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The falling away

Cern Atomic Research Instalation
European Organization
for Nuclear Research

Hello and many blessings in Christ to you all indeed. I pray the ones reading this now have also read the report  "Hello folks- all new" which had allot of information concerning sink holes and why thy are occurring and also that they indicate a troublesome sign for the very near future indeed for mankind. and also The article "They did come back" which was the last one that has a lot to do from it last part with this article.
In its Summary one would say as Jesus Christ came by the generations of man, Satan is coming by the generations of machines. Yep  just like the terminator Movie/Documentary lol.

 To the elite that is running this catastrophic machine in Switzerland/France These black holes it is creating on the globe are only unwanted byproducts, in relation to the main event. By the way there is a 22 episode TV series call just that "The Event" which deals with worm holes from far off galaxies and transporting vertually anything with a worm hole that in some cases looks just like our own sink holes.

May I say that those of you who are giving all you can to try to see if you even buy this information, I applaud you. I am Praying that you all having a heightened sense about you, to go out and try to find credible assurance, parallels and proofs within yourself of all this information truly. Either way. Also if it does prove to be correct to you for all the facts are stating, please tell your friends and love ones and any one whom may listen with respect in Christ and Human existence.

I have titled this the Falling away because this is what needs to happen if you are looking at this crazy contest of Good and evil from the evil side, if they want to talk control of all this. The glories of God that are being held, lived and shared by mankind on an individual or collective Basis is the power that is holding Satan and His buckaroos back from making any  appearance here on earth , so knowing the strength of that power in God without Satan understanding any of it He has devised over the course of the last 2000 years a few ways to get men to drop that belief within them selves. thus with the defenses down He moves in to take charge.  Thus the falling away.
I know you all have seen the countries and communities giving up our religious freedoms and the presence of God in our daily lives.
like the Bible out of schools in the 80`s, plus no more prayer in just about everywhere now, its really bad , gay church ministers what the f88k is that.... sorry. Well I guess the world is that bad when they cringe at the word "Jesus Christ"  wow  its all true, just like He said it would be. 
well that is one way the falling away is Happening, the next way will be the great holograms in the sky (blue beam project) and the world will see that all earthly denominations of religions are all based in the worship of Saturn (Satan) when in fact, its true... except for the Lamb of the Eloheim(Christ of the Father) with His true teaching through the Gnostics of Jesus Christ ONLY  
Here is a suggestion to read it has alot more info in there also. the most important thing to remember is that Christ is not coming back in the flesh.
 apocalypse of Elijah;

I will tell you about his signs so that you will know him:  he is a 
small [...]  boy with thin legs, a spot of white hair on his forehead, [...],
 [...][47] his eyebrows coming to his ears, a [...] on his hands.[48] He will change before those who look after him.  He will 
become a small child, he will become an old man, he will change 
in all his signs, but the sign of his forehead is unchangeable. In 
this you will know him that he is the son of lawlessness.

plus He will not be able to raise the dead......only the divine and true God can do that.Well here it is folks the Hedron Collider The Largest, Most costly and most involved and complicated machine ever to be built by Man . Its is 330 feet below the surface and has a curcumfrence of 17 miles in diameter

VATICAN / CERN Connection: Blue Brain, Blue Beam, Blue Book

                                                            Lord Shiva - "God of Destruction" staute at CERN.
         Lord Shiva – “god of Destruction” statue at CERN

The statue of Lord Shiva, the “god of Destruction”, “the Destroyer” at CERN hints at the release of the fallen angel Abaddon/Apollyon which coincidentally also means “the Destroyer”! There are, of course, no coincidences! Why would anyone put this religious statue of a Hindu god at a place of science, the epitome of scientific enquiry?...... Right ? lol


 And they had a king over them, which is the 

angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the 

Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue 

hath his name Apollyon.

7921944_f1024.jpgThis is the God Cernunnos 


                                 The L.H.C is a Stargate

                 Saturn The Evil Twin Golden Age,B.C

Romes first name was Saturn = Satans cause = Santa clause
fest of saturnalia - Dec 25
if they don`t look like santa I`ll be horse wipped... :-))

If anyone needs to know the real truth behind John Paul 2nd see below , .....

Pope John Paul II sold poison gas to Nazi's for use in The Jewish Holocaust ! The Truth

This just keeps getting better too......:-))  In Jesus Christ not this world. Whats happening here is that Cernunnus or Bohemet or Satan is trying to claim this world totally and all that`s in it.

HUGE! Physicists Prepare to Construct New, 62 Mile-Wide Large Hadron Collider!

here is the articles link
-the-even-larger-hadron-collider 62 miles in diameter

There are numerous video`s out there on this People, so you all should do some search and come to further understanding with yourselves on this and what it means. I am doing my very best to summarize things that are all happening now from direct fact of mechanics along with Scriptural fact with Jesus Christ words that are found the most true that I can as a man seeking His Light.
Please if anyone has some ideas they would like to relate please  email me I would welcome your communications my friends indeed  :-)
welll I been setting on this report for to long to get it out, but I guess there is always going to be open issues huh?

Good song..... Peace to you Jim.

                    Jim Croce - Time in a bottle - 1973

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