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little stuff of notority.... :-))

Hay folks there is from time to time, little bits of information we all pick up that really doesn`t warrant even a whole article due to its size, but is importance in meaning is still just as viable. 

plutonium found floating in the Pacific  its getting heavy out there

wonder where all the young and innocent will have happen to them in the end times when no flesh be saved.
The Disciple Peter states;  as Christ says "A child of up to 12 years of age, who has not sinned in the world and passes from the body, is taken by a Care taking Angel and that soul is educated in the Mysteries to the level of a man who is 100 years old and then enter the kingdom of Lights accordingly. 
So actually the babies are the least of our efforts  involve  respectfully of course... these are those questions we have all had for a long time.

In all of the worlds so called religions there is one aspect that is held solid with Jesus Christ alone, I know they all sprout Love and Happiness , which is good don`t get me wrong. But also how many folks out there, when dealing with others and a disengagement ensues and people will say well that's ok or even I forgive you BUT... its not forgotten.?  Not in ever case but in most. Heres a question?  If some does not believe in Jesus Christ and then they say its cool I forgive you... you going to believe them 100%? .... or well I guess its the close door theroy, In the time it takes?.... bla bla bla  :-))    when God forgives you, he does not even remember the sin., until man bings it up again on himself , sort of like raising the Phoenix. Man resurrects or rather undoes something he asked God to do for him and  well....... that`s not a good thing.    See in the celestial understanding and the Biggest part of all of Gods Mysteries is the Mystery of the Forgiveness of sins. without that especially for ourselves no one gets into the kingdom of Lights. That`s one major key to all this.. and be careful not to use that which you previously forgave of another, it will be far greater than that which has been done to you originally.  ok moving on. 

Teachings of Peter state;  Ye who performs an act against the true laws of God without truly knowing prior or without play acting is not held accountable.

I place this one here because I know I`ve covered one heck of alot of scripture in the past months which has not been of regular Bible understanding, and I truly would not hold anyone worthy to remembering them, for that is your choice not mine.

If anyone does want to understand why some people are born with infirmities about them such as blindness, crippling effects, etc please read the Gospel of Pistis Sophia were our Lord discusses all of these things in the proper way to understand why. This is also based around the cycles of our soul, which is that each one of us is given a require number of cycles to find the Pearl our heavenly parents wished us to find which are the Mysteries of God. A soul discovering the Mysteries has no need to relive another cycle. The results you see in births are imparted to that soul due to a previous cycle Good or bad it still up to us (free will).

Here is something many may not have figured out yet, that there is a great order of things from heaven to hell, and a respect full  solution  to every creation. Lets look at the Mortal eon as a theme park ok :-)) and we are here as Gods children Visiting and playing in the park. well when we play in this park we will be marked  accordingly to every ride or delicacy we treat ourselves to, kind of like a credit card, but our bodies are the card which is marked. Now as children of God we live in the park but sometimes get alittle to much of the good stuff in the park that marks us. A wise soul would seek God continuously to erase the marks by the (forgiveness of Marks):-))  or even better don`t do them, but some just keep collecting marks and don`t get them erased or even realize how to any more. so they figure when they get done playing here all will be good.  Payment must be paid one way or another. Big caution sign at the gate says erase all marks prior to leaving, your best case.
So at this point You can imagine or if you want to know eactly what happens ..      Pistis Sophia    This is an extraordinary collection of text and has been proclaimed by many to be a written version powerful understanding in the Celestial.

I truthfully tell you folks I have given up TV now for about 5-7 years not by a direct choice at ounce just that it was always trying to tell me I was inferior and then tells you to buy something, and the commercials were never ending re partition with the same freaking laughter in the background. All news is Bad, sad and in no way glad  :-)  its a Mk ultra mind thing the Jesuits have had for a long time, Jesuit colleges?
 Even the main stream News on the Internet I only watch to see were their lies are taking us remember its their beast system we awoke to at birth. as Christ says to watch thy adversary to prevent him from breaking into your Soul(house) and breaking it up. I think we are doing fairly well too, don`t you all too?  ;-))
U-tube has roughly 5-10% true hearted people on there, maybe 20 at best but all others are informants for us as far as I`m concern  Like Alex Jones leading the pack, I use to get all upset with his crap but now I can laugh at him cause so much time has past and I continued to elevate myself in knowledge and he is still back were he started almost. why because the darkside feeds his notes to him and well Gods light is way faster then that indeed good people.

Here`s a good story that`s true I heard; If you sat any member of the Spiritual dark side down with a sheet of blank paper and a pencil , they could not for the life of them creat anything to right ever, but if you right a story and give it to them they could minipulize it, change it in meaning ,origin and in every other way.
See the only thing Satan knows how to do by himself, is kill himself. He will kill everyone around him that he owns, or follows , or emulates him, then he will destroy himself. All the creation of light power of God the ineffable Father that Love us are automatically everything in design, ok try to follow this , who will judge Mankind  Jesus Christ whom also is God whom also is in everyone of us. We are the body of Christ right? so inevitably who is going to judge us,........ we are , who knows us better huh?  this why if a soul sins so much He can`t even forgive himself by any means , and there are allot of ways to go about it, I don`t have to tell you guys Huh?  Calling out his name is a dang good start  ;-))
Then ounce that happens more will be given to you so you can continue to elevate your soul and spiritual experiance huh huh? lol
You all know this stuff..  so here is a text by our Lord;
41 Jesus said, "Whoever has something in hand will be 
given more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little they have."
He is talking of the Love within your soul of the Father. So see Like you more will be given, but like Satan he has nothing of God therefor only his existance is left to take, and by his own admittance.  It is so cool the way he has designed everything.

quote by Napoleon;

History is a set of lies people agreed upon

John Hanson, American Patriot and First President of the United States  who was a black man also.
John Hanson Image  yep there were a couple of presidents before George wow this guy was president 68 years and no one mentions him in school ` that`s bad crap people.

bettsy Ross is just a tall tale....

never forget this guy...................  enjoy while we still can Good people  :-)

                   Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

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