light of Truth.


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