Wednesday, January 21, 2015

They did come back

Hello folks, well this industry now is from cute to destructive . Of coarse the Military has the destructive end pretty wrapped up at this point in time, and the Japanese Have the other end on sale at local cafes for 1500 bucks. They also have working medical equipment with them too.  I just want to inform you all on the latest advances in Robotic and A i System advancement. enjoy the change of pace Friends I always do being mechanically minded.

               '100 Robi': Dwarf Japanese break-dancing robot army

                   'Transformer' robots a reality in Japan

                       Robot suit HALالبدلة الآلية تمكنك من رفع الاوزان الثقيلة جدا

Well Her you go people $1500.

                Robot themed Pop up Cafe Opens in Tokyo

Military of the Beast : DARPA to build drones that have artificial intelligence (Jan 01, 2015)

I only placed one video here about war machines there are many many more you can imagine with are Government having sorta a free money range in this. They have produced everything from Mosquitoes to remote controlled Destroyers and AI coming to all of them very soon if not already in some. If you perfect the multiple dancing Japanese robots and put them together with the large destroying robots of Darpa You have makings of the first AI Army. Thats what I`m watching and it getting real close people.

Let me run a theory past you all, ok?  Now Satan is the God of this world of matter and things . His archons or angels taught men all about weapons and the making of them, and has been teaching man ever since. Now that Cern with their Large Hadron Collider has found the GOD particle "higgs Boson" and we all know the true Father is spirit not matterial particles of this realm, so when they say God particle you should know God they are speaking of,  Satan particle. I take it as now the dark spiritual forces can now enter our Material realm through the linking of the Higgs boson and Cern,  In  Fact; Cern invented the Internet is its source, ok! so Cern is connected world wide . robots and realy everything , and also having AI will be connect to everything also.
Now don`t forget about that statue of Abadon/Apolion out side of cern

Lord Shiva - "God of Destruction" staute at CERN.    Shiva The destroyer
I keep thinking about that movie "Terminator" You remember when all the Machine went from Blue to Red lights on them?  Satan wishes us to have  a love of material things, and he also wishes to be worshiped. Hmmm makes a soul think a little ayy? was that a sci fi movie  or documentary.

well people keep your eyes, ears and minds open for Gods sake within you, indeed.    stay happy Thomas  :-))

here is a fun video

                    a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video)

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