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Hello Folks, well I really thought complete ignorance or lieing about something when your standing right there with it in your hand would have a limit. well apparently it doesn`t have one. Not one word was spoken in regards to radiation having a direct or indirect cause in any of this and if you listen to this Professor from Washington you can see the spin on this  thing they are doing.
At the very least they could have said that due to the small anchovies and other food source fishes decline due to the Fukushima calamity the food source is effecting this but Nope, not even that. Its very sad to see the amount of folks locked into main stream media if any, also into all the sport games, and vanity shows.  God Help us. 

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Parasites ... really.....
/fukushima-released-13000000000-times-neutrons-initially-estimatedI must say Yes Neutron rad is pretty destructing, thats the one primarily lead is used for.


Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 | Middle East Blizzard Drops Feet of Snow in Deserts (41)

Folks you know how I talk alot about Paul not being a true Apostle for many reasons ? well below is a small part of a discussion Christ was having with all the disciples explaining everything without parable but straight out, and He tells them exactly were there Souls are from. Only the 12  all other souls on the earth then were of the arcons not now folks so don`t freak on me.  :-)) I`m just the piano player.

Pistis Sophia; book1 chap 8 portioned
For many times have I said unto you that I have brought the 
power in you out of the twelve saviours who are in the Treasury of the Light. For which cause I have said unto you indeed from 
the beginning that ye are not of the world. I also am not of it. For all men who are in the world have gotten their souls out of [the power of] the rulers of the ├Žons. But the power which is in you is from me; your souls belong to the height. I have brought twelve powers of the twelve saviours of the Treasury of the Light, taking them out of the portion of my power which |13. I did first 
You see, there was very very little spiritual Light on earth 
before Christ came of the true word except for what John the 
baptist helped starting to manifest in men and teach them of 
the Forgiveness of sins which is the biggest power that mankind needs to move forward in salvation or anything really.
I thought you all might like to know the situation of the world 
in regaurds to the economics. below is a graph on the rate per 
barrel of Oil.   Right now   $45.01/brl   everything is caving in 
associated with money now,,,,,, keep a good eye on things, no 
not that one :-)) lol.


Hay folks, I was watching this tv series called "the event" which is pretty good. the other day when I was watching eposode 4 the aliens that crashed landed were trying to get home to their planet by way of creating a worm hole

List of reported Major Sinkholes around the world per year. Up untill 2007 there were only one / year. Most all holes are perfectly round and the events all happen in seconds not minutes.
SinkHoles              Cern operations
1960   1 event    the proton synchrotron starts up ....11/24/59
1981  1 event    the first proton-anti proton collisions  4/1/1981
1986  1 event     Heavy ion collisions begin  11th June 1986
1990  1 event    Large Electron Positron  collider:  First  injection  14/July 1989
                  Also the WWW  world web was invented at Cern by one of   their scientist.                                                                                     
           From 1989-95 anti hydrogen experiments were running
1992  1 event
1993  1 event
1994  2 events
             Cern also run experiments up until the shutdown in 2000
They switch larger magnets on in 2006
2007   5 events
2008   4 events        first LHC beams 9/10/2008
2009   4 events    it starts again here and runs clear throught to 2012
2010   8 events
2011   11 event
2012   10 events
2013   11 events
2014   8 events
In Dec 2014 they were making ready for another 3 year run which they say will start in march of  2015, 
hold on to your petunias people
 its gunna get messy. God be with us

Summary of this short study finds that frquency in Sink holes around the world is directly effected by the running of the  Large 
Hadron Collider. Were this machine is cause momentary black holes in time space Globably which is probably an after effect of 
the running of it.

People look at this hole in this video even before running, how perfectly round and the walls look like they were cut with a plasma cutter like the underground Military bases they have made. remember this happened in seconds my friends. Good God this is getting pretty real, for everyone now.

                 How Scary Sinkholes Are Formed

People there is a definite reason why they things are happening also. This portion of the puzzle of things that are happening now are connected indeed to be fully understandable for those with a broad sense of understanding along with wisdom and intuition of things and people.  Within the cern Collider the thousand s of collisions /second that are happening are not all yeilding perfect big bang sparks but in stead all variations, the big bang collision are but a very small percentage. There are many kinds of particles known, not just the 3 we find in a atom. anyway getting to the point of that somtimes these collisions yeild the formation of antimater or Black hole or worm hole same difference, where this is like a gate way to another dimension. Now the energy levels with these tiny holes are short lived due to the coming in contact with any real matter it will absorb that amount equal to it intial energy and disappears when it stabalizes -+ energies. the Hole it self is superdense with a high gravity charge about itself so when they escape from the collider they can go anywhere being that they are not of this dimension and does not have to comform to our Laws of physics except gravity it seems by its nature. So it travels anywhere for a bit then tends to attach to the earth in the direction to the source of earths gravity, again of like nature.
Here is were it gets a little more serious, so far the energy size of these holes have not been big enough to self sustain themself as in any nuclear reaction, although the biggest sinkhole so far has been 175 feet across and 60 feet deep , alittle energy there it had to absorb ayy? :-)) They know they are causing them.  they will be starting it up again in March 2015 with twice the power  it had from the last time. My one message here is pray to our Father for the failure of this machine. In my next blog I will tell you the real happy news on this beast machine.

For now here`s a little Harvest memories

               John Mellencamp - Rain On The Scarecrow

                                                God bless all truly my Friends.... Thomas
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