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part 3 Bad moon on the rise

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this report is quite interesting. They finally ask for help from other countries 3 years after and when they admit nothing can stop it, Gee that sounds like a good time to ask for help. People I hope you can figure out what is happening here the poor company or ie; people of japan good Lord, tried them selves and now their asking for our/worlds Help, when the elite know it can`t be stopped, so all the people couldn`t stop this and takes any blame off of the controlling Governments and societies that where in back of this to begin with.







Hello Friends I put some of the latest reports of the Major 3 nuclear incident sites up for ya`all :-)  yep your right their just getting worse. For all these thing must come to pass.

Part 3 Gnosis

The information in Part 1&2 was to break some ground from traditional beliefs Many have  of not going outside the Bible for knowledge and to decriminalize the understanding of the word Gnosis.  Heres one "Prognosis"
Prognosis (Greek πρόγνωσις "fore-knowing, foreseeing") is a medical term for predicting the likely outcome of one's current standing

From a religious understanding it is best explained from the  viewpoint of why they wanted people to fear this study of knowledge. It started with the same reason they want Jesus Christ Crucified. 
The Sanhedrin Counsel ( head of the Jewish Faith) saw that Jesus was making easy for people to attain to God by  their  own Faith, without needing the Rabis`s of the Church plus together with allot of Money donations not having to receive them for Gods blessing anymore. Same with the Catholic church of today the Pope being the Vicar(substitute) of Christ.  Remember me mentioning that there are some Gnostic Gospels right in the Bible? 

Joh:1:12: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
No mention of any Church, In fact one of the only times in the Book were Jesus mentions the Church building is here;
M't:24:1: And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
M't:24:2: And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
In actuality Jesus was discrediting the mortal Building in appealing to a Church Paradigm(Understanding). Jesus wishes us to see that He is the Church, and that which should be in Mans heart. This was that He could rebuild in Three days, The faith in God, not the Building  :-)


Here is a vedio That is some major truth in whats going on , on many levels of understanding for those that can see it. For those that know less of the total truth it will be just another war story. Pay close attention to what the Man at the end of the Video is saying.

             Big Chaos: Bloodshed continues in Slavyansk,Ukraine

After watching did you get the real picture here? This gentleman is being called a self proclaimed Man  LOL what is that mean? first time I heard that one. T o me it is indicating He does not want his name used or his affiliation. He diffidently is very intelligent and knowledgeable of Ukrainian arms forces by his maps . He is also Gaurded which CNN stated so he must be a highly important person indeed. Also I think he wants to be unnamed because of his Message to Obama, telling Him, I repeat telling Him not I think maybe, not asking Him, But TELLING HIM to stop giving money, guns and aid in the form of Black water operational activities. He must be a General or something. 
Like this video says for those of you who do not know what Blackwater is here is an excellent video:;

                            Black-water: Shadow Army

For those that should know now that the Elite of the world is Promoting things to bring about WW3 and the Gov. of the Us is apart of that which substantiates the reasons why this Gov. is helping both sides. "Order out of Chaos" It kin of funny me coming across this video after saying that, I than the Spirit for Guiding me :-)  keep  smilling 
So after seeing this you can see how close were getting down th roa here from a dark side prophesy and a Light side also.

This is got to be the most interesting stuff I have heard in a while, please you gotta see this :-)

                Jordan Maxwell The Rothschilds OWN You!

well folks I was going to try an summarize things for us here, but then today I came across this new little piece of information on Bill  # HR 2847
with alot of reports warning of Economic collapse as a posible out come from this legislation which is already a law an going into effect July 1 2014.   Thats only roughly 8 weeks or 53 days till it goes in effect.    Lovely :-)  I agree with the author of this video on the possible outcome, but you`all decide for yourselves which we all must do by God.

July 1st 2014 "FACTA" Bill will help Destroy Dollar

Here is another excellent understanding and solution for mankind
Pretty cool huh? LOL  I know alot of you can`t get why I laugh at all this. but I have been telling the truth of all this mortal crap now for  9 years, believe me one can understand the difference between Heaven and Hell indeed over that length of time. The holy Spirit has proved and reproved all these things and especially the words of Jesus Christ pertaining to us and our future. any of you that have been curious enough and read any of the Gnostic Gospels can start to grasp these things I talk of. I assure you You must truly Believe to see the Truth of the Gnostic`s, No man can test their validity Prior to Believing it doesn`t work like that.

Well I guess the future is moving faster than most figured. People the Dark side that is engineering all this wants to get mankind in a state of weakness in a spiritual sense by destroying slowly the physical body which is the vessel surrounding the spiritual Body/Soul. By stay the course with God as your root no matter what I am not going to tell you its going to be easy at all, But I can tell you it will be gloriously worth it my Dear Friends. And that You can take to the Heavenly Bank.  :-)). Get  acquainted with the Gnostics  Start with the Apocryphan of John  Or Pistis Sophia. Peace and with no fear.

I realy wonder were they got their inspiration for this

         Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Write again soon......... Tom

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