Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year....

Happy New year by the way my friends, Imagine what this year should , could and is going to hold and unfold for....... hmmm that's a good one.  Basically today is no different than any other day huh? you all know that, but still we celebrate the moment. 
  Now wait a dang minute that`s two different things. First of all It is not the same , the planet is in a different orbit position, every air molecule is moving continuously , volcanoes are erupting and plates  are shifting on the earth and every living thing on the planet is in a new position and has hopefully learned something  since  yesterday... right?  :-))   Naa its the same   lol   Its all in ones point of view of things, Humans like change as long as it stays within their acceptable walls of believe and have others initiate it also. they don`t want to be the one who fails but will join in, in the finger pointing after which is sad, but true these days.  
So how close or far must one look to see change or that which is true;
(113) His disciples said to him: On what day will the 
kingdom come? <Jesus said>: It cometh not with 
observation. They will not say: Lo, here! or: Lo, there! 
But the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the 
earth, and men do not see it. 

Observation ; meaning with Mortal eyes in the realm only those that have faith in Gods celestial kingdom. Any man that says he sees God or that of Heaven is either lying or it is not of Heaven and should remember who the God of the Mortal realm is.   :-) 
So you see it is ones own perception of things. the things of just the mortal world have no spirit in them unless you put there and it will last as long as you wish to sustain that feeling. ex; An artist who paints a picture, can always remember that feeling he had when he did it by looking or remembering that moment which is now transformed to Spiritual in his Spiritual mind not just mortal when His life is in that type of belief system.  I`ll contest to that cause I`m a artist also. And like the bio on my sight here I stated that I asked God whether this is all there is and Then He commenced to shoe me after I did something.  Look at the picture atop this blog and that`s how it felt that day I accepted Him. As they say one cannot be a true explorer if you do not lose the sight of shore.
I read that on an inspirational calender ounce. 
But jumping away from Mortal wants and worships to find out the true roots of Mankind is why all this talk of the crap in the world is so important now. All this stuff is for one reason to get everyone not to believe in Jesus Christ and True God, anything else is fine because Satan then will own you. Satan doesn`t need anyone and destiny with Him is Called Mindlessness which is His Bride.
All the Main news stations now are trying to invoke sad and darkness in all Gods Children now. ex; yesterdays CNN headline about the latest airline disaster 
AirAsia disaster: It's soul destroying

They are telling you exactly what they want to have happen, To destroy ones soul... by putting all these lies and crap over and over.
Its actually in the MK ultra hand book on mind control.

But for all you out there that has taken an interest in your life and for others also you tell, congratulation and a very Happy New year indeed. May The ineffable Father of eternity be with you and Guide you always in these times my Friends.... Love ya all  :-))

God still turns me on.........

        Still You Turn Me On - Emerson Lake and Palmer

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