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Special Report 6/13/14 China, Russia and USA

Special Report
Global Summary in one of the biggest aspects of all the evil in the world during These Times.
Hello My friends, I have been empowered to try and explain the Matrix that is happening now presently. You remember when the all the reports on Ukraine declined in the news because of inaction of ether side, attention in Media and Political went to Syria and that region again to try and start something happening there, which they Did, and I show you here. This video did not allow me to place it because of it short summary and important also. 

Three Events Showing Globalization Trend Reversal ! Breaking News ! Eric Cantor

It states;   Three pieces of Evidence that Globalism has Gone off the rail
1.Russia and China have teamed up to fight against the west to facilitate a Fair new Order in the world.  I really hope it helps things lol
2  Eric Canter loses to Dave Brat.... Victory for Sovereign borders 

             Even primary winner was surprised he beat Eric Cantor

3. Obama`s attempt to re-brand the Taliban has Failed

See The good thinking of Mankind is finding seed and slowing down this big Lie (self fulfilling prophesy ) of Satan that has been culminating for 2000 years to come about and is not. I think that is a big Alleluia for all the keepers of the light of Christ for Gods word  ayy?. :-))

In truth Obama has got to get another War started ASAP because The Dollar is failing Fast, Hammer is coming down on Him more and more for impeachment. This why he is moving all over the globe to get a False flag Going to start a war, and as You will see in the video below the USA has created another terror group to do just that, called ISIS (Iraq and Syria for an Islamic State). He wants to engulf the whole region with these fighters , How better to cover up who really started ww3.

John Kerry Charged With Treason ! "Aiding The Enemy" al-Queda and ISIS in Syria : Breaking News !


WW3 - China & Russia to join forces and make a stance against the US

I hope my incites will at least give you a little more backing in following the news during these times with knowing the truths that are in place more now. 
You can watch the Dollar decline buy the speed and amount of inflation of staple products and utilities. it will be like an ever accelerating graft.

The news................

    S0 News June 13, 2014 | Mann's Precedent, Solar Flares Continue

News In Two Minutes - Iraqi Statecraft - Oil Prices - Ukrainian Unrest - Borders - Hurricane Data

                U.S. Government Says 'No Inflation' As Food Prices Soar

For those with interest in Gold and silver this might be helpful 


Here`s an excellent report........

                       Russia is Abandoning the Dollar



I see that the elite(dark souls) are telling us whats going to happen as they make it sound like they are keeping us in formed from a caring outlook.

If they had any Light in them we would be hearing of articles saying what they are doing to help and compensate the people , what they are doing to stop and turn this around. How about passing out Potassium iodide pills to entire states that will be readily effected  by this and plans for the country. 
M't:7:16: Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
M't:7:17: Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
God gave me the knowledge of nuclear power and radiation years ago in my youth aboard the worlds first Nuclear submarine, for a reason to teach of knowledge of this world now from experience, not from assumptions or hear-say . 

News; Here is a new look at the things of today which are moving quickly

                       ARMAGEDDON/THE OIL GAMES

Till next report my Brothers. My son tells me He couldn`t comment, were I have been trying to rectify this, that as I would love hearing from You all on this stuff . So did make some changes to my settings and I myself click the word no comments on My Page and it worked for me, so please try if you seek anything , I`ll try too.. Thanks Folks  :-))  God speed
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