Monday, July 13, 2015

The upcoming fight

hay people, I pray everyone is Rocking in the free world, the best you can indeed. I just come from a kinda Family get together and ... well we did have a close family when it came to the Morals of life, like respect for others, giving Benefit of the doubt, forgiveness etc, you know all the building blocks the gives us character, instead of being one  lol. I now can see the evils of the world slowly chipping all that away, and it will be same for all of Gods children my friends. Those souls out there that just spend not even an hour even acknowledging the church, God or anything to do with the light we are suppose to be resting in, from Fasting of this world of Things and stuff for the benefit truly of our own souls and others we love, but most see it as work the poor saps, blind and veiled so as to fall into the pit after their Father (Satan) ,needy and hurting and the sad part is they don`t know why because they never took the time to say Hi to their true Father.
The normal world that we remember when things were running  fairly  in unison and pleasant was a Time when there was an abundance of the Holy Spirit Here being created and enjoyed by a vast number believing and loving souls. even souls that didn`t believe or even bothered to believe out of laziness were Happy most of the time.
Most out there have been away from the Love of God (Holy Spirit) to even consider any thing that is being talked about here. also those that have lived by using the strength and Spirit from Others to get by, which in truth is not a bad thing, but like the song states we "Get by with a LITTLE help from my friends"   Life is a two way street. In life one can put life(love) into the world or use that which comes along to use abuse and then some never replacing even what they needed from another. Trust me this plane of understanding is felt and seen only by a few Amen. He who puts much understanding and Love, caring etc into the world at a very regular basis is what Jesus refers to as workers he is seeking for there are many sheep.

To think of it!, Jesus Christ is our Shepard and I guess his followers to his direction are those who choose his Spiritual Direction to lead his sheep in a unintrusive way. so I would say we would be the dogs(workers)  :-))  in a righteous way of course and you know the Multitudes are the sheep, the ones waiting for a sign rather than asking Him, ones that take what they get and even more these days.
Yes and even the ones awaiting Fate, never realizing the Power within themselves.

So with all this said, You all can understand what this fight  actually is , its not of the flesh which Satan cause men to kill themselves and sits back and laughs, Its not arguing of a pinpoint thing or thinking one is defending ones ego when in truth does not even exist in the Salvation atmosphere. 
But rather holds souls together in unity as close as one can without causing conflict but only Understanding at least. Fast, Pray and be born again yourself to keep the Father light strong within you. Remember You can not give away that in which you do not posses. 
As Jesus has said; Seek the Father without being coaxed.  Amen

                       Cat Stevens - Wild World (1970)

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