Monday, January 19, 2015

A mater of Time, Distance and Shielding

Beautiful Right....?
Pictures like this in the Pacific are virtually no more to be found . i haven`t been reporting lately on the Fukashima Issue due to that all it is , is just more of the same crap they tell us. 1. they can`t do any about  2. They have been lying about the exposure limits and release amounts into the environment 3. health cover ups 4. pretty much extinction of all wildlife in the Pacific and spreading on the Globe, be very sure of that good people. 
I have known a handful of people that have moved away from California and the west coast. As you will see by the latest articles below, the entire west coast of North America is inundated with the radiation waters of Fukashima, there is no mistake. 
  As someone who has been trained in Nuclear power I am going to tell you straight out with no beating out the bush.  this situation that is playing out just from Fukashima, that`s not saying were going to get hit from some other means like super volcanoes and asteroids or war. wow quite a few huh? but just from Fukashima and other source leaks of Radioactive contamination in the world now, is going to increase by way of Contamination globally with air and ocean currents, with having also an increase in over all background radiational  Contamination for living outside. Please observe the radiation map of the US I placed below. some of you have seen it here 4-5 months ago in one of my blogs which at that time Texas was 11 Mr/hr   today its in the 30-40 mr/hr . they have increased substantially all over the country. In Japan You can see the horror stories like Flesh eating bacteria. God Help us indeed. Basically I`m posting all this to 1. seek Christ in yourself more diligently if you donot feel his presence from your asking. 2. Fukashima is a Hell bound train people , thats as direct as I can get. try to move out of its way when it comes close to you. Remember Time, Distance and Shielding to limit exposure. In fact to be honest the southern  hemisphere looks pretty good.   

-flesh-eating-bacteria-record-levels-japan-spike-began-2011-400-previous-average-govt-radiation-exposure-after-nuclear-accidents-greatly-reduces-ability-fight-infection-video      Jan 6 2015

hawaii-coral-worst-scientists-professor-like-ghost-town-govt-map-maximum-alert-area-pacific-mirrors-fukushima-plume-model-2011-video        Jan 19 2015

column-sea-creatures-sick-dying-disappearing-alarming-rate-all-along-pacific-coast-radiation-fallout-fukushima-study-be-sitting-precipice-major-extinction-event-marine-wildlife    Jan 18 2015


Paste this in your browsers its a very good short video that many folks should see..

Below is a song I placed here, that to some my feel it is a bit dark, in actuality it is giving tribute to all those souls who have  fallen  needlessly in this world of unfairness. I like it in a strange way. You decide........  Thomas

                          Dave Matthews - Gravedigger

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