Thursday, January 8, 2015

NWO Religion not what you might have expected.

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This subject has so many attributes and parts to it and allot that stems from it also. I guess you can look at it like, this is a one shot deal for the dark-side and they have had 6000 years to prepare for this. So If it would be so easy to see right threw it, then it wouldn`t be what we are looking for ayy? :-)) well from my perspective it lives up to its forethought complexity indeed my friends. With assurance from many facts and figures, plus Spiritual affirmations along the path to this, and with an interesting and inquisitive mechanics mind, its a wonder to be awed in its complexity, but never adhering to a Glory, with all the Souls that are being taken by it.
To start this new belief system is not new at all. Everyone thinks its going to be put in with the multiple of other religions now and will be weeded out very  easy right, ya I did at first without knowing  anything throughout the years, so I didn`t worry about it that much which is exactly the plan. Now what it really going to happen is they are going to tell you the real truth about all religions, stay  with me here. 
Remember the question "If we have one God why all the many religions in the world" and to be honest at this time there are close to 3000 religions on earth. Well it was the dark plan to divide the tribes.  "Divide and conquer?" all the religions as you will see below in the videos I placed, and there are multitudes more on this subject so please do your own research too Friends.  what they are going to be doing is telling you the truth behind a lie of a lie.
The only religion that is not apart of this is exactly as Christ claimed in Pistis Sophia and that is "The Lamb of the Elohim"
People take your time truly what is needed to absorb all these new Findings and enjoy in Christ these videos.

KabAllah Cube Worship - The Heart Of All Religions & Secret Soceties

See it was ok that all religions have the traditions of men in them, because all religions worshiped the God of the old testament and mixed in the new one also, even more than we thought. So by that God all the lies were fine, its from the Father of lies that religions worship actually. Remember the true church "only a few will be there".

This next one is very good People.

          Secret Societies Worship Saturn Today Part 1

Tefillin – discover all there is to know about themTefillin are two small leather boxes 

worn by men in the Jewish religion.

Saturn = Satan Cause or Santa Claus  either is correct

Worship of Saturnalia  - Dec 25

Making a list and checking it twice.... soons like NSA lol

THE SATURN MATRIX: Saturn Cube Illuminati Symbolism In Media & Corporate Logos

See folks, so basically not knowing the whole truth is mans fault again also the dark will say , so start flying right and worship the god of the earth your on in one voice now.... with not to many souls at all will have knowledge of the Gnostics My brothers.... so what real choice do the masses have..  God strength be with us all.
Remember there are parts that stem from this also another time Folks .

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        Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

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